Monday, 19 November 2012

How do you know you met a douche bag?

I’m not talking about the Jersey Shore, super tanned, extra long V-neck and uses too much hair gel for his own good kinda of guy. I am talking about the incognito douche bag who finds a way to get  in your head, and before you know it, you’ve been played by the biggest playa himself and all you want to do is bang your head against the wall and scream: BUT WHYYYY??!!! He wooed you but doesn’t want anything else to do with you than get in your pants, have a little fun and then move on to the next best thing. Steve Harvey, author of Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man uses a specific word for this – called Sportfishing. Douche bags are sportsfishing without your knowledge. You want to be on the keeper list – and he has no intention to keep. It’s Catch and Release my friend.

Note to readers – these are elements to look out for when you FIRST meet this said douche bag. There are also more elements to notice if you continue to date… but to prevent the whole “dating a douche bag” thing – analyse him before, make sure you aren’t getting yourself into trouble!

Here is a list of the things to watch out for:
  • His Looks

I don’t know what it is about douche bags, but more likely than not, they tend to be good looking men. Good looking men seem to have more confidence. In my opinion, they feel that they can play the field with as many women as possible. I am not saying that you need that good looking men are douche bags, but just beware with a man with good looks. He may be a great person, but be careful. Good looks = confidence = girls flock towards confident men = many options available = why stick to one?  His confidence is actually arrogance. It’s a very thin line. But the douche isn’t only a confident man, he’s an arrogant one.
  • He knows what to say at the right moment

So I met this guy one night, conversation was flawless. Everything I had to say, he had an answer. He didn’t laugh at my jokes, but answered them with more humor. (which in my opinion, is the best way to answer!) Knew the right words, the right tone, EVERYTHING. This guy knew his stuff better than anyone, he left me wanting to know more, seek more. Little did I know, he was like this with ALL his prey. Found out that every woman he had a conversation with, it went down the same way. The guy knew the right words, the right things. He was like a con-artist- great at his trade. 
  • He makes you feel like the most special person ever

When you are with him, he makes you feel like no one can ever compete with you. Overflowing compliments, big smiles, sexy looks. He looks at you, and you’re like. DAMN. Little do you know, he looks at ALL of them that way. The douche knows his stuff. He knows what turns women on, he knows how to get what he wants. He has read THE GAME, but uses it to accumulate women, not find the right one. He has discovered his talent and what man with that talent wouldn’t use it?

Basically, it’s hard to see that the man you just met is a douche or not, because he presents very similar qualities that any good man could have. But if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. If he’s so cute, so interested in you, knows the right thing to say at the right time, knows how to hold you, touch you, make you smile, make you laugh – all in 1 night. Beware. I’m not saying that he’s necessarily a douche, but he may be. So just be careful. Don’t fall for him too quickly, let him work for you. No man deserves your attention without working for it a little. The best way to prevent being caught is to not give it away too quickly – and hopefully, this will prevent any disappointing surprises. 

Good luck on your next night out! 



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