Tuesday, 26 March 2013

He likes me, he likes me not

Have you ever used picked a flowers petal to decide whether a boy liked you?

"He loves me" and removed a petal, "He loves me not" removing another until the entire flower was petalless to only reveal the truth at the last petal. As young girls, we hoped the faith our love life rested in the hands of a flower. As we grew older, we realized that petals wouldn't help us much, and so many more things came into play!

We are now adults, and we rely on feelings, communication and actions to dictate the relationship we have with a man. How things would be so much simpler if the Petal Effect worked! Now, we are confused, we don't know if we are readings the signs right, we stay hung on people we shouldn't and don't explore the ones that we should.

So how to know if the person we are talking to, flirting a little with, kinda seeing is really interested in us? How do we know if he's really into us without having to say it out loud? How do we know before it's too late, and we have fallen, but the other isn't really there? Well. I have laid out a few things that may help you move on when that man is. well. just not that into you!

1. Initiating Conversation

When a man is really into you, he will initiate conversation. and often. He will text, call, write to you on Facebook, whatever it is. Being busy is not an excuse. When you want, you MAKE time, no matter how crazy your schedule is. Yes, he may answer you if you initiate, but the best results come from when he does. As much as we hate it, the chase is still very much alive and well. They want to chase down their "prey". So, if you have initiated a few convos with him, see what he does next. Wait for him to initiate. If you seem to be the one to write too often...that would be a nice little red flag!

2. Dating

When you 2 do things together, does he always ask to meet you at a bar, with his buddies? Does he actually take the time to ask you out on a proper date, and bring you to a fun cozy, yet romantic restaurant or bar? Look at the pattern of the places you go together...is it romantic or is it too casual? A sign of true interest is when he takes the time to bring you somewhere nice and cool where you 2 can spend together, just the 2 of you, not with his or your entourage!

3. Asking about YOU

Does he ask you how your week went? How your crazy meeting went? How you are doing? Does he take interest in your life and in the things you are doing? He better. Someone who is really interested will remember your crazy sales meeting and ask you about it, or will know about an event you attended, and make sure to know how it went. He will care enough to know the most things about you as possible. It's one thing to tell someone about what you are up to and it's a complete other to be asked.

4. Eye Contact

How does he look at you? This is a true way to really know how the person feels about you. Does he love googley eyes? Does his look make you melt? Cuz it should! Does he look at you when you are not looking, but kinda see him from the corner of your eye? Sometimes, those innocent looks mean so much than what you may think. A look is worth a thousand words!

So, these 4 elements aren't foolproof of course, but they give you a good idea of what the man you are seeing or whatever should be doing if he is truly interested in you. Instead of waiting for him to say "N. I really like you." or N. Im sorry, but this isn't working out", look at these signs and make your own conclusions. We have a better sense of what's right or wrong then we know and we should apply it!!! Sorry gals, but petals won't decide your destiny, YOU have the power to decide! Good luck! :)


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