Thursday, 5 January 2012

Women Should Be Playing Too

To finish off my little segment on "game", I asked a regular man reader, called S., to write a post. I always enjoy his insight and he always has something interesting to say!
So take a look at his take on why woman should be playing too. Feel free to comment as you wish!

Over the years I've seen it all with approaching women, from being told to literally "fuck-off" to getting a phone number in a few minutes. Don't get me wrong here, most of the time women are respectful and if they're not interested, they'll be "gentle" with you. Of course there's still some "bitches" out there that will accept a drink and won't even say thank you, but hey there's plenty some assholes out there too!

In general, I would say I'm pretty confident about approaching women, but there's still few situations where it's either not the right timing, you're with someone and you don't want to leave him alone, blah blah blah... So what do you do? You just stand there, exchange a few looks with the other person and you go back to your friend. But then, she's in the back of your mind and you just try to find a way to approach her. Next thing you know, you turn around to look at her once again and she's gone!

So this is where I would like to point that women should be playing too. Of course, it's in man's nature to "hunt" and I'm not saying it should be the other way around. But let me tell you this, a woman approaching a man or offering him a drink, will completely destabilise him. Why? Because it shows that you are self-confident, independent and interested in him, we aren't used to that... Same thing applies when you receive the bill at a restaurant, a few women pulled that one on me and I think I fell in love right away!

All I wanted to point out, is that it's alright to switch roles sometimes, it's not because a man isn't approaching you that he isn't interested or has confidence issues. So if you feel like doing so, go ahead you could be surprised of what could come out of it, after all if you don't try you'll never know.

Thanks S.! I agree, with no risk, there is no gain.


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Anonymous said...

I agree - as a man I love the 'hunt' and believe men should always take initiative..BUT it is nice when a woman gives off some friendly signals..a smile, some ice-breaking words, etc..instead of a stone poker face.

You would be surprised how little it takes to get a man to come talk to you if you show just a hint of interest or open minded attitude.

Once I sent a drink to an beautiful girl drinking with her friends and she returned the favor by sending me one as well..killer move that made an amazing impression on me and led to a great meeting.