Friday, 24 January 2014

You have No Value Added.

As I sat for coffee with a friend going over all my latest conquests (men that is), I was thoroughly disappointed with the mix. 
He mentioned: "You know N. They have no NVA."
- NVA? I asked
- Yes. No Value Added, he answered me. They don't bring anything interesting to your life. 
And then I sat with another friend who discussed the same issue but called it ZVA (Zero Value Added), he actually enjoyed the use of the Z in the acronym. Clearly this is a known concept. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions are BS...

A new year has come. I couldn't be happier. Seriously. 2013 was a freaking rolling coaster and I am just happy it's done. 
That's the good thing about this whole "Jesus died at some point so we have a year system", it's almost like going to church to confess your sins. The priest forgives you, and you move on. Clean slate. Same when a new year comes around. We put all our worries from 2013 behind us, and hope for a great 2014, even though, time hasn't really changed, it's still another day, which is the same as all other days. Anyways. We go with it. We follow what everyone is doing. Like having stupid New Years resolutions.