Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Do we always need to learn the hard way?

Do we fail to listen to advice?
You see me writing this blog, giving advice left right and center, what you don't probably know is that I have trouble listening to my own advice. I sometimes fail to listen to my friends, my Mom, my sister and do what I want. What usually happens? I fall on my face and learn the hard way, hoping to not fall on my face again. Could this have been prevented? Damn right it could have been, but I was too stubborn to listen to those that  actually want the best for me. 

Do we all do this? Do we hear what our friends or family has to say about something we are living, but not actually listen? I think it's more common than not. We don't say this out loud, but I think we feel the need to learn from our own mistakes instead of always trying to prevent them. BUT, what happens when we keep on making the same ones? When we don't actually learn from the previous mistakes we made and keep on making them? When our friends see us making the same mistake over and over again, and instead of listening, we go out and fall on our faces again, THIS is when we should wake up and really listen to that advice. Clearly, we are shit at doing it on our own!

When it comes down to it, our friends know us better than anyone and they have no gain in whatever we do, they love us for us and want the best for us (of course Im talking about your quality friends, not the ones you picked up on the street last week) Now, Im not saying to actually FOLLOW word for word the advice that they give you, but to actually consider it before making your next move. Whether your friend thinks you are in a bad relationship, that you make horrible decisions when it comes to men, that you give your stuff away too easily, that you can be a little crazy when it comes to your boyfriend.. WHATEVER it may be, think about it. I suggest you take 5 minutes or 10 minutes and actually think about what that person has to say. They are an outside eye and usually can see a few steps ahead of what may happen when you are caught in the clouds of your relationship or situation. 

Very recently, a situation where I gave advice to a friend of mine WORKED. She fell for a dude she met on a trip, and when she came back from the trip, the 2 sorta spoke, but nothing much. I noticed that the dude was still quite interested in her, always liking her pictures, commenting on her stuff, and well, I suggested she talk to him - nothing to lose you see. Don't push it, don't be too clingy, but tell it as it is. All to say, that after a few talks here and there, he is coming to visit her at the end of the Summer. She called me yesterday to thank me for the advice I gave her and even suggested I write about it! 

So you see, sometimes through the eyes of someone else, your situation can be fixed instead of you listening to your gut instead of your head, and falling on your face. I'm not saying that all decisions you will make will lead to a head injury, but when it comes to matters of the heart, we see cloudy and sometimes, you need that wind (aka that good friend) to clear everything up!

Don't hesitate to share a small story when listening to a friend really helped you out! Id love to hear it!

Until then, Happy Hump Day!


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