Friday, 19 April 2013

Like what you read? Why don't you listen!

The MissCourey Show - I kinda like the way that sounds. Graduate from a blog to an actual talk show? Why not? Maybe write a book? Maybe create an album. Ok. Well maybe not an album. I don't think you really feel like hearing me sing. But hey, anything can happen! A book is actual a project that I am working on. 

I took my first step towards Talk Show stardom with my friend HmSeb from the Shower. 

This past week I recorded my first podcast with Seb from The Shower! Seb and I met via this blog actually. He became a fan of what I wrote and remained friends! I think he may even be writing a post for my blog soon! He asked me if I could join him on his new English podcast The Shower. I said sure. 

I love to talk. like  LOVE to talk

So the podcast is ready - and you hear me talk about everything relationship wise - scams of life, meeting texting, loving, you name it, I say it. I even talk about the locomotive concept to explain how people should communicate in getting to know each other....

I don't always make sense and sometimes you are like. euh. N. Whatt? Listen, none of this was planned, I didn't really know what direction it was going in. Basically, it's a talk show about relationships


In all honesty, I suggest you skip through it, start around 7:00 up until 50:00, and then I would listen to the last 9min
So my 2 listening suggestions for today:  

  • The new Ellie Goulding Calvin Harris song (which is so totally awesome...).It's actually a sad song, but with a crazy beat. Totally crazy alone time apartment dancing type song. 
  • My podcast of course - You can listen to the whole thing while working - that works too. Here is the link again, just in case : Listen to MissCourey and HmSeb on The Shower
If you do get around to listening, I talk about a lot of different people in this - no names of course.. but this is what makes it good - I don't only use my own opinion, but others too! I would love to get yours! What do you think of my podcast? Interesting? Boring? Weird? Let me know!

And if you have any ideas for my next post! TELL ME! 

I will surely be doing another podcast soon - just probably not as long! Stay tuned 

Have a nice weekend and good Friday work day! 


Sunday, 14 April 2013

To Stay In or To Go Out, That is the Question!

As I sat for brunch with a friend today, we discussed our teenage reputations, what were we known as? When someone would think of me, what did they say? My friend quickly answered - N. the girl that was friends with everyone.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I Need You

I remember like it were yesterday, the day I started this blog. I was walking home from work, a friend of mine had asked me to go see a movie, but I was more in the mood to go out. I called her to tell her that I felt like going out, but something in her voice wasn't right. I finally decided to go see the movie with her, we had a few laughs, and then I went out. I later found out that her grandfather had passed away a few days earlier and that she wasn't in the mood to do anything else. I was happy that I had made that decision and was there for her when she needed me. At that moment I decided I wanted to write about that. About relationships with people, about people and interactions. I am no where near an expert and I'm not a perfect friend, nor game player, but I have an opinion on pretty much anything!