Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I Need You

I remember like it were yesterday, the day I started this blog. I was walking home from work, a friend of mine had asked me to go see a movie, but I was more in the mood to go out. I called her to tell her that I felt like going out, but something in her voice wasn't right. I finally decided to go see the movie with her, we had a few laughs, and then I went out. I later found out that her grandfather had passed away a few days earlier and that she wasn't in the mood to do anything else. I was happy that I had made that decision and was there for her when she needed me. At that moment I decided I wanted to write about that. About relationships with people, about people and interactions. I am no where near an expert and I'm not a perfect friend, nor game player, but I have an opinion on pretty much anything!

Tonight was another one of those important nights. Those important nights where you remove your work hat, your flirt hat, your athletic hat, and wear the good old friendship one. A friend of mine wrote to me today and told me: N. I need you. Of course, the message was a bit longer than that, and she didn't actually write: I. Need. You., but that's what it meant. I dropped everything.

I have learned that those 3 words are some of the most important words in the world. They mean that someone trusts you, loves you and cares about you enough to want you to be there for them. Those words mean that you have built something strong enough that that person can rely on you. That all those years of friendship weren't superficial, but real. That's what I believe friendship is all about, good friendship especially. The type of friendship that lives beyond the bars and restaurants, but into your most private moments, your most secret emotions. The one that can be there with a Ben and Jerrys on a Saturday night when you are feeling down, the one that will cancel plans to be there because you need them.

At the end of the day, this is the type of relationship I value the most right now, the types of bonds that outlast passing men, all sorts of fun people and that can be honest with you no matter what. Of course, honesty is quite touchy, because no one wants to be told the real truth (and that's for another post...) But. I wish this on everyone. I wish for everyone to have at least one person in their lives that will call them up at 4am (or 5pm) and say. I. Need. You.

I am so happy to have been there for her, to listen to her, and to help her as much as I could. And I know that at the end of the day, she will make her own decisions and that it's probably not my advice that she wanted, but just for someone to listen, and I feel privileged to have been that someone.

On that note, call your best friend tomorrow, spend some time with those good friends, the ones you know that will be around for a long time. Those relationships in your life are so important and hopefully will stick around for a really long time.

A quote that I always found so cheesy, but love it so much : There is no bigger ship than friendship!

Nighty night!


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