Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Happy 25th Anniversary Family!

25 years ago today, my mom married a kind, caring, great man. It didn't take much time for me to call this man my Dad. He treated me like his own from day 1, loved me from day 1.

On this same day, 25 years ago, I gained 2 siblings. Instantly. I had been an only child for 5 years, suddenly, I was a sister to 2 amazing people. What girl isn't thrilled to have a new sister she can play with ALL THE TIME? And a little brother she can tease? :)

As we grew older, our family grew bigger, and 2 years later, another sibling was born. The baby of the family. Smart, sensitive, kind, he was that missing piece we needed to make our family what is is today. A mish mash of personnalities. All opionionated. All amazing people.

So today isn't only my parent's anniversary, it's my family's anniversary!

My family, which might not be conventional, is such a blessing.  Different is definitely the new normal.

It's not always perfect. But like any family, we have our ups and downs, our fights, our hugs, our laughs. We have dealt with ignorance from others, judgment, but at the end of the day, there is nothing stronger than the love we have as a family. We have learned so much from each other, from patience, to acceptance, to communication, and continue to do so. I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you have been lucky enough to meet my clan, you would know how amazing they are, you would know funny and ridiculous they can be, you would know how lucky I am to be part of such a group.

I guess family is what we make of it. Whether yours is like mine, conventional, group of friends, co-workers, whatever. Your family are the people that will be there for you through thick and thin. They will dance the funky chicken with you, and pick you up when you are going through your worst break-up. We decide who our family is.

I have also learned that like any relationship, nurturing that family bond is so important. You get what you put in. The more love you give, the more love you get in return. 

So, as I celebrate 25 years of my family, lets all take some time celebrate our families, what ever shape, size they are. I can't believe how fast 25 years has gone by...so with time going by so fast, let's not forget to thank them for being our rock, for making us laugh, for telling us those hard truths, for sacrificing their own time for us, for loving us unconditionnally, for all the wonderful things they have done to help us grow and become better people.

I love you. #famjam25

Saturday, 21 November 2015

7 things to do in MTL with a guest

As you wait for PART IV of Happy Hour...on the rocks, I thought Id fill you in on some fun things to do in this city if you had a guest in town!
More to this town than just Moose shops!
Do you ever have people visiting from outta town? Maybe your cousin who lives in Chicoutimi is coming to see you? Maybe your friend you met on a Contiki tour through Greece from Croatia is coming to Montreal to see our world-famous strippers (that's what I hear..I wouldn't know...!) and see his friend he met while chugging numerous beers on the beach?

Well. You need a plan. Where are you gonna take them? What are you going to see?

So. Have no fear, N. with a plan is here! I have put together a top 7 list of things to do with a guest.

Please also share some of your favorite things to do, no ideas are bad ideas (I feel like a 5th grade teacher).

So. Let's start. They are in no particular order.

#7 Typical Montreal Food - Smoked meat. Poutine. Bagels.

If your guest has never been to Montreal, you definitely need to take them for these 3 dishes. Where, you ask? Well. We all know that Schwartz is kinda like a landmark in the city. But I had a guest in the city recently, and I took him to Reubens. He seemed to love it. I killed 2 birds with one stone, and made him eat poutine there too. I don't necessarly suggest that, just depends on the time you have. For poutine, I'm a fan of the Greenspot on Notre-Dame, been going there since I'm a kid, or even a place like Poutineville can be winner. As for bagels, you can never go wrong with Fairmont or St-Viateur Bagel in the Mile-End. They beat out New York bagels. And this is coming from a New Yorker himself.
Smoked meat & poutine at Reubens

#6 Museums

Museums are fun in any city. I love going to a museum to discover other people's creativity. The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art is one of my favorites. Their exhibits are always interesting! But the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the McCord Museum are also good choices!

Stopped by the Museum of Contemporary Art

#5 Old Montreal

Old Montreal is a no brainer. It's pretty. It's so European. It's like Tourist Central. You can't come to Montreal and not see Old Montreal. Take a walk down St-Paul, visit the art galleries, walk by the water, rent a Bixi if it's Summer. Take a stroll down De La Commune, stop by the Basilica. You can do soooo much!

The Basilica is simply breathtaking

#4 Mile End

The Mile End is an area that ressembles Brooklyn, with it's super cute cafes, stores and brunch spots. Walking around in the summer is great, and even in the fall. It's a great way to discover that little area. From the Cardinal Tea Room on St-Laurent to Cafe Olympico and little stores on St-Laurent between Laurier and St-Viateur, you have your morning cut out.
Morning eyes. 

#3 The Look-Out

The best way to see the city is from our mountain. Hands down. But you need to get there at the best time, when the sun is sorta kinda setting, so you can have the view of the city with a bit of sunshine, and at night. In the summer, I love running up the Mont-Royal and just admiring the view. As a resident, I never get fed up, so imagine how much your guests would love it!

What a view!

#2 Good food
A part from your typical smoked meat, poutine, Montreal is crawling with some of the most delicious restaurants. We have such a great selection of amazing places. I posted a Facebook post and asked my friends for suggestions on places to bring a guest from outta town. Here are the TOP 5 restaurants that came up:
One of the most amazing meals, at Joe Beef
Honorable mentions also include Satay Brothers, dim sum at Kam Fung, a stop by St-Hubert BBQ for some rotisserie chicken, a trek to Montreal Plaza for a delicious food experience.

I also need to include good places to go out...You have a guest in town, you want to take them out after dinner. If you're over 25, Soubois right now is the place. It's great on Thursdays and Saturdays. Flyjin is also a good choice, and if you're into House music, or EDM, New City Gas has some stellar DJs. But if you're in the mood for some good drinks in a fun atmosphere, Im all for Burgundy Lion!

#1 Get Outta Town

Montreal is beautiful, no matter what time of the year, but take a little roadtrip to the Eastern Townships or to the Laurentians, and discover a different part of town. Maybe you can drive up to Tremblant, spend some time walking around Tremblant village, or go for a ski in the winter, and end the evening with a little apres-ski drink at the Forge, or at the Scandinave spa

With whatever you decide, it's impossible to not fall in love with this city!

Enjoy every single minute of it and partyyy it up!

If you have any ideas of things to add, add them in the comments! 

Montreal : Party city!


Monday, 9 November 2015

Happy Hour...on the rocks - PART III

Don't miss PART 1 and PART 2 of Happy Hour...on the rocks.

Who ever made Jameson shots trendy? They scream "Let's get shitfaced". They scream "I want to get drunk as quick as possible". They scream "DANGER".

Danger is waking up in an unknown apartment at 7 am on a Friday. Danger is waking up next to a woman and a man who you're not sure if you know. Danger can be fun.

What happened?

You remember going to see your friend Simon after leaving Chris & Josh, 2 guys you are seeing, Bruce, your ex-boyfriend, and Sarah, your co-worker, converse all together.

As you walked towards Simon, you looked over at Chris and Josh, couldn't believe they knew each other. But you live in such a small city, this was bound to happen.

Of course you had a favorite. Of course there was one you liked more than the other.

Josh of course. Josh, who had said "not really" when Chris asked if he was still dating Marie, his ex-girlfriend. Then again, you hadn't had the exclusivity talk with any of them. You were dating both, you hadn't really made up your mind. So why should they?

There was something about the fact that you knew Josh was a little emotional unavailable that pulled you closer to him.  It made you want him just a little more, it made you crave him just a little more. Women, we're crazy like that. We like what is often unavailable. And as a young dater in our twenties, we thought we would grow out of that phase. Clearly we don't.

You kept your eyes on Josh, as you spoke to Simon. He looked over to you.

You made a jolt to the bathroom. And he did the same.

He cornered you right before you walked in to the ladies room.

"So. Who's Chris?" he asked you, as he cornered you against the wall. It was kind of sexy.

"He's a friend", you answered, shakingly.

"Don't bullshit me. You can't bullshit a bullshitter".

"What Josh? What do you want me to tell you? Ok. Chris and I are a little more than friends. Who the hell is Marie? You never told me about her neither."

"It's complicated. But that's going to change." he tells you.

"Complicated? Wow. Ok. Well. I don't want to have this conversation right now. I drank. I'm with my friends. Can we talk about this later?" you answer, playing your "I'm going to act like an adult" card.

"Fine. But I don't care about Marie anymore. I realized that I don't want to share you anymore. I want you. All to myself."

BOOM. "I want you." The words you were dying to hear for such a long time.

"Josh, let's talk about this later. I really care a lot about you too. Let me finish my conversation with my friend and I'll come see you right after".

In the mean time, you are finishing up your conversation with Simon, 20 minutes or something go by, and you turn around to look for Josh. He's nowhere to be found. You go to the washroom, he isn't there. You walk around the bar, not there. You look outside, maybe he went for some air, not there.

How strange. You check your phone. No messages. You head back to the bar again, have a drink, still looking everywhere. Maybe something happened. You were starting to get worried.

You head back to the bathroom, and to your left, before the ladies room, there is an office door. A door that leads to the bar's back office. The door is a little open as you walk by and you can see mouvment inside.

You aren't usually one to snoop around, but curiosity strikes you, and you peek in between the door that isn't fully closed.

You see a man's back, with a woman clearly sitting on a desk. Legs open. Him in between. You can't really make out if they are having sex, but they are definitely making out.

The girl has long beautiful black hair, that she keeps whipping in every direction. She is throwing her head back, eyes closed, as the man kisses her neck. It's actually quite sexy. And what a location! A bar's back office. Why not! You can't stop watching the hot scene, as it plays out in front of you. His hands up her skirt, up her thigh. It's quite exciting to watch.

A overadventurous waiter walks by and drops a couple glasses because he thought he could carry 15 at a time. It startles you. The man turns around to see what happened.

Wait. WHAT?

The mysterious making out man is Josh...

The second you realize, you storm in. You never knew you could go crazy girl, but at that moment you did. There is something in you that just couldn't resist. He had JUST told you he wanted you. What was he doing?

"WHAT THE &;$%? JOSH???"

"Oh shit. I'm sorry. I can explain"

"I can explain? 20 minutes ago you told me wanted me. And now you're in a backroom with another girl. Your explanation should be "I have short time memory loss caused by a childhood accident and I can't remember what I said 20 effin minutes ago." And who the hell are you?"

"Marie. Who the hell are you?"

Ha. The famous Marie. Beautiful girl actually. You hated her already.

"Wow. Josh, you're a lying asshole."

You stormed out. You couldn't even believe how this night was turning. You walked back to Simon, who was still at the bar.

"I need a scotch...on the rocks. Oh and 4 more shots of Jameson."

"Kiddo. What happened?"

You don't answer. You gaze back at Chris, Bruce and Sarah who are still talking to eachother.

You smirk.

"All rules are off." you tell Simon.

"What does that even mean? he asks you."

"I'm not quite sure yet. But I'm feeling dangerous."

You turn back to the bartender. "Can I have 3 more Jameson shots please? Let's make this evening a little more interesting."

You walk back towards Chris, Sarah and Bruce. You hand them each a shot.

"Haha what's this for?" Chris asks.

You turn to him. You raise your shot glass.

"To danger. May we always be tempted with a little danger." you answer with a little smirk.

To be continued.......

(Note to all, all these stories are fiction. As per all those super Hollywood movie disclaimers, All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.")

Monday, 2 November 2015

Happy Hour...on the rocks - Part II

Dont miss Part I of Happy Hour...on the rocks.! 

You never really want the men you are dating to know about each other, and even less have your ex there at the same time. But this was happening. And there was nothing you could do about it, except fake a seizure, but we already came to the conclusion that you weren't going to do that.

"Hi Sarah." Bruce says. (Let's remind you that Bruce is YOUR ex-boyfriend and Sarah is your co-worker)

Why is Bruce saying hi to Sarah? How does Bruce even know Sarah?

"Hi Bruce." Sarah answers, looking at her most awkward. 

At that moment, you have that Danny Glover meme from Lethal Weapon pop up in your head. (Don't know what I'm referring to? Here is a little reminder)

Ok. Something is up between Sarah and Bruce. This nonesense is hurting your brain.

This night is clearly taking a turn from the weird, to the weirdest. 

Now, what's the plan? 

Given strange situations. BAIL is always on top of the list. 

But then, there's also DRINK that comes in a close second. 

When situations are strange, drinking always seems to be a solution, whether the outcome may be great or not, that's not the point. The point is, well. The pain will hurt less.

So, everyone is chatting it up. Chris is talking to Josh. Bruce is talking to Sarah. You're here, wondering where the bullets for your gun are, and sipping on a dirty martini. Dirty martinis have a Je Ne Sais Quoi about them that make you feel sexy, dirty and well. drunk. 

You turn around, and slowly step away from the missile field. You turn back to the bar. And, sitting, at the other end, is Simon. 

Ah Simon. Your buddy. Your buddy with girlfriend. Safe waters. Thank goodness. 

You make your way to Simon, leaving the Bermuda Triangle figure their shit out. 

"Hey little lady" he says as he sees you walk up to him. 

"Simon. So happy to see you. You won't even believe what I'm dealing with right now."

After you briefly explain to him the current love situation. He looks at you, looks at the bar, yells to the bartender. "4 shots, Jameson." and turns to me and says "Kiddo, you're going to need this."

You can almost hear LMFAO whispering to you... Shots shots shots shots shots. EVERYBODY. 

Things happen. Many things happen.  

And then, tt's Friday 7am. 

A strange alarm is ringing. But what is happening? What is that sound? You look around. You don't recognize anything. You have no idea where you are. A blackout? How does this even happen to you? How does a woman of your caliber black out? You have always made sure to control your alcohol. Sloppy drunk was never your style. 

You look around again, it's someone's back. But wait. This isn't a man's back. Hmm. Looks like Sarah's back.

Oh boy. 

You look further down the bed. Ha. There's someone else's back. But clearly a man's back. You can't really decipher. Was it Chris, Josh, Bruce or maybe it could have been Simon? Your hangover was too strong to figure it out.

Well that's just brilliant. You realize that you are waking up, pretty much naked, undies don't really count, with a mysterious man and your co-worker. Good job. Not literally.

Suddenly, you are remembering moments where clothes were being thrown, kisses were being exchanged, and rules were definitely thrown out the window. You remembered moments of pure pleasure, laughing, touching, feeling. It might have been a little sloppy, but if everyone is sloppy, it doesn't really matter. 

The other 2 are still sleeping. You just need to get out. 

Well, clearly you scored. Twice! Good for you. Now you just need to figure out who the man is, and what the hell happened last night after those faithful Jameson shots. 

Jameson is bad, you tell yourself, or maybe really really good. 

To be continued....

(Note to all, all these stories are fiction. As per all those super Hollywood movie disclaimers, All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.")

Monday, 26 October 2015

Happy Hour on the Rocks...Part I

So. After a long absence. I decided to write again. Feeling inspired is always difficult. I am trying a new series, Happy Hour on the Rocks. Follow adventures of the funny things that can happen when you leave your desk, and head over to your favorite bar...! Enjoy, and please do write your comments, it really helps me!
(N.B. This is written for women, so dudes, you probably won't love this!)

The design is still a work in progress..!

It's Thursday evening. Your favorite evening of the week. All the cool kids go out on Thursdays.

You are SO OVER Friday and Saturday. You much rather, stay in, with a good glass of wine, with your friends, or a special someone, watch Netflix and chill.

But Thursday is a different story. Thursday is, let's look smashing and go out. You made sure to dress the part. Classy, yet sexy black dress, cool booties, and a colorful scarf. And while you're at it, add on the red lips, just for show.

When going out on Thursday, attitude is key. You are not chasing, you are being chased. You got game. All you need are your eyes. You put yourself in that mind frame as you apply your last touches of make-up before heading to The Original, your favorite Thursday Happy Hour spot.

"Meet me at the Reception in 10". You text your favorite "let's Happy Hour" co-worker, Sarah. It's 5:30pm. You put in your days work. You are allowed a few glasses of vino, and a little eye-candy.

Sarah meets you in the lobby. And off you two go. She looks great too. Oh this evening is going to be a late one. You can feel it.

You get to The Original. Big line-up as usual. But of course you know the doorman. You walk right through. And the glancing begins. You scope out your surroundings. Group of boys, 3 o'clock, seem like co-workers. The one in the grey suit is the cutest. You have seen him before. You try to make eye contact. But it's just too packed. You make your way around the bar, and continue to scope out the place. Funny enough. Everyone is doing the same. Everyone is on the look out. Hello Meat Market.

The great thing about Thursdays are the men in suits. Men, you can never go wrong in a suit. Never.

You find your spot at the bar, and you order your glass of vino, Sarah does the same. You are chitchatting, and there you spot Chris. Oh we like Chris. Chris is a lawyer, from a good family, he loves to rollerblade, sing and most of all loves seafood. You love seafood. You have been seeing Chris for a few weeks now, and he's great.

You try to catch his attention with your eyes. He's standing at the other end of the bar.

You look around a little. And. Oh shit.

You spot Josh.

Not the time. REALLY not the time.

Oh we like Josh too. You have also been seeing Josh for a few weeks now. Josh is a Director of Design at the new super awesome up and coming start-up in the city. He's super pro-environment. Loves to travel, get involved in other start-ups and loves to spend his free time... with you.

Both of them.

In the same place.


You were always hoping that this moment would never come. You like both of them. You want both of them around. You aren't ready to make a choice, and you clearly don't want them to make the choice neither.

Oh shit. Chris saw you, and is walking towards you.

You turn to Sarah. You brief her on the situation.

You really need to make a run for it. You are in dangerous waters.

"Chris!" He comes in to give you a gentle kiss on the cheek.

You are a little nervous. Did Josh see you? You really freaking hope not. Right now, your goal is to say hi to Chris. Tell him you are on your way to dinner, and GET THE HELL OUT.

But of course, your luck doesn't work that way.

Josh, pokes you from behind, as you're speaking to Chris.You turn around in shock.

"Hi...!" The. Most. Uncomfortable. Hi. Ever.

"Hi babe." Josh tells you in the ear.

And there you are with the 2 men you have been seeing. All 3 of you together. What a threesome.

And then....

"Chris, hey man, long time no see, how you been?" Josh says.



"Josh, hey man, Ive been great. What's up with you?" Chris replies back.


You're looking for Sarah to come help you out. You're freaking out.

What are the odds? WHAT ARE THE ODDS???

What do you say? WHAT DO YOU SAY???

"What a small world. Everyone in this city knows each other..." Fuck.

" Yeah seriously, haven't seen you in a while. Are you still with Steph?" Chris asks Josh.

Hmm. Who the hell is Steph?

"Naw, we broke up last year. Wasn't the girl for me (and he glances over to you..) And you, you still seeing Marie?"

Hmmmm. Who the hell is Marie?

"Uhhh no, not really." Josh answers.

Uhhh no, not really??? What the hell is that answer?

This moment was weird. Now it's just out of control strange.

"Marie and Steph are best friends" Chris tells me.

"Oh really. That's funny." you say, because you have nothing else to say. You are so weirded out right now. You can't possibly think of something smarter to say.

Chris continues, looking at Josh. "How do you know this beautiful one here?"

Oh you're cooked. You just want to dig your death hole. Seriously. "Beautiful one"?! Where is the gun? Where is the gun when you need it? You keep shaking your head a little, because you can't believe what is happening to you right now. You have a stupid smirk on your face. Because right now, there is no escape, unless you fake a seizure. The idea of actually faking a seizure comes to mind. You are ready to go all Orange is the new Black on their asses just to get yourself out of this situation.

You look right at Josh. And there you see the question marks in his eyes, he knows. He clearly knows. But at the same time you can't stop thinking of the "not really..."

"Hey stranger" You recognize that voice. Oh you recognize that voice really well.

And there he is. Standing right in front of you. Bruce.

Ex-boyfriend of 4 months, Bruce.

Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant. And it's only 5:45pm.

To be continued.......

(Note to all, all these stories are fiction. As per all those super Hollywood movie disclaimers, All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.")

Friday, 27 March 2015

We can resist anything, exception temptation. PART III

Let's recap Part I and II

It's Christmas time, you go to a club with your best friend Sophia. Fall face to face with your ex Pete who is still as sexy as he was before. You haven't seen him since he moved to Vancouver 4 years ago. You want him badly, but. You have a boyfriend. You are cornered as you exit the bathroom. Pete kisses you. You run away. You text Josh your boyfriend to tell him you're coming home. He tells you: Saw you at the club with the boy. Hope he was worth it. Shit. But wait. What was Josh doing at the club? We find out that Josh actually came to the club because his mistress told him you were there. He gives you a guilt trip when he sees your text. Meanwhile, he's still in the club with the mistress thinking that every body left. Until he gets a tap on the shoulder. It's Sophia. You're best friend.


(Make sure to read PART 1 and PART 2 before reading this)

It's Saturday night. It's Christmas Holidays. I am a single woman. I am getting out of my house. Holidays can be so depressing when you're single. You see everyone with their significant other in their tacky Christmas sweaters, that I do find a little cute. It's almost sickening.

I just want to have a man wrapped around me. I want Christmas gifts from a man that loves me. I want to be with someone. I need to be with someone. I need to get of my house. I am texting everyone, and shaving everything. Yes. You heard me. To attract others, you must feel attractive, and let me tell you that my bear like legs don't really make me feel attractive.

Oh. One of my closest friends answered. She wants to go out too! Yay. She has a boyfriend and stuff, but she's in. WOO. When your friends have boyfriends, it's the worst. No one wants to party anymore. Thank god for the warriors.

I guess I can consider her my best friend because we speak on a regular basis and I will definitely be there if she ever breaks up with Josh, and of course, we have traveled together, had weird adventures together. That's what friends are for, right? You want to know if it ever got kinky huh? Well. What happens in Miami Beach stays in Miami Beach. Wink wink.

Anyways. yeah I love her to death.

Who doesn't?

She's beautiful, she has a good heart, everyone wants to be around her, everyone thinks she's so cool, and so much fun, and such a good person. Yeah yeah, I do too. You know.

So, we finally get into Damas, and it's packed. I'm looking around to see if there is any potential target for the night. I even drag my girl around to spot out any men worthy of our company. It's going to be hard to meet someone because everyone is always all over her. Anyways, I am going to shine too tonight and she's taken, so, more for me.

Oh shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.

Wow. There's Pete. Her "SUMMER PETE". My "SUMMER PETE".

He's coming to talk to us.

Yeah. Well. I am not too proud of this.

But. My girl and I have been best friends for 4 years now. Since the summer of 2010. The same summer as the "SUMMER PETE" summer. We're best friends now, and that's awesome, but, let's just say it wasn't always like this.

Pete was my guy.

I met Pete first. I was sleeping with Pete first. I wanted Pete first. And then, this pretty girl comes in, and starts seeing Pete too. I only found out about it through extensive social media stalking. What is a girl to do when she sees that she is losing the man she wants? Stalk of course!

Thank you Facebook.

Facebook likes. People's posted Summer pictures. I could see them boating and chilling. My stomach felt sick when I first saw snip-its of what was happening. But I just couldn't stop looking. I couldn't stop looking for information. The more you research, the more you want to know.  I needed to know everything I could about Pete, and this mystery girl who he seemed to be spending all his weekends with.

Now, it's not like Pete and I were exclusive. He even told me we weren't and that he didn't want anything too serious. But I just didn't want to listen. I needed him. I wanted him. I was going to do anything to get him. Even if it meant to learn about this new girl he was also seeing. I saw her Likes. I saw her pictures. I saw the way he looked at her.

He would sometimes stay over, but I always felt like I was second priority. He was going to see her. I knew it. What did she have that I didn't? Why couldn't I be the one to make him happy?

I needed to find out.

It didn't take very long for me to find out that's she's a yoga addict.

She likes Enso Yoga on Facebook AND comments and likes their posts. Clearly she goes there.

So I went there too.

Every day.

Until finally she walked in on a Wednesday night. I sat next to her. I joked about some of the girls really loving their yoga pants WAY too much. And from that point on, we became friendly, doing yoga together. I hated yoga. But I couldn't control my obsession.

From superficial conversations, to talks about Pete. I found out everything.

She was sweet. Really sweeter than me. She was good with animals. I hated animals. She was soft. Very soft. I was a little rough around the edges. Clearly I would need to change myself drastically, or simply accept the fact that I couldn't have Pete.

Accepting defeat? That's for losers. So I did everything. I dressed like her. I took on her habits. Nothing worked. He still wouldn't sleep over. He still would see her.

But then. The situation switched. And he told me that he had to move to Vancouver for work. He would have to stop seeing BOTH of us. But seriously, I was starting to really like this girl he was seeing. She was sweet, good to people, fun. Man. I could totally understand why he would like her too. I liked her too. When I knew he couldn't have neither one of us, well. I guess our friendship started becoming normal.

But the story doesn't end here.

Pete found out about our friendship.

I think she showed him a picture of the 2 of us together. But he's a guy. And I guess he didn't realize how crazy I was, and basically thought it was a pure fluke that the 2 of us became friends. Stupid boy.

The funny thing is that he didn't tell her that he knew me, he told me that he knew her. And told me that he really liked her, and that this might upset her. And that since he's leaving for Vancouver anyways, to keep it secret. Clearly he liked her more than he liked me.

I had lost. But I had gained a new friend, who would always remind me of this amazing man.

That was the last time I saw him. A couple nights before he left for Vancouver. Until today.

My heart jumped of course, but I had to let go. So I went for his friend. Closed my eyes and imagined Pete. Ok. I know I'm a little out there. But who isn't! Right? Right? (...)

But now.

"Josh? What the hell?"


He looked at me with a calm smirk.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Never would I have expected this from Josh. He seemed like such the perfect boyfriend. I was even jealous of her. (Isn't that obvious?) Always caring. Always there. Always doing everything perfectly. I guess you can never really trust appearances.

Josh comes right up to me.

"Sophia, we both know you aren't going to say, or do anything, because if you do, you know what happens next."

Now. As much as I would love to nail this guy for being a douche and a half. I can't say anything.


Well. Josh has MEGA dirt on me.

I killed someone. And only he knows.

To be continued...


Friday, 2 January 2015

We can resist everything, except temptation. PART II

(If you haven't read PART I, read it here)

My phone buzzes. A message pops up.

"Your girlfriend is here at Damas. She's with another dude."

Wait. What?

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shitttttttttt!

I was burning up with anger. I could punch something. To know that she might have someone on the side, unacceptable.

I need to see him for myself. No one fucks Josh over.

I'm driving over to Damas as fast as I could. Would my girlfriend see me? Would I have to tell her how I knew she was there? At this moment, I don't give a shit, I just drive.

I get to the club. I look like a bum. I don't give a shit. I need to see who this fucking guy is. I think am going to kill him.

Turns out the bouncer and I played football together in our High School days. Great. Cos' there was no way I was going to get through all these hot girls in stilettos.

I walk in. No sign of neither of them.

It's so dark in here, I really wonder if I am going to find anybody. I am looking frantically.

SHIT. Where the fuck is she?

I look at all people at the bar. Oh. There's Sophia, her best friend. Busy with a dude. But no sign of my girlfriend. Do I go up and ask her?

No. I am in such a dangerous place right now. I am fucking stupid to be here. But I can't help it. I need to know.

I am walking through the crowd. I hate crowds. I hate places like Damas. A bunch of fake people, wearing too much fucking cake on their face, thinking they are so much more special than they actually are. I can't stand being in this environment.

Oh shit.

There's Vanessa.

I forgot about Vanessa.

I turn the other way. I walk towards the bathroom. And then I see my girl. And him. At the end of the hallway. He's talking to her so close. I can't make out his face.

Fucking bitch. And I am going to kill him.

Someone is grabbing me from the back.

It's Vanessa.

"I take it you got my text. Trying to run away from me?" she says.

Shit shit shit shit shit

"We can't be seen together. I'll come see you later. I'm dealing with a situation here" I tell her.

"Hello and Merry Christmas to you too. Right. That situation." as Vanessa points to my girlfriend and this mysterious dude.

What do I fucking do? As I am trying to deal with Vanessa, I can see my girlfriend making out with this fucking guy. If I go after my girlfriend, Vanessa will definitely go nuts.

Too much shit. I need to stay low.

In the midst of this craziness, I start seeing Sophia walking over from the corner of my eye.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit.

I need to hide. I need to hide Vanessa.

There's this little hidden dark corner with the ATM machine. I pull her into it with me. And to shut her up, I kiss her.

Sophia walks by.

That was close.

We stay there for a while, until we think the coast is clear.

FUCKKKK. I am so fucking mad. I can't believe she would do that to me. Fucking bitch. I can't fucking believe it.

Ok, Ok. I am not better.

I met Vanessa a year ago. Well, re-met her. She's actually my friend Steve's, sister. She was away at school all this time, and finally moved back to the city. That night she walked into the bar with Steve, I knew I was in for trouble. Her long blonde hair, bright green eyes, and of course that smashing body. She looked at me with a little smile, and I knew this was the beginning of a disaster.

It started with a little flirtation when he'd bring her out on boys night, and then to texting, and then to that night a couple months ago, I took her for a beer at this little hole in the wall next to her place, and then fucked her in my car. Her body was so delicious. It was a really warm night in October. And we created somewhat of a "Titanic" scene in my car. Windows were all blurry, and so was my head. Since then, I see her every couple weeks or so. I bang her in my car, at her home, in a restaurant bathroom. One night, I even rented a hotel room because we were so horny. I know. I'm horrible.

I had never cheated on my girlfriend before. The thrill of being wanted by someone else was priceless. I had tried to resist it for so long, but now I was in too deep. Guess my life needed a little excitement.

I was watching Gone Girl with my girlfriend not long ago, and I could totally see myself in Ben Afleck's shoes. I felt horrible, because I do love my girlfriend. She's smart, beautiful, a bit demanding at times, and a bit always in my face about where I'm going with my life. But, you know, sometimes, after 4 years, when you feed a man vanilla all this time, at one point, he turns around, and needs some chocolate.

How to say NO to something so perky? Damn that Emily Ratajkowski.

"Joshy, come meet me at Damas. I miss you. I want to see you xx." She wrote to me while I was still at my Dad's.

I can't go to Damas. My girlfriend is at Damas. But I didn't tell her that.

You'd think that dealing with a 23 year old with fucking perky tits would be easy. She is a little needy, but fuck. The sex. The sex is so fucking out of this mind, I am hooked.

So now, I am stuck in a small space of the ATM machine, with Vanessa hanging on to me. My girlfriend with another man. And her best friend somewhere here.

Shit shit shit shit shit

My phone buzzes. It's my girlfriend. Bitch. She's heading home. What do I say?

I look around. Seems that both Sophia and my girlfriend left the bar. I could get out of this incognito, a victim. And no one will ever know.

I type back to her: "Came by Damas to surprise you. I guess I was the one who was surprised. Hope he was worth it." BOOM.

Now let's watch her beg for my forgiveness. This should be interesting. Little does she know that the reason I didn't go break this guy's arm was because of Vanessa.

How did I turn this around and become the winner? I am not too sure. But I'm quite proud of myself. I'm pissed off as hell. I could use quite a good fuck right now.

Where's Vanessa? I find her and bring her to the bar.

"2 vodka sodas please." And I put my arms around this juicy girl.

"Dude, you were freaking out before. Why have you suddenly turned out to be so calm?"

So I answer her. "I have everything under control...! Don't worry."

I look at her and give her a big kiss. I look down at those tits. Damn it's gonna be a good night.

"JOSH?" I hear someone behind me.

I turn around. And there's Sophia.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit.