Sunday, 13 May 2012

Selling Your Clothes Online 101

BIG NEWS! I'm moving out on my own shortly. Yes. I'm finally becoming a big girl, and soon will be settling down in my own pad. I gotta say, I'm pretty excited to come home to my own home! The only down part to this is actually the funds to live alone. No more splitting bills, thankfully, I have found several ways to save some  money and.. to make some on the side too! I have decided to liquidate my wardrobe! Yes you heard right. I'm getting rid of some old pieces of clothing and accessories that I had lying around, that were still in good condition, and that could be great for someone else...I use 2 websites to liquidate my stuff - (for Quebec based and french speaking shoppers) and Kijiji.
First item I sold! A Betsey Johnson handbag for $25

To be perfectly honest, a couple weeks ago, I had no idea you can do this. And since then, I have become somewhat of an accessories seller guru. I really suggest you all go out and do the same, honestly, it's a great way to make a few extra dollars. It pays for my outings, and lets me put some money aside for my new home! So how do you do this? Well now that summer is around the corner, I suggest you go through all your stuff. I know it's a pain, especially when it's sunny and beautiful outside. But it's a job that MUST be done. According to the Coin Dressing website, they suggest you make 3 piles: SELL - GIVE - KEEP. In the SELL pile, put all the clothes and accessories you don't wear anymore, but that are still in good shape, it can be anything. Note that clothes don't sell as fast as accessories. My purses disappeared in 2 DAYS. People love brands, especially in purses... Matt & Nat, Michael Kors, Miss Sixty, Coach, whatever you have with brands will sell well. Clothes are a little harder. Don't think that because you paid $300 for it, that you can sell it for half price, you might need to go lower. Sometimes it's the cheap Zara or H&M stuff that go fast!

Items on a white background always look great!
Once you have your SELL pile, it's time to photograph it. (This isn't the spring cleaning blog so I'm sure you can figure out what to do with the other piles!!). Photographing your stuff is the hardest part, basically, your picture is the selling feature. For handbags, make sure they are stuffed, and also make sure to take a picture with the bag on your shoulder or arm. I have learned that people like to see what it looks like on the person. Also, when taking ANY pictures, if you have a white wall, USE IT. Any piece of clothing looks great on a white background. You also need to make sure your lighting is good. If you don't have good lighting in your home, daylight is the best. Coin Dressing recommends you even take your shots outside. But, daylight is still ideal. I take my pictures on my towel and bathrobe hook behind my white door, it's perfect! Some people even like to pose with the clothes, that's also great, because you see the fit. But I have seen people sell things without showing the piece on a body. For things you can't hang, like shoes or small purses that would look ridiculous on a hook, place them on the floor by a white background. If you have a wood floor that's fine, if you don't, you can take some white sheets of paper and put them on the floor to get that effect you are looking for. 
Branded items like Matt and Nat disappear quickly

Now it's time to set prices and post your items. Post the younger looking items on Coin Dressing (this will cost you a little money for credits - 2 credits per item - I bought 100 credits for $20), and the ones that would suit an older crowd on Kijiji. The good thing with Kijiji is that it's free, so you can even put stuff on both of them. If you want to sell expensive branded stuff, Kijiji is a good source. The buyers tend to have more money and you can sell things for more. The issue is the time it takes to put all this together. Then you need to set the prices. You can check the sites for similar items, or check ebay too for some guidance, and finally, it's time for the negotiating and meeting up with the people who want your stuff. People like to meet at metro stations most of the time, but make sure you don't always go out of your way to meet them and that you find a good meeting point for both of you. 

So go on, get rid of some of your old stuff, and make a few bucks, it's really great! And who knows, you might even find some things you like on their site as well!

Here are the sites again! 
-  Kijiji.

Knock yourself out! Happy Selling! :)



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