Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Quest For Love

My title sounds like something pulled right out of an Adventure-science fiction movie. You can imagine a troop of men running through the woods searching for a mythical monster who lays eggs made out of gold. Ok. Maybe you don't imagine that, but I do. When you think "quest", you can think adventure, mission, search, searching for what? Searching for something, that maybe isn't real. Or is it?

For as long as I can remember, my views on the quest for love were always optimistic. I always knew that one day my knight and shining armor would knock at a my door, with piercing eyes, dark hair, gorgeous smile, sweep me off my feet with a dozen roses, a Coffee Crisp (my favorite chocolate bar) and we would ride into the sunset. This may be because of the countless romantic movies I have watched and my little obsession for Disney. Note that I wouldn't include singing in my fantasy, just because, well, my voice wouldn't want to be heard. But isn't this all what we have always wanted and what we want? At no cost, we are willing to find that person, "on the quest" to find love because at the end of it all, all we are really looking for is to be loved - and of course to love back. BUT. Of course there is a but. It's not as Disney-perfect as we would think... 

We live in a world that runs on instant gratifications. We get an e-mail, we need to answer it right away. We get texted, we need to answer it right away. We post something on Facebook, we want likes. We give and without actually saying it out loud, we want to receive immediately. We meet someone, we want something right away. The trouble with instant gratifications is that when it comes to love, love is not instant. We have set objectives in our mind about wanting a fairytale, about finding that perfect person, getting married, having children.. and that now in our late twenties, or thirties, and not in that position..we are like...

HEY. WTH. Where is my happy ending? 

We want everything so quickly and patience just becomes a virtue of the past.

I am surrounded by so many singletons, on their quest to find that ONE. Is it science fiction? Is it like my troop of men who want to find a mythical monster? Is it really possible to find that person, and still remain sane in the society in which we live in? 

YES. YES it is. 

And it's OK to be picky, and know what we want, not settle for less - but to keep an open mind. It shouldn't be a Quest For Love, but a Quest for Happiness. It shouldn't be about finding the ONE, but about finding yourself, by being content and happy. By not needing someone to fill a void, by not needing someone that will make you feel better about yourself. It's by being able to be happy on your own and know your own worth and value... And once that is done and taken care of, I think the rest will just happen in it's right time. So enough with the rushing to find love, it's the right moment for us to find love within ourselves, and then, the rest is a piece of cake. That mythical monster will come sit on your doorstep and lay an egg right there, just for you!

So that's what I wish for everyone...that they just find happiness :)

Now, off to your quest!


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