Saturday, 21 November 2015

7 things to do in MTL with a guest

As you wait for PART IV of Happy Hour...on the rocks, I thought Id fill you in on some fun things to do in this city if you had a guest in town!
More to this town than just Moose shops!
Do you ever have people visiting from outta town? Maybe your cousin who lives in Chicoutimi is coming to see you? Maybe your friend you met on a Contiki tour through Greece from Croatia is coming to Montreal to see our world-famous strippers (that's what I hear..I wouldn't know...!) and see his friend he met while chugging numerous beers on the beach?

Well. You need a plan. Where are you gonna take them? What are you going to see?

So. Have no fear, N. with a plan is here! I have put together a top 7 list of things to do with a guest.

Please also share some of your favorite things to do, no ideas are bad ideas (I feel like a 5th grade teacher).

So. Let's start. They are in no particular order.

#7 Typical Montreal Food - Smoked meat. Poutine. Bagels.

If your guest has never been to Montreal, you definitely need to take them for these 3 dishes. Where, you ask? Well. We all know that Schwartz is kinda like a landmark in the city. But I had a guest in the city recently, and I took him to Reubens. He seemed to love it. I killed 2 birds with one stone, and made him eat poutine there too. I don't necessarly suggest that, just depends on the time you have. For poutine, I'm a fan of the Greenspot on Notre-Dame, been going there since I'm a kid, or even a place like Poutineville can be winner. As for bagels, you can never go wrong with Fairmont or St-Viateur Bagel in the Mile-End. They beat out New York bagels. And this is coming from a New Yorker himself.
Smoked meat & poutine at Reubens

#6 Museums

Museums are fun in any city. I love going to a museum to discover other people's creativity. The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art is one of my favorites. Their exhibits are always interesting! But the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the McCord Museum are also good choices!

Stopped by the Museum of Contemporary Art

#5 Old Montreal

Old Montreal is a no brainer. It's pretty. It's so European. It's like Tourist Central. You can't come to Montreal and not see Old Montreal. Take a walk down St-Paul, visit the art galleries, walk by the water, rent a Bixi if it's Summer. Take a stroll down De La Commune, stop by the Basilica. You can do soooo much!

The Basilica is simply breathtaking

#4 Mile End

The Mile End is an area that ressembles Brooklyn, with it's super cute cafes, stores and brunch spots. Walking around in the summer is great, and even in the fall. It's a great way to discover that little area. From the Cardinal Tea Room on St-Laurent to Cafe Olympico and little stores on St-Laurent between Laurier and St-Viateur, you have your morning cut out.
Morning eyes. 

#3 The Look-Out

The best way to see the city is from our mountain. Hands down. But you need to get there at the best time, when the sun is sorta kinda setting, so you can have the view of the city with a bit of sunshine, and at night. In the summer, I love running up the Mont-Royal and just admiring the view. As a resident, I never get fed up, so imagine how much your guests would love it!

What a view!

#2 Good food
A part from your typical smoked meat, poutine, Montreal is crawling with some of the most delicious restaurants. We have such a great selection of amazing places. I posted a Facebook post and asked my friends for suggestions on places to bring a guest from outta town. Here are the TOP 5 restaurants that came up:
One of the most amazing meals, at Joe Beef
Honorable mentions also include Satay Brothers, dim sum at Kam Fung, a stop by St-Hubert BBQ for some rotisserie chicken, a trek to Montreal Plaza for a delicious food experience.

I also need to include good places to go out...You have a guest in town, you want to take them out after dinner. If you're over 25, Soubois right now is the place. It's great on Thursdays and Saturdays. Flyjin is also a good choice, and if you're into House music, or EDM, New City Gas has some stellar DJs. But if you're in the mood for some good drinks in a fun atmosphere, Im all for Burgundy Lion!

#1 Get Outta Town

Montreal is beautiful, no matter what time of the year, but take a little roadtrip to the Eastern Townships or to the Laurentians, and discover a different part of town. Maybe you can drive up to Tremblant, spend some time walking around Tremblant village, or go for a ski in the winter, and end the evening with a little apres-ski drink at the Forge, or at the Scandinave spa

With whatever you decide, it's impossible to not fall in love with this city!

Enjoy every single minute of it and partyyy it up!

If you have any ideas of things to add, add them in the comments! 

Montreal : Party city!


Monday, 9 November 2015

Happy Hour...on the rocks - PART III

Don't miss PART 1 and PART 2 of Happy Hour...on the rocks.

Who ever made Jameson shots trendy? They scream "Let's get shitfaced". They scream "I want to get drunk as quick as possible". They scream "DANGER".

Danger is waking up in an unknown apartment at 7 am on a Friday. Danger is waking up next to a woman and a man who you're not sure if you know. Danger can be fun.

What happened?

You remember going to see your friend Simon after leaving Chris & Josh, 2 guys you are seeing, Bruce, your ex-boyfriend, and Sarah, your co-worker, converse all together.

As you walked towards Simon, you looked over at Chris and Josh, couldn't believe they knew each other. But you live in such a small city, this was bound to happen.

Of course you had a favorite. Of course there was one you liked more than the other.

Josh of course. Josh, who had said "not really" when Chris asked if he was still dating Marie, his ex-girlfriend. Then again, you hadn't had the exclusivity talk with any of them. You were dating both, you hadn't really made up your mind. So why should they?

There was something about the fact that you knew Josh was a little emotional unavailable that pulled you closer to him.  It made you want him just a little more, it made you crave him just a little more. Women, we're crazy like that. We like what is often unavailable. And as a young dater in our twenties, we thought we would grow out of that phase. Clearly we don't.

You kept your eyes on Josh, as you spoke to Simon. He looked over to you.

You made a jolt to the bathroom. And he did the same.

He cornered you right before you walked in to the ladies room.

"So. Who's Chris?" he asked you, as he cornered you against the wall. It was kind of sexy.

"He's a friend", you answered, shakingly.

"Don't bullshit me. You can't bullshit a bullshitter".

"What Josh? What do you want me to tell you? Ok. Chris and I are a little more than friends. Who the hell is Marie? You never told me about her neither."

"It's complicated. But that's going to change." he tells you.

"Complicated? Wow. Ok. Well. I don't want to have this conversation right now. I drank. I'm with my friends. Can we talk about this later?" you answer, playing your "I'm going to act like an adult" card.

"Fine. But I don't care about Marie anymore. I realized that I don't want to share you anymore. I want you. All to myself."

BOOM. "I want you." The words you were dying to hear for such a long time.

"Josh, let's talk about this later. I really care a lot about you too. Let me finish my conversation with my friend and I'll come see you right after".

In the mean time, you are finishing up your conversation with Simon, 20 minutes or something go by, and you turn around to look for Josh. He's nowhere to be found. You go to the washroom, he isn't there. You walk around the bar, not there. You look outside, maybe he went for some air, not there.

How strange. You check your phone. No messages. You head back to the bar again, have a drink, still looking everywhere. Maybe something happened. You were starting to get worried.

You head back to the bathroom, and to your left, before the ladies room, there is an office door. A door that leads to the bar's back office. The door is a little open as you walk by and you can see mouvment inside.

You aren't usually one to snoop around, but curiosity strikes you, and you peek in between the door that isn't fully closed.

You see a man's back, with a woman clearly sitting on a desk. Legs open. Him in between. You can't really make out if they are having sex, but they are definitely making out.

The girl has long beautiful black hair, that she keeps whipping in every direction. She is throwing her head back, eyes closed, as the man kisses her neck. It's actually quite sexy. And what a location! A bar's back office. Why not! You can't stop watching the hot scene, as it plays out in front of you. His hands up her skirt, up her thigh. It's quite exciting to watch.

A overadventurous waiter walks by and drops a couple glasses because he thought he could carry 15 at a time. It startles you. The man turns around to see what happened.

Wait. WHAT?

The mysterious making out man is Josh...

The second you realize, you storm in. You never knew you could go crazy girl, but at that moment you did. There is something in you that just couldn't resist. He had JUST told you he wanted you. What was he doing?

"WHAT THE &;$%? JOSH???"

"Oh shit. I'm sorry. I can explain"

"I can explain? 20 minutes ago you told me wanted me. And now you're in a backroom with another girl. Your explanation should be "I have short time memory loss caused by a childhood accident and I can't remember what I said 20 effin minutes ago." And who the hell are you?"

"Marie. Who the hell are you?"

Ha. The famous Marie. Beautiful girl actually. You hated her already.

"Wow. Josh, you're a lying asshole."

You stormed out. You couldn't even believe how this night was turning. You walked back to Simon, who was still at the bar.

"I need a scotch...on the rocks. Oh and 4 more shots of Jameson."

"Kiddo. What happened?"

You don't answer. You gaze back at Chris, Bruce and Sarah who are still talking to eachother.

You smirk.

"All rules are off." you tell Simon.

"What does that even mean? he asks you."

"I'm not quite sure yet. But I'm feeling dangerous."

You turn back to the bartender. "Can I have 3 more Jameson shots please? Let's make this evening a little more interesting."

You walk back towards Chris, Sarah and Bruce. You hand them each a shot.

"Haha what's this for?" Chris asks.

You turn to him. You raise your shot glass.

"To danger. May we always be tempted with a little danger." you answer with a little smirk.

To be continued.......

(Note to all, all these stories are fiction. As per all those super Hollywood movie disclaimers, All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.")

Monday, 2 November 2015

Happy Hour...on the rocks - Part II

Dont miss Part I of Happy Hour...on the rocks.! 

You never really want the men you are dating to know about each other, and even less have your ex there at the same time. But this was happening. And there was nothing you could do about it, except fake a seizure, but we already came to the conclusion that you weren't going to do that.

"Hi Sarah." Bruce says. (Let's remind you that Bruce is YOUR ex-boyfriend and Sarah is your co-worker)

Why is Bruce saying hi to Sarah? How does Bruce even know Sarah?

"Hi Bruce." Sarah answers, looking at her most awkward. 

At that moment, you have that Danny Glover meme from Lethal Weapon pop up in your head. (Don't know what I'm referring to? Here is a little reminder)

Ok. Something is up between Sarah and Bruce. This nonesense is hurting your brain.

This night is clearly taking a turn from the weird, to the weirdest. 

Now, what's the plan? 

Given strange situations. BAIL is always on top of the list. 

But then, there's also DRINK that comes in a close second. 

When situations are strange, drinking always seems to be a solution, whether the outcome may be great or not, that's not the point. The point is, well. The pain will hurt less.

So, everyone is chatting it up. Chris is talking to Josh. Bruce is talking to Sarah. You're here, wondering where the bullets for your gun are, and sipping on a dirty martini. Dirty martinis have a Je Ne Sais Quoi about them that make you feel sexy, dirty and well. drunk. 

You turn around, and slowly step away from the missile field. You turn back to the bar. And, sitting, at the other end, is Simon. 

Ah Simon. Your buddy. Your buddy with girlfriend. Safe waters. Thank goodness. 

You make your way to Simon, leaving the Bermuda Triangle figure their shit out. 

"Hey little lady" he says as he sees you walk up to him. 

"Simon. So happy to see you. You won't even believe what I'm dealing with right now."

After you briefly explain to him the current love situation. He looks at you, looks at the bar, yells to the bartender. "4 shots, Jameson." and turns to me and says "Kiddo, you're going to need this."

You can almost hear LMFAO whispering to you... Shots shots shots shots shots. EVERYBODY. 

Things happen. Many things happen.  

And then, tt's Friday 7am. 

A strange alarm is ringing. But what is happening? What is that sound? You look around. You don't recognize anything. You have no idea where you are. A blackout? How does this even happen to you? How does a woman of your caliber black out? You have always made sure to control your alcohol. Sloppy drunk was never your style. 

You look around again, it's someone's back. But wait. This isn't a man's back. Hmm. Looks like Sarah's back.

Oh boy. 

You look further down the bed. Ha. There's someone else's back. But clearly a man's back. You can't really decipher. Was it Chris, Josh, Bruce or maybe it could have been Simon? Your hangover was too strong to figure it out.

Well that's just brilliant. You realize that you are waking up, pretty much naked, undies don't really count, with a mysterious man and your co-worker. Good job. Not literally.

Suddenly, you are remembering moments where clothes were being thrown, kisses were being exchanged, and rules were definitely thrown out the window. You remembered moments of pure pleasure, laughing, touching, feeling. It might have been a little sloppy, but if everyone is sloppy, it doesn't really matter. 

The other 2 are still sleeping. You just need to get out. 

Well, clearly you scored. Twice! Good for you. Now you just need to figure out who the man is, and what the hell happened last night after those faithful Jameson shots. 

Jameson is bad, you tell yourself, or maybe really really good. 

To be continued....

(Note to all, all these stories are fiction. As per all those super Hollywood movie disclaimers, All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.")