Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I'm turning 30. And it's all good.

The big 3-0. Dirty Thirty. However you want to call it. 2 days. 2 days to go before I turn 30. Well. Depending on when you read this. I may already be 30. But. February 7 is my big day. At 2:18 exactly.

"Tick Tock Tick Damn Tock, this is your damn biological clock. Start producing babies, or else, you're gonna end up like the cat lady down the block"

Do all women hear that? I hope not, it's a freaking horrible rime I produced right there. But hey! You get what I mean! So. In all honesty, I haven't yet. For the many things that I am horrible at, like letting go, knowing when to walk away, and all that stuff. I am good at being happy with where I am in my life right now. Do I feel like I need to meet my husband right away? No. Do I feel like I need babies? No.

Can I say the same for all women? Hells no! So many times I hear my friends saying, OK it's time, I need to find myself a man, I want a family!

This is my reaction:

And more times than none do I hear my settled down friends ask me: So, N. When is it your turn? So...Did you meet anyone? They are the ones that don't seem comfortable with my status. I'm great! Really! See above for the same reaction to these comments, in a more "live and let live woman" type of way. 

Men. Yeah. They don't work the same as us. It's crazy how different they are. They can be kids till they're 45 if needed. Or maybe, even never grow up!
 The great thing with men, is that they don't really have this "biological clock" issue since their sperm is good for years and years to come. They SMELL "I want a family" on you. So they stay away from those types of women, who almost seem like blood-thirsty beasts, yet "potential-father-thirsty" ones! And then these women get more and more thirsty and end up staying alone for so much longer...The problem with women, is that after 35-36 it starts getting dangerous to have kids. So, if you want to take everything into consideration, you meet a man, you're together for 2 years approx, get engaged, get married 9 months-1 year later, have kids. But wait. What if you want 2 kids? You need to speed up the process. Oh boy. Headaches already.

The older women get, the more we fear of dying alone, of not having a family, of being pathetic, of being unwanted, unloved. We're emotional beings. We need those emotions. We need to feel care, love and all that good stuff. Forever we are taught to be good mothers, to raise a family, to be this type of person. So, this is why, as we grow older, we want to fit in that mold. Fit in the mold of "Mom to Be". But at the time, we are out there, becoming career women, acting like men, putting our foot down, being more demanding in what we want. So. NO KIDDING IT TAKES US LONGER! The women we are now are different than when our parents or grandparents were 30. We don't want to get divorced. We are more careful. More picky. More aware. We forget how far along we have come yet still want to respect old traditions. However, we choose which traditions suit us, and which don't. It don't work that way! It's very likely that it will take longer for some of us, and it's to learn to accept it, be happy with you and the rest will just follow.

Here is the way I see it. And this is probably why I'm zen and excited to turn 30....but, I only want kids if I find the right person to have them with. Yes, having a family for me is important, but sharing my life with the right person is more important. Is this why I'm more picky? Maybe.

Do I really think I am where I thought I was going to be at 30? No, not really. There are a few things in my life I thought would be different. Yes, I thought I would be married with at least 1 kid. To me 30 was so old. But, now 30 is not what it used to be. I have many single friends, and it's all good. It's the new normal.

Since I'm a kid, I'm told, if you look for something, you won't find it. So here's to not looking, being zen, being happy, and turning 30 with class & style and extra awesomeness! I hope we all bring it in that way.

I'm 30 bitches!


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Well said Nat!