Sunday, 1 December 2013

Why do women want what they can't have?

Hey, if I was going to use an Adam & Eve picture, mind as well use a cool one!
The age old question  that continues to bother me. Why do women want what they can't have? And when I say age old, I truly mean it. Look at Adam & Eve. I am sure most of you remember the story of Adam and Eve. God said, yo don't eat that fruit, it's bad for you. Then the snake was like, go eat it, it will make you smart like God. Both Adam and Eve couldn't resist the beauty of that delicious apple on the tree and BOOM! 

They ate the forbidden fruit. 

And now we all walk around in clothes, living lives of sin, and bad stuff. Then again. You know what my take on this is: "Without bad, you can't have good." To one day have been sad, is to know how to be happy. To live hardships, you learn to appreciate the good in your life. If we were never surrounded by bad, how can we ever understand what is truly good. Anyways. This isn't the subject of my post. But I felt the need to challenge the Bible today. So. yeah. 

Back to the forbidden fruit. What makes that fruit so appealing? The fact that you can't damn touch it. The fact that that fruit is not allowed makes it look more beautiful, more delicious. I would need a Psychology degree to actually understand why our brain is programmed to enjoy this type of challenge. But that's how it works. We yearn the need for a challenge. We yearn the need to want something we can't have.

When someone tells you NO, you want it more. When someone says, "Don't touch that". You want to touch it! I remember a certain glue gun incident with my sister when we were kids, so really, this isn't something that we learn about, I believe it's something that is almost programmed inside of us. 

We are motivated by the challenge or bored by the lack of it, like a man that doesn't want you, like a man that is taken, like a man that you work with, like a man that is your best friends ex-boyfriend, like a man that lives far... you get where I am going with this. All these men present a challenge. They aren't easy, which makes them even more sexy. And for some reason - we women (well I can say the same the men...) love the challenge. 

When it comes to a man that shows his disinterest, you're like. HEY. WTF. I am freaking awesome. Why don't you like me? And so, you try everything for him to like you. You can't accept the fact that he would want someone else over you. You want to be the chosen one, even though, in the end, this person may not even be right for you. But you can't lose. You won't lose. Losing is NOT AN OPTION. Until you finally get over it and realize, hey shit happens, you can't have them all, and get over him. But let me tell you, sometimes you look back at some of the stuff you did to TRY to win that challenge, and you're like. Mon dieu. I'm pathetic. :) 

When it comes to a man that is taken, you're like. HMM CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I have previously said that this is a super bad idea. But here is the challenge to get the guy who already has a women in his life, and you get that "I WON" feeling over her. It's usually not about the guy per se, but about the feeling of winning something that you aren't supposed to win. Whether it's short term or long, you feel good about succeeding. It's sadly... all about winning. 

So.. as I was saying..whatever presents a challenge just becomes more appealing. We like to work at what we get. Clearly no one wants something that they gain too easily. How satisfying is it when you accomplish a goal after working long and hard for it? No one wants something that they can just snap their fingers and have. No one. And even when you get it. You still need to work in some mini challenges to keep it spicy! When things get too easy, we get bored. We're interesting creatures. Always needing mental stimulation. Always needing something to keep us interested. 

And so, what do you think? Think we are challenge hungry beings, or are we motivated by something else? Share!


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