Thursday, 16 March 2017

Welcome to Miami - my coups de coeur!

I just got back from a fun vacay in Miami with my best friend and I want to let you all in to the great places I visited, so if you ever decide on a Miami trip.. you got some great info! A special thanks to everyone who recommended some places to go, they were great!

You need to know that both my friend G. and I are very different. I am more a social party kinda girl, and she's more laid back, artsy. So, the challenge was to find things that we both enjoy!

Get your foodie on.

At Lagniappe for some grilled Mahi Mahi
Bodega for cheap tacos and margaritas that will give you an intense brain freeze (BONUS - awesome speakeasy bar at the back)

Lucali for some yummy eggplant parmigianna

Wynwood Diner for some brunch or snacks, and an out of this world MOJITO!

Drunken Dragon for some tiki style Korean BBQ - sooo delicious!

Lagniappe for some do it yourself grilled food

La Sandwicherie for a little French experience on the beach (perfect for lunch)

The Daily Creative Food Co. for any sandwich or salad under the sun (right by the Mondrian) (perfect for lunch)

Puerto Sagua for some authentic Cuban by the beach

Pubbelly for some Asian sensation pork belly, butter crab rolls and Miso cod

Drink and be merry

Wood in Wynwood - Get the bucket of beer
Bodega - for some speakeasy fun dancing with great old school tunes you used to shake to bombom to back in 2008.

Liv for some crazy ass partying. Make sure you get there early, or you get on the guestlist. And while you are at it, get some VIP action because or else you're just squished in with a bunch of people. It's a Miami experience. Or you can do like me, and wait for the bouncer to take a break, and make a run for the VIP area. #winning

Employees Only
for a drink and some good music. Older crowd, like the one in NYC. I loved it. Ginger Smash on point.

Lagniappe for some live music - more relax kinda night

Hyde Beach at the SLS for a great pool party on Saturday during the day - didn't actually go, but talked to a few who went and loved it

Nikki Beach for some chilling and killer mojitos - or go for their club on Sunday evenings!

Wood in Wynwood. Stop by on Sunday, and dance till you can't dance no more. The music and drinks are cheap, and it's a great time! Also - get the bucket of beer for $15.00

Other stuff to keep you busy

Wynwood Walls photoshoot
Beachin never gets old - order virgin cocktails, and bring your booze to the beach to not spend $18 US, yes I remind you.. US, a drink. 

Chill by the pool - you can do the SLS or the Surfcomber (I also went to the Mondrian, but didn't like it, too many young selfish people, so I'm not recommending it..!). As for prices for pools - either you just walk in like you own the place (no one will stop you)

Bike it out - just like our BIXI, you can bike down the boardwalk by the beach. Be careful, there are TONS of people walking, so perfect that bell ringing, and that yelling. 

Wynwood Walls - walk around, grab a coffee at Panther Coffee, and tacos next door. Take silly pictures by the wall, and admire the 20 something year olds trying to take the most artsy Insta pics. You can really see how ABSOLUTELY stooopid they look when they are trying to get that perfect shot. I really enjoyed watching that, oh yeah, the art was cool too. you can still afford to live a normal life when you get back from vacay

Take Uber Pool instead of UberX to get you around. For $3.50 a ride no matter where you go, it's so worth it. 

The Surfcomber Hotel has a happy hour from 3-5pm - free wine. Just pretend like you are staying at the hotel.

If you want to go to a big pool that is only for hotel guests, my suggestion is, have 1 person walk in, alone. No one bothers people alone. And then have the other (or others) come join. Or, you both walk in like you own the place. Confidence gets you anything. Im tellin ya.

BYOB as much as you can - drinks can go up to $20 US in a bar. It's just RI-DI-CU-LOUS. So stop by a I LOVE LIQUOR or any Walgreens, pick your own booze for the beach, and pre-drink. Can you bring your booze to pools? Probably not. Did I follow that rule? Probably not. 

I wouldn't book everything, but some nights are better than others for different places, so it's good to have an idea of what you want to do, and then of course, if you meet random people and you all get along, well, go where the Miami warm wind takes you ;)


Thats all folks. Already missing the sun. #vacaymode