Friday, 6 January 2012

Diner 2.0

On a boring Monday night, my roommate and I decided to go see a movie downtown, we got to the theaters to realize the movie was $16 (pick your own seats and stuff) so we said.. SCREW THAT... let's go eat. Since we were already downtown, I thought it could be interesting to try the new restaurant on Stanley, Deville Dinerbar

We walked in to this restaurant, and it looked like a diner, but a really cool one, with booths, and a bar, a second floor, all black white and pink! They sat us at a white booth and gave us these humongous menus. But, where was the jukebox? No diner is complete without a jukebox! Well so long old jukebox machines, hello technology of the future! At the click of a button, you download the Deville app on your phone and then you can choose what music plays in the restaurant! Of course there is a selection of songs you can chose from, but the selection is very good and we had fun playing our preferred playlist for the night!

Now on the the food! When I try a new restaurant, I never like to order without getting the waiter's opinion, whether it be the most popular item on the menu or his/hers personal favorite. Their experience with the menu is greater than mine and I appreciate their input. So this is what we ate...

Fried chicken on Waffles with Maple Syrup Sauce
Every bite of that appetizer was insane! We then ordered some cocktails, I had a delicious pomegranate martini, it even matched with the restaurant!
Oprah's Pomegranate Martini
Then, you can't go to a diner without eating some kind of burger, the one we had was the the Fat Cat Burger, which was good, lots of meat, mushrooms, fries.
Fat Cat Burger - you just try cutting this in 2. Almost impossible!
Since we decided to share everything we ordered, and we also decided to try the Ahi Tuna tacos that looked delicious.. well they were as delicious as they looked (I even had 2!) To be honest, I preferred the tacos to the burger!
Ahi Tuna tacos
We finished off this meal with a delicious Chocolate Chip cookies milkshake (which I didn't photograph, my phone had died!)

I really enjoyed this restaurant! A new kind of diner with delicious food! And even though it cost me more than my movie, it was worth every penny and every calorie!!

Follow them on twitter, they are really nice! @DevilleDinerBar

Here is their address:
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Nizar said...

the place does have an interesting setup, but i have to say the food was average at best.
i too had the fat cat burger which sounded interesting, but failed to deliver taste-wise.
i did like the fried pickles though ;) and i will definitely give it another shot sometime to make sure :p

N. said...

I agree that the fat cat burger was just OK. You should try the ahi tuna tacos, they come with a wasabi sauce that isnt too spicy, very delicious!