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We can resist anything, exception temptation. PART III

Let's recap Part I and II

It's Christmas time, you go to a club with your best friend Sophia. Fall face to face with your ex Pete who is still as sexy as he was before. You haven't seen him since he moved to Vancouver 4 years ago. You want him badly, but. You have a boyfriend. You are cornered as you exit the bathroom. Pete kisses you. You run away. You text Josh your boyfriend to tell him you're coming home. He tells you: Saw you at the club with the boy. Hope he was worth it. Shit. But wait. What was Josh doing at the club? We find out that Josh actually came to the club because his mistress told him you were there. He gives you a guilt trip when he sees your text. Meanwhile, he's still in the club with the mistress thinking that every body left. Until he gets a tap on the shoulder. It's Sophia. You're best friend.


(Make sure to read PART 1 and PART 2 before reading this)

It's Saturday night. It's Christmas Holidays. I am a single woman. I am getting out of my house. Holidays can be so depressing when you're single. You see everyone with their significant other in their tacky Christmas sweaters, that I do find a little cute. It's almost sickening.

I just want to have a man wrapped around me. I want Christmas gifts from a man that loves me. I want to be with someone. I need to be with someone. I need to get of my house. I am texting everyone, and shaving everything. Yes. You heard me. To attract others, you must feel attractive, and let me tell you that my bear like legs don't really make me feel attractive.

Oh. One of my closest friends answered. She wants to go out too! Yay. She has a boyfriend and stuff, but she's in. WOO. When your friends have boyfriends, it's the worst. No one wants to party anymore. Thank god for the warriors.

I guess I can consider her my best friend because we speak on a regular basis and I will definitely be there if she ever breaks up with Josh, and of course, we have traveled together, had weird adventures together. That's what friends are for, right? You want to know if it ever got kinky huh? Well. What happens in Miami Beach stays in Miami Beach. Wink wink.

Anyways. yeah I love her to death.

Who doesn't?

She's beautiful, she has a good heart, everyone wants to be around her, everyone thinks she's so cool, and so much fun, and such a good person. Yeah yeah, I do too. You know.

So, we finally get into Damas, and it's packed. I'm looking around to see if there is any potential target for the night. I even drag my girl around to spot out any men worthy of our company. It's going to be hard to meet someone because everyone is always all over her. Anyways, I am going to shine too tonight and she's taken, so, more for me.

Oh shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.

Wow. There's Pete. Her "SUMMER PETE". My "SUMMER PETE".

He's coming to talk to us.

Yeah. Well. I am not too proud of this.

But. My girl and I have been best friends for 4 years now. Since the summer of 2010. The same summer as the "SUMMER PETE" summer. We're best friends now, and that's awesome, but, let's just say it wasn't always like this.

Pete was my guy.

I met Pete first. I was sleeping with Pete first. I wanted Pete first. And then, this pretty girl comes in, and starts seeing Pete too. I only found out about it through extensive social media stalking. What is a girl to do when she sees that she is losing the man she wants? Stalk of course!

Thank you Facebook.

Facebook likes. People's posted Summer pictures. I could see them boating and chilling. My stomach felt sick when I first saw snip-its of what was happening. But I just couldn't stop looking. I couldn't stop looking for information. The more you research, the more you want to know.  I needed to know everything I could about Pete, and this mystery girl who he seemed to be spending all his weekends with.

Now, it's not like Pete and I were exclusive. He even told me we weren't and that he didn't want anything too serious. But I just didn't want to listen. I needed him. I wanted him. I was going to do anything to get him. Even if it meant to learn about this new girl he was also seeing. I saw her Likes. I saw her pictures. I saw the way he looked at her.

He would sometimes stay over, but I always felt like I was second priority. He was going to see her. I knew it. What did she have that I didn't? Why couldn't I be the one to make him happy?

I needed to find out.

It didn't take very long for me to find out that's she's a yoga addict.

She likes Enso Yoga on Facebook AND comments and likes their posts. Clearly she goes there.

So I went there too.

Every day.

Until finally she walked in on a Wednesday night. I sat next to her. I joked about some of the girls really loving their yoga pants WAY too much. And from that point on, we became friendly, doing yoga together. I hated yoga. But I couldn't control my obsession.

From superficial conversations, to talks about Pete. I found out everything.

She was sweet. Really sweeter than me. She was good with animals. I hated animals. She was soft. Very soft. I was a little rough around the edges. Clearly I would need to change myself drastically, or simply accept the fact that I couldn't have Pete.

Accepting defeat? That's for losers. So I did everything. I dressed like her. I took on her habits. Nothing worked. He still wouldn't sleep over. He still would see her.

But then. The situation switched. And he told me that he had to move to Vancouver for work. He would have to stop seeing BOTH of us. But seriously, I was starting to really like this girl he was seeing. She was sweet, good to people, fun. Man. I could totally understand why he would like her too. I liked her too. When I knew he couldn't have neither one of us, well. I guess our friendship started becoming normal.

But the story doesn't end here.

Pete found out about our friendship.

I think she showed him a picture of the 2 of us together. But he's a guy. And I guess he didn't realize how crazy I was, and basically thought it was a pure fluke that the 2 of us became friends. Stupid boy.

The funny thing is that he didn't tell her that he knew me, he told me that he knew her. And told me that he really liked her, and that this might upset her. And that since he's leaving for Vancouver anyways, to keep it secret. Clearly he liked her more than he liked me.

I had lost. But I had gained a new friend, who would always remind me of this amazing man.

That was the last time I saw him. A couple nights before he left for Vancouver. Until today.

My heart jumped of course, but I had to let go. So I went for his friend. Closed my eyes and imagined Pete. Ok. I know I'm a little out there. But who isn't! Right? Right? (...)

But now.

"Josh? What the hell?"


He looked at me with a calm smirk.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Never would I have expected this from Josh. He seemed like such the perfect boyfriend. I was even jealous of her. (Isn't that obvious?) Always caring. Always there. Always doing everything perfectly. I guess you can never really trust appearances.

Josh comes right up to me.

"Sophia, we both know you aren't going to say, or do anything, because if you do, you know what happens next."

Now. As much as I would love to nail this guy for being a douche and a half. I can't say anything.


Well. Josh has MEGA dirt on me.

I killed someone. And only he knows.

To be continued...


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