Friday, 2 January 2015

We can resist everything, except temptation. PART II

(If you haven't read PART I, read it here)

My phone buzzes. A message pops up.

"Your girlfriend is here at Damas. She's with another dude."

Wait. What?

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shitttttttttt!

I was burning up with anger. I could punch something. To know that she might have someone on the side, unacceptable.

I need to see him for myself. No one fucks Josh over.

I'm driving over to Damas as fast as I could. Would my girlfriend see me? Would I have to tell her how I knew she was there? At this moment, I don't give a shit, I just drive.

I get to the club. I look like a bum. I don't give a shit. I need to see who this fucking guy is. I think am going to kill him.

Turns out the bouncer and I played football together in our High School days. Great. Cos' there was no way I was going to get through all these hot girls in stilettos.

I walk in. No sign of neither of them.

It's so dark in here, I really wonder if I am going to find anybody. I am looking frantically.

SHIT. Where the fuck is she?

I look at all people at the bar. Oh. There's Sophia, her best friend. Busy with a dude. But no sign of my girlfriend. Do I go up and ask her?

No. I am in such a dangerous place right now. I am fucking stupid to be here. But I can't help it. I need to know.

I am walking through the crowd. I hate crowds. I hate places like Damas. A bunch of fake people, wearing too much fucking cake on their face, thinking they are so much more special than they actually are. I can't stand being in this environment.

Oh shit.

There's Vanessa.

I forgot about Vanessa.

I turn the other way. I walk towards the bathroom. And then I see my girl. And him. At the end of the hallway. He's talking to her so close. I can't make out his face.

Fucking bitch. And I am going to kill him.

Someone is grabbing me from the back.

It's Vanessa.

"I take it you got my text. Trying to run away from me?" she says.

Shit shit shit shit shit

"We can't be seen together. I'll come see you later. I'm dealing with a situation here" I tell her.

"Hello and Merry Christmas to you too. Right. That situation." as Vanessa points to my girlfriend and this mysterious dude.

What do I fucking do? As I am trying to deal with Vanessa, I can see my girlfriend making out with this fucking guy. If I go after my girlfriend, Vanessa will definitely go nuts.

Too much shit. I need to stay low.

In the midst of this craziness, I start seeing Sophia walking over from the corner of my eye.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit.

I need to hide. I need to hide Vanessa.

There's this little hidden dark corner with the ATM machine. I pull her into it with me. And to shut her up, I kiss her.

Sophia walks by.

That was close.

We stay there for a while, until we think the coast is clear.

FUCKKKK. I am so fucking mad. I can't believe she would do that to me. Fucking bitch. I can't fucking believe it.

Ok, Ok. I am not better.

I met Vanessa a year ago. Well, re-met her. She's actually my friend Steve's, sister. She was away at school all this time, and finally moved back to the city. That night she walked into the bar with Steve, I knew I was in for trouble. Her long blonde hair, bright green eyes, and of course that smashing body. She looked at me with a little smile, and I knew this was the beginning of a disaster.

It started with a little flirtation when he'd bring her out on boys night, and then to texting, and then to that night a couple months ago, I took her for a beer at this little hole in the wall next to her place, and then fucked her in my car. Her body was so delicious. It was a really warm night in October. And we created somewhat of a "Titanic" scene in my car. Windows were all blurry, and so was my head. Since then, I see her every couple weeks or so. I bang her in my car, at her home, in a restaurant bathroom. One night, I even rented a hotel room because we were so horny. I know. I'm horrible.

I had never cheated on my girlfriend before. The thrill of being wanted by someone else was priceless. I had tried to resist it for so long, but now I was in too deep. Guess my life needed a little excitement.

I was watching Gone Girl with my girlfriend not long ago, and I could totally see myself in Ben Afleck's shoes. I felt horrible, because I do love my girlfriend. She's smart, beautiful, a bit demanding at times, and a bit always in my face about where I'm going with my life. But, you know, sometimes, after 4 years, when you feed a man vanilla all this time, at one point, he turns around, and needs some chocolate.

How to say NO to something so perky? Damn that Emily Ratajkowski.

"Joshy, come meet me at Damas. I miss you. I want to see you xx." She wrote to me while I was still at my Dad's.

I can't go to Damas. My girlfriend is at Damas. But I didn't tell her that.

You'd think that dealing with a 23 year old with fucking perky tits would be easy. She is a little needy, but fuck. The sex. The sex is so fucking out of this mind, I am hooked.

So now, I am stuck in a small space of the ATM machine, with Vanessa hanging on to me. My girlfriend with another man. And her best friend somewhere here.

Shit shit shit shit shit

My phone buzzes. It's my girlfriend. Bitch. She's heading home. What do I say?

I look around. Seems that both Sophia and my girlfriend left the bar. I could get out of this incognito, a victim. And no one will ever know.

I type back to her: "Came by Damas to surprise you. I guess I was the one who was surprised. Hope he was worth it." BOOM.

Now let's watch her beg for my forgiveness. This should be interesting. Little does she know that the reason I didn't go break this guy's arm was because of Vanessa.

How did I turn this around and become the winner? I am not too sure. But I'm quite proud of myself. I'm pissed off as hell. I could use quite a good fuck right now.

Where's Vanessa? I find her and bring her to the bar.

"2 vodka sodas please." And I put my arms around this juicy girl.

"Dude, you were freaking out before. Why have you suddenly turned out to be so calm?"

So I answer her. "I have everything under control...! Don't worry."

I look at her and give her a big kiss. I look down at those tits. Damn it's gonna be a good night.

"JOSH?" I hear someone behind me.

I turn around. And there's Sophia.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit.