Monday, 26 October 2015

Happy Hour on the Rocks...Part I

So. After a long absence. I decided to write again. Feeling inspired is always difficult. I am trying a new series, Happy Hour on the Rocks. Follow adventures of the funny things that can happen when you leave your desk, and head over to your favorite bar...! Enjoy, and please do write your comments, it really helps me!
(N.B. This is written for women, so dudes, you probably won't love this!)

The design is still a work in progress..!

It's Thursday evening. Your favorite evening of the week. All the cool kids go out on Thursdays.

You are SO OVER Friday and Saturday. You much rather, stay in, with a good glass of wine, with your friends, or a special someone, watch Netflix and chill.

But Thursday is a different story. Thursday is, let's look smashing and go out. You made sure to dress the part. Classy, yet sexy black dress, cool booties, and a colorful scarf. And while you're at it, add on the red lips, just for show.

When going out on Thursday, attitude is key. You are not chasing, you are being chased. You got game. All you need are your eyes. You put yourself in that mind frame as you apply your last touches of make-up before heading to The Original, your favorite Thursday Happy Hour spot.

"Meet me at the Reception in 10". You text your favorite "let's Happy Hour" co-worker, Sarah. It's 5:30pm. You put in your days work. You are allowed a few glasses of vino, and a little eye-candy.

Sarah meets you in the lobby. And off you two go. She looks great too. Oh this evening is going to be a late one. You can feel it.

You get to The Original. Big line-up as usual. But of course you know the doorman. You walk right through. And the glancing begins. You scope out your surroundings. Group of boys, 3 o'clock, seem like co-workers. The one in the grey suit is the cutest. You have seen him before. You try to make eye contact. But it's just too packed. You make your way around the bar, and continue to scope out the place. Funny enough. Everyone is doing the same. Everyone is on the look out. Hello Meat Market.

The great thing about Thursdays are the men in suits. Men, you can never go wrong in a suit. Never.

You find your spot at the bar, and you order your glass of vino, Sarah does the same. You are chitchatting, and there you spot Chris. Oh we like Chris. Chris is a lawyer, from a good family, he loves to rollerblade, sing and most of all loves seafood. You love seafood. You have been seeing Chris for a few weeks now, and he's great.

You try to catch his attention with your eyes. He's standing at the other end of the bar.

You look around a little. And. Oh shit.

You spot Josh.

Not the time. REALLY not the time.

Oh we like Josh too. You have also been seeing Josh for a few weeks now. Josh is a Director of Design at the new super awesome up and coming start-up in the city. He's super pro-environment. Loves to travel, get involved in other start-ups and loves to spend his free time... with you.

Both of them.

In the same place.


You were always hoping that this moment would never come. You like both of them. You want both of them around. You aren't ready to make a choice, and you clearly don't want them to make the choice neither.

Oh shit. Chris saw you, and is walking towards you.

You turn to Sarah. You brief her on the situation.

You really need to make a run for it. You are in dangerous waters.

"Chris!" He comes in to give you a gentle kiss on the cheek.

You are a little nervous. Did Josh see you? You really freaking hope not. Right now, your goal is to say hi to Chris. Tell him you are on your way to dinner, and GET THE HELL OUT.

But of course, your luck doesn't work that way.

Josh, pokes you from behind, as you're speaking to Chris.You turn around in shock.

"Hi...!" The. Most. Uncomfortable. Hi. Ever.

"Hi babe." Josh tells you in the ear.

And there you are with the 2 men you have been seeing. All 3 of you together. What a threesome.

And then....

"Chris, hey man, long time no see, how you been?" Josh says.



"Josh, hey man, Ive been great. What's up with you?" Chris replies back.


You're looking for Sarah to come help you out. You're freaking out.

What are the odds? WHAT ARE THE ODDS???

What do you say? WHAT DO YOU SAY???

"What a small world. Everyone in this city knows each other..." Fuck.

" Yeah seriously, haven't seen you in a while. Are you still with Steph?" Chris asks Josh.

Hmm. Who the hell is Steph?

"Naw, we broke up last year. Wasn't the girl for me (and he glances over to you..) And you, you still seeing Marie?"

Hmmmm. Who the hell is Marie?

"Uhhh no, not really." Josh answers.

Uhhh no, not really??? What the hell is that answer?

This moment was weird. Now it's just out of control strange.

"Marie and Steph are best friends" Chris tells me.

"Oh really. That's funny." you say, because you have nothing else to say. You are so weirded out right now. You can't possibly think of something smarter to say.

Chris continues, looking at Josh. "How do you know this beautiful one here?"

Oh you're cooked. You just want to dig your death hole. Seriously. "Beautiful one"?! Where is the gun? Where is the gun when you need it? You keep shaking your head a little, because you can't believe what is happening to you right now. You have a stupid smirk on your face. Because right now, there is no escape, unless you fake a seizure. The idea of actually faking a seizure comes to mind. You are ready to go all Orange is the new Black on their asses just to get yourself out of this situation.

You look right at Josh. And there you see the question marks in his eyes, he knows. He clearly knows. But at the same time you can't stop thinking of the "not really..."

"Hey stranger" You recognize that voice. Oh you recognize that voice really well.

And there he is. Standing right in front of you. Bruce.

Ex-boyfriend of 4 months, Bruce.

Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant. And it's only 5:45pm.

To be continued.......

(Note to all, all these stories are fiction. As per all those super Hollywood movie disclaimers, All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.")