Sunday, 23 February 2014

8 Things I Think Men Should Own

I came up with this idea as I was high on cough syrup earlier this week. I tell you guys. This stuff is chronic. I was laughing, in the most bubbly mood ever, eager to think out crazy sexy cool ideas for the blog. I had trouble seeing straight. But, I suddenly felt inspired to write a light piece on these 8 things. Note to men reading this - if you don't own this stuff, I suggest you find a way to own it quickly (ha. Im kidding. Im sure you're cool just the way you are!)

Ok, lets start.

1. A "I'm the King of Life" tailored suit

This goes without saying that in every man's closet they should have at least 1 suit that makes you just want to jet down a catwalk impressing every. single. woman. ever. That Harvey Specter, King Ping suit, the one that makes you feel like you can walk into a room and everyone will believe everything you say just because you look so damn good. You see where I'm getting at. First. You need an awesome suit guy. The rest. Leave it up to him. (If you're in the MTL area, why not stop by my friend PB Duhamel's place - Clusier Habilleur! I even wrote a post about it!)

2. A robe
Dont you just want to cuddle up in this!!!

I know this sounds crazy, but I dunno what it is about men in robes. I love it. I'm talking terry cloth, soft / you just want to cuddle up next to him type robe. Maybe it's something about them being completely naked under it that makes it so hmm..appealing. Yeah. You need that shit.

3. Swag

What exactly is swag? It used to be such an overused word, but the best way I can describe it is a mix of class, smoothness, sex appeal and confidence. So my friend is dealing with a situation lately where she is seeing this great guy, who's funny, witty, nice, they get along, everything is good. Yet. There is something missing. At first she couldn't put her finger on it, and then after a couple chitchats, it was clear. This guy lacked swag. He lacked a certain oumff, a certain man's man kinda attitude that just made you want to be around him. So yeah. Boys. you need swag. 

4. A passion

When you're not working your butt off to become the best lawyer, teacher, salesman, web developer, banker, engineer, consultant or whatever you do, it's a must to have something you are passionate about, something that you love to do on your time off, whether it's to write, to read, to play a certain sport, or an instrument or love comic books. There is nothing I find more sexy than a man with passion and who has a passion, something simply that makes them tick other than making money.

5. A great recipe that will sweep a lady off her feet

I know not all men can cook well, some do, some don't. C'est la vie. But all men should at least know 1 good recipe they can make if ever they need to cook for their woman. It can be a stellar BBQ sauce with ribs, a fish dish, a meat dish, a crazy-ass mac & cheese with aged cheddar. I don't know. Find one. Ask your mama. Your mama will definitely know a good one she can pass on to you. What better way into a woman's heart than through her stomach! (Well that may just be for me.. but hey. it works!)

6. A car - I don't even care what type

Ok. So let out all the superficial remarks. Call me shallow. I don't care. But this is what I feel. Every man (that doesn't live in NYC) should own a car. I'm not saying you need to drive a luxury Mercedes here, it can be a Toyota Prius. But something that has 4 wheels, something that gets you to the ski hill, to a far restaurant or to the 450 if needed is a must. Also, it's nice to have a man pick you up and drop you back off. Call me traditional, but I love it. 

7. A kind heart

I told myself I wouldn't get too sappy in this post, yet, there is nothing I deem more important than a good heart. A man that is giving, generous, nice, respectful - this all falls into the category of a good heart. The perfect example in my life is my brother. My brother is probably the nicest, kindest person I have ever met and I wish all people can be that way. It's about simply being good to others because you want to

8. Chivalry

Not really a "thing", but men should totally own chivalry!
Even though our society has changed, and that now women can vote, hold important positions in companies, and consider themselves as equal as men, there is still a desire from women to be treated like ladies. Chivalry is so appreciated, you have no idea. I love having my door opened for me, having a man put on my coat, drop me off in front of the restaurant, having me walk on the inside of the sidewalk, you name it. This goes with being a gentleman. And, I really do think all men should be gentlemen. I had posted the Rules of a Gentleman a while back - you should check it out! 

Other special mentions of things men should own: a good watch, great shoes, a really awesome pen to sign important stuff with....
But if you got all 8 - you're in business my friend. You can now go conquer the world in your robe while driving a Toyota Prius. Not quite Harvey Specter like, but hey, still pretty damn cool. BOOYA.

So, do you have any other things to add? Maybe a special male contributor would like to post "8 Things Every Woman Should Own"! That could be really amazing!


Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine's Day came and left. and look. you're fine.

You thought I would write a post for Valentine's Day didn't you? I know. Me too. Oh well. Shit happens. Yet today, I feel inspired on this February 15 to write about post-Valentines Day. 

So was it that bad? Look. It came and left. And you are still here, busy, going about your regular things. It's done. Time to stop worrying about being "alone", and moving on to the better things in our lives. 

I could go into my entire philosophical thoughts about society creating specific days that benefit retailers more than they benefit the people themselves. There is not one single holiday that someone doesn't take advantage of to sell something or to make a quick buck. Does this upset me? Hells yes. But I'm not here to judge the system. I am like a sheep. I follow the system. Yet, don't we all. 

En tout cas. 

I remember one of my first Valentine's Day with my ex (who was my boyfriend at the time). He took me out for dinner, bought me flowers, and really made an effort to make me happy. I rained on his parade big time. The restaurant was an unknown place that served mediocre food and he didn't get me a card. Yes. I am a card person. I was raised that way. And because of that. I was unhappy. I was disappointed with my Valentines Day. And made him feel it. I had been so excited, had so many expectations. And boom. All fell to shreds, according to me that is. What a spoiled brat I was. I look back at this now, and I think to myself...Wow. N. You were horrible.  #SpoiledGirlVdayProblems

And that's the thing, we set all these huge expectations (or maybe that was just me). Yet. It's just one day. A love awareness day basically. A day that some use to show your loved ones how much you care about them. And that's exactly what he did. He showed me how much he loved me, how much he treasured me by planing something that he thought would make me happy. And even though his execution wasn't perfect, at the time, I was too blind, too stupid to actually see the effort and the love he put in to making me happy. Hey. R. If you're reading (I doubt it, but hey, you never know.), I am sorry about that. 
Then, the next day arrives, and it's all back to usual, yet he still loved, cared, and wanted to make me happy. Life goes on. 

What this has taught me is that being caught up on the small stuff is ridiculous. Especially Valentine's Day stuff. So whatever you ended up doing, even if it was catching up on some much anticipated season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix, it don't really matter in the big scheme of things. It's just 1 day, that comes and goes. No stress.

Let's not worry about all that small stuff that may upset us like not exactly getting what you love on Valentine's Day or being single on Valentine's Day...instead lets focus on the great stuff. You're healthy, you aren't dying on the street, you have great people around you. You have Netflix. You can drink Champagne if you want to. You aren't missing any legs (well. maybe you are, and if you are, I am sorry for this comment...). Someone thinks you're attractive somewhere.  So. No sweat lovers. 

After all, tomorrow is another day. 


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I'm turning 30. And it's all good.

The big 3-0. Dirty Thirty. However you want to call it. 2 days. 2 days to go before I turn 30. Well. Depending on when you read this. I may already be 30. But. February 7 is my big day. At 2:18 exactly.

"Tick Tock Tick Damn Tock, this is your damn biological clock. Start producing babies, or else, you're gonna end up like the cat lady down the block"