Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A sneak peek at Chapter 1 of my novel...

I decided that I would share with you a little piece of Chapter 1. It will give you an idea of what I am doing.. for the past few months.
This may change a lot, and already has. I have gone back into this post 3 times already to change the way I wrote things. I guess we are our biggest critic.

(...) I am late for my yoga class. When am I not late? Ha. So much for my 2001 New Year's Resolution. Those stupid things don't work anyways. Tardiness has never been my strong suit, yet, I'm running to try to not miss my first salutations. I'm running down Ste-Catherine in this rain, through the people with their umbrellas. It's like an obstacle course. Damn you rain. Always ruining everything. Like my hair, outfit and mood. The only time I like the rain is when I can listen to it from the comfort of my own home.
I am being stared at like a crazy person because what normal person runs like a loony down Ste-Catherine. Purse on one arm, yoga bag on the other, mat under my arm. I feel like I'm in a movie, running to my lover, like in the Notebook, but there is no lover, just a bunch of excited ladies who thoroughly enjoy downward dog. 

I open the door, and of course, there is Eva, with an empty spot next to her. She always saves me a spot. Because I'm always late. This woman is on time all the time. I totally admire people who can always be on time.  In other words, she's my savior, in more ways than one.

"Babe, got ya a place next to me! Can't you ever be on time lady?" Eva yelled at me as I walked into the room.
I smiled back. All the girls (and that random guy with way too much arm hair, who is always there, but always looks so bizarre) looked at me with "bitchy eyes". I felt bad. I always dreamed of looking back at them with "bitchy eyes" too, but I was too goody-two-shoes to do that. I was dripping. I slowly tiptoed in. Yet the screech of my running shoes totally blew my cover. So I just kept on smiling. No one hates a smiler.

"I got us 4 tickets to Nicolas Jaar this Saturday night" Eva whispered to me as I removed my squeaky shoes
"Ugh. Who is Nicolas Jaar, and why 4 tickets?" I whispered back. The yogi was in place, we were starting our breathing exercises.
"He's a DJ. A really good one. You'll love him, trust me." I felt like Princess Jasmine when Aladdin is on the magic carpet and asks her "Do you trust me?" She always said yes and is always taken on the coolest adventures. So that became my mantra. I decided that it was time for me to start to adventure again. Spontaneous things turned me on. I had been so used to a routine that I had forgotten how to just live life as it presented itself to me.

"And we're going with Steve and Rob, I met them Saturday night at Grinder. They are so hot! Rob is a lawyer, Steve is in publishing or something like that. High school buddies. They were in town for some guy's 35th birthday." Eva said. "They live in New York. The show is in New York", she looked at me with a big smile and big eyes.
 "WHAT?" I screamed, disturbing the whole class. I was the disgrace of this class and I knew it. Yet, you can't just tell me we're going to NYC without any detail and not expect a random scream. Come on. This was totally natural behavior. 

After some quick whisper conversation, I found out that we were actually staying with Steve and Rob, in their so-called Chelsea penthouse apartment. I am sure it was a 5 floor apartment walk-up. Why two 35 year old men lived together freaked me out a little, but whatever. Eva slept with Rob so he was off limits. According to her, he actually owned a collection of sex toys that she was dying to try. I made myself a mental note. Adele: #1. Stay away from Steve's room. #2. Shotgun the couch. I totally thought of a plan B and would text my only New Yorker friend in case these guys were too weird. But I was getting excited! New York! What trouble Eva was getting me into again? I wasn't sure. But I kinda liked it.
Fresh out of a break up, New York is exactly what I needed. Well. Almost fresh, it happened 4 months ago. I was 31, thinking I was about to get married to the "man of my life" and POUF, it just ends from 1 day to another. I needed this distraction. I spent way too many nights soaking my sheets with tears.

"Sorry Adele, but..I..don't know how to say this...There is just something missing..." Josh told me that fateful January night. "What do you mean?" I answered him with tears in my eyes. I felt it. I felt the end. I had felt it for weeks. He was distant. He was being a little weird, coming home late, not telling me what he was doing. We hadn't had sex in the longest time. I couldn't even remember the last time we got a little hot and heavy under the sheets. I didn't understand. He didn't love me anymore. How can he stop loving me? I'll tell you how. When Julie from the office starts hitting on him and he falls for it. Yes. That Julie. The Julie that never anything would ever happen with. The Julie that he needs to work late with. The Julie that invited him to her friends party because I was out of town and "he was bored".The Julie that he didn't think was that pretty. The Julie that I shouldn't worry so much about.  The Julie that I actually feel like giving a high-five to with a chair...in the face. The Julie that moved into MY condo 1 month after I left. Ugly bitch. That's how. 

Anyways, I had better things to think about, like what restaurants we were going to try or what outfits I was going to bring to New York with me. 
And so I finished my Warrior pose, smirking, thinking about the exciting news Eva just shared with me. Rob, Steve, Eva and my new Zara dress were going to rock this Nicolas Jaar guy. A DJ. Sounds kinda cool. I am learning new things here. This rainy day wasn't so bad after all! 

And there you go, a little snip it of Chapter 1! Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more!!!


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