Tuesday, 5 June 2012

10 Things I Should Have Known About Men At 20

After reading Julien Smith's 20 Things I Should Have Known At 20, I felt compelled to write a similar article - 10 Things I Should Have Known About Men At 20. (note that not all points are valid for all men!)

1. Men's brains are simple. They don't over think much, their needs are quite basic. They can't do 2 things at once. They are just simple like that.

2. Men can't read your brain. They don't know what you're thinking, they don't know what you want exactly. They will do what they think is best, but they will never really understand what you want unless you tell them. Things for them are usually very simple.

3. Men like the chase. As much as we might hate to play the game (or some of you really enjoy it), it's really all about the game. Don't give up your goods too easily, make them run a bit. This is even valid in a relationship, it's always fun to miss someone - so calling NON-STOP, not fun. Keep it exciting, they like that (and really, so do we!)

4. The definition of a hot woman can differ. What a man may find hot, you may not. In some cases, that's because her looks aren't everything. Men see an "aura". That she is a confident woman, with leadership or sass, of course a short skirt helps, but women look at other women physically, so what may not be physically appealing to us, is for a dude.

5. Not all men like skinny girls. Most men actually like a woman with some curves, with some "cushion for the pushin". Nothing is more feminine that an hourglass shape. No need to starve yourself! Of course, being in shape is your best option!

6. Men need "guy time". Whether it's poker night, Monday night football, hockey games, baseball games, rugby games. They NEED it. So let them be. And even, go see them play (well not poker nor Sunday football), but they like the encouragement.

7. Pick your battles. Some fights are worth fighting for, others aren't. Stick to your guns on some stuff, but for others just let it slide. We think differently and it's OK.

8. Never underestimate a nice guy. We like the bad guy, the "project", the guy we can change (see my post Nice Guys Finish Last), but really in the end, isn't a good guy what we really want, someone who will treat us with respect, love, care and from time to time, be super romantic. Well I know that's what I want. But I should have given them more of a chance.

9. An independent woman isn't always what they want. No matter how much we have evolved as a society, men still wish to always save the woman, be the protector, be the provider. This defines their masculinity and makes them feel comfortable as men. So, show your weaknesses, being the fragile woman from time to time is a good thing.

10. Most men need to be mothered. Men search for women with leadership, with strong qualities to take care of them. It's our duty to lead, but still make them feel manly. Just like a mother, they need someone who is still dependent of them but that needs to take charge and care for them. Talk about confusing.

Oh how I wish I knew some of this stuff before now.

If you have any to add, please do!


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