Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Why do women like unavailable men?

Here is a post by a male contributor H. He has already written for my blog.. and I decided I would have to let him write again! H. is a little more vulgar than I am.. and I'm sorry H. but I just had to make some changes to the text. I do have grannies reading my blog you know!! 

The acting in this photo is actually extraordinary. 2 thumbs up.

Like I've said before, I think I'm not a good writer and that's why I don't do it often and it’s probably the only area where I lack of confidence. (H. If you don't practice, you can never get better... I don't judge!!)  I wanted to talk about this subject for a while because most of my girl friends get into this situation and always ask why? Well here it is!

Why is that you're so into married man, engaged man and any man who’s not available? I would say there are 2 main answers to that question, of course I’m no god (well almost) but here’s what I personally think and what I’ve could observed over the years.

The first answer would be that you just don’t want to get involved, I mean deep down inside and YES you have daddy issues, you all do! This answer would probably apply to most of you that get into these types of “relationships” in a repetitive way. If you know you don’t want to get into a serious relationship, fine with me, but don’t complain about it when he calls his wife or girl friend instead of you. So my advice here, if you always get into that vortex of engaged man, get a good shrink and work on that “engagement” issue.

The second part of the answer would be mostly towards what I like to call the “princess factor”. A married man will consider you like some fresh meat, yes a piece of ass, which he can call and get into from time to time. After eating pizza for a while, a new topping is always something fun. So for this man you’re just a toy and what we like to do with toys, well we like to play. And this is where it gets interesting and why you’re so hooked on this type of relation. Every minute this man will be with you, all he will think about, is the moment he will get you in bed. So yes, he will take you out to restaurants, events, have wine, talk, laugh AND get you naked... All of this is fun, because when he’s with you he’s 110% there and will do everything to get to his goal. There it is, the “princess factor” you can just feel it; it’s not with this guy that you will spend a Saturday night in your PJs watching a movie with no makeup. You do those kind of things with a boyfriend and HE does all of this with his wife, it probably won’t ever happen with you because he always has a “schedule” with you. He has to go back home eventually.

I know all situations are different and yes he MIGHT leave his wife for you, but trust me this isn’t a movie, it doesn’t happen often and it’s easier to get a new toy, than to get divorced and lose a shit load of money. So my advice here would be to get your shit together and get yourself a shrink if you have daddy issues. So you can stop being just a toy, because you’re a unique person that deserves 100% of someone just as good as you.

So now I turn my question over to you, have you dated unavailable men? Why do you think you did it? Do you have a different opinion than H.? Share it!



Anonymous said...

The reason I like unavailable men is simple. I like the thrill. I like the challenge of getting something I shouldn't. I guess I'm a bit of a thrill junkie, but I love the forbidden and doing things I shouldn't... that's why I continue to do it and to get myself in this situation. Hopefully one day, it won't bite me in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Disagree with this article completely. How should a man know why women go after unavailable men?! If women like unavailable men its simple: if a man is taken and desired by one woman, I want to know what exactly she likes and desires in this man. Theres nothing sexy about a man thats been available for a while - why doesnt any woman want to be with him? why is he still available? Going after an unavailable man is like buying fish at the grocery store instead of actually going out and fishing for it. Less work, same thing to eat. Also, women like being the 'best one he's ever had'. If I can convince the unavailable man to be with me, ive won a battle over his wife/gf. Sorry to say but 'la solidarité feminine' is bs.

Anonymous said...

"Also, women like being the 'best one he's ever had" Trust me, we are as good as you when it comes to faking other things :)