Monday, 14 October 2013

What am I thankful for?

I am thankful that the biggest problem of my day is finding a good apple crumble recipe for my Thanksgiving dinner tonight.

I am thankful that I am not quite sure what will happen to me in the next few years (let alone next few months) and I'm OK with that.

I am thankful for my local library that allowed me to rent Entourage and Californication. Just finished Entourage. I cried like a baby.

I am thankful for Disney. Yes. I said it. Especially Aladdin and Lion King.

I am thankful for my friend G. who moved to Toronto not long ago, but takes the time to call me from time to time to make sure I am doing good and to check up on me.

I am thankful for the blow dryer. and the round brush. Nuff said.

I am thankful for my friend L. & G. who always know how to make me smile and snap be back to reality when they think I'm out of line. Doesn't mean I will really listen to them, but I'm still thankful that I have friends that care enough to tell me when I'm being ridiculous.

I am thankful for my Grapefruit Perrier. I just love that stuff.

I am thankful for my job that has allowed to grow as a Digital Marketer, a consultant, a person. I am mostly thankful for my old boss L. that pushed me to succeed, that taught me more in 8 months than I have ever learned in my life.

I am thankful for chocolate. Brownies. Chocolate bars. Chocolate fondue with bananas. So damn thankful.

I am thankful for early morning coffees with special people.

I am thankful for Motown. Motown has taught me to feel.

I am thankful for fall. I can't help but always look outside and be wowed by the beautiful leaves. I have been looking at them for 29 years, and I am still taken aback by the beauty.

I am thankful for my family, who is ALWAYS there for me. No matter what. Who will come bring me a dress to wear to an event along with a bag of soup when I'm not feeling well, who will cook me good food when I'm too lazy to make my own ;)

I am thankful for my body, which hasn't always been what I wanted it to be, but which I am becoming happy with. It's all about the curves :)

I am thankful for cheesy romantic comedies that make me cry, laugh and maybe make me lose a couple brain cells.

I am thankful for my health, which hasn't always been stellar, but which is now good. I have learned that if you don't have your health, nothing else matters.

I am thankful for Amy's Kitchen Burritos - my lunch drug.

I am thankful for warm October days - like yesterday, when I tanned in my bikini on my balcony.

I am thankful for an Old Fashioned - Hey. I'm not perfect. A lil whiskey with a lil zest. Yumm.

I am thankful for my Starlight Halloween Soiree team who are working their ass off to put on a great event on October 25 for the Fondation Starlight Quebec. (you should come - get your tickets here or donate to the cause: STARLIGHT. This cause helps sick children by providing wishes, zootherapy, art therapy, time with their parents, or anything they can do to put a smile on a child's face. Every kid deserves to be a kid!

I am thankful for NYC - a city that I have a constant love hate relationship with.

I am thankful for having a decent fanbase for this blog, and great comments and questions. I respect your opinion so thank you!

So tell me - what is something you're thankful for? 



Cheeronicax said...

I am thankful for getting what I need so easily! And I'm not talking about a pair of brown leather boots for fall (I'd like to have a pair, but I don't need them....or do I?
I mean that I am thankful that whenever I get hungry I can eat, if I'm thirsty I can drink, if I'm cold I have a an extra sweater lying aroud(i have many actually), I have a roof over my head....all those things we take for granted because we are so use to have them or have access to them.
So today I'm am thankful for this, and I think of my family that didn't always have those things back in Lebanon.
I think of them and what their life was like. They've come a long way.
For that....I am thankful!!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for having you in my life. Hope you stay there for a long long time.