Monday, 19 November 2012

How do you know you met a douche bag?

I’m not talking about the Jersey Shore, super tanned, extra long V-neck and uses too much hair gel for his own good kinda of guy. I am talking about the incognito douche bag who finds a way to get  in your head, and before you know it, you’ve been played by the biggest playa himself and all you want to do is bang your head against the wall and scream: BUT WHYYYY??!!! He wooed you but doesn’t want anything else to do with you than get in your pants, have a little fun and then move on to the next best thing. Steve Harvey, author of Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man uses a specific word for this – called Sportfishing. Douche bags are sportsfishing without your knowledge. You want to be on the keeper list – and he has no intention to keep. It’s Catch and Release my friend.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Should I still talk to my ex?

I have some new juice for you. Relationships with your exes. How interesting! I have come to believe that every one has their own way of dealing with their exes, some keep them away, some keep them close, some keep them not too far away, I guess it depends for everyone.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Are you a cyber stalker?

First, let’s define, what is a cyber stalker? I’m not talking about googling or facebooking a dude that you are going on a date with tomorrow night, or looking at your friends pictures. I’m talking about stone cold check his/her Facebook profile every day, looking at old pictures, googling and even checking his/her friends profiles to get the scoop on what’s happening with this person. It’s stalking. It’s knowing too much about a certain person. And it’s freaking creepy. OK?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dear N. How do I know if this girl wants me?

First of all, I would like to apologize for my 2 week "vacay", I was moving. Yes. I am a big girl now. I live on my own. What an adventure that was. Over 20 boxes. 13 people. 1 week ordeal. And now it's finally done, so I'm squeezing in this post between unpacking boxes and throwing away my duvet cover from 2004 that I thought I would re-use.

So this post is a little different, I was chilling in my bed (aka sleeping) and I heard my phone beep, you know that little annoying tatata that Facebook does when you receive a private message, yeah, that sound. And told myself, ahh I'll check it tomorrow. At that moment, no one could disturb my chilling status. Turns out, a friend of mine needed my advice! Take a look at his message:

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rules of a Gentleman

I fell so in love with this that I decided to make it a full post.
Not one of these things is cheesy, out of reach or ridiculous. The only one that is loosely employed is #1.
I would love to get your input, which is your favorite? which one is most important to you? Please make sure to add it in the comments below!

My favorites ones are #11 #14 #16 #20.


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Do we always need to learn the hard way?

Do we fail to listen to advice?
You see me writing this blog, giving advice left right and center, what you don't probably know is that I have trouble listening to my own advice. I sometimes fail to listen to my friends, my Mom, my sister and do what I want. What usually happens? I fall on my face and learn the hard way, hoping to not fall on my face again. Could this have been prevented? Damn right it could have been, but I was too stubborn to listen to those that  actually want the best for me. 

Do we all do this? Do we hear what our friends or family has to say about something we are living, but not actually listen? I think it's more common than not. We don't say this out loud, but I think we feel the need to learn from our own mistakes instead of always trying to prevent them. BUT, what happens when we keep on making the same ones? When we don't actually learn from the previous mistakes we made and keep on making them? When our friends see us making the same mistake over and over again, and instead of listening, we go out and fall on our faces again, THIS is when we should wake up and really listen to that advice. Clearly, we are shit at doing it on our own!

When it comes down to it, our friends know us better than anyone and they have no gain in whatever we do, they love us for us and want the best for us (of course Im talking about your quality friends, not the ones you picked up on the street last week) Now, Im not saying to actually FOLLOW word for word the advice that they give you, but to actually consider it before making your next move. Whether your friend thinks you are in a bad relationship, that you make horrible decisions when it comes to men, that you give your stuff away too easily, that you can be a little crazy when it comes to your boyfriend.. WHATEVER it may be, think about it. I suggest you take 5 minutes or 10 minutes and actually think about what that person has to say. They are an outside eye and usually can see a few steps ahead of what may happen when you are caught in the clouds of your relationship or situation. 

Very recently, a situation where I gave advice to a friend of mine WORKED. She fell for a dude she met on a trip, and when she came back from the trip, the 2 sorta spoke, but nothing much. I noticed that the dude was still quite interested in her, always liking her pictures, commenting on her stuff, and well, I suggested she talk to him - nothing to lose you see. Don't push it, don't be too clingy, but tell it as it is. All to say, that after a few talks here and there, he is coming to visit her at the end of the Summer. She called me yesterday to thank me for the advice I gave her and even suggested I write about it! 

So you see, sometimes through the eyes of someone else, your situation can be fixed instead of you listening to your gut instead of your head, and falling on your face. I'm not saying that all decisions you will make will lead to a head injury, but when it comes to matters of the heart, we see cloudy and sometimes, you need that wind (aka that good friend) to clear everything up!

Don't hesitate to share a small story when listening to a friend really helped you out! Id love to hear it!

Until then, Happy Hump Day!


Monday, 25 June 2012

She's just not that into you...

I am a lean mean writing machine! I am trying to write at least once a week, and keep you updated with different subjects. Luckily, lately I have been inspired. This next post is long overdue. I was summoned as some kind of "Woman Doctor", in other words, a dude friend of mine needed help with a lady that was giving him a hard time. Honestly, he needed a woman to talk to about a woman. Let's just say that there was DAILY communication, this girl stressed him out BIG TIME.

You see, there will always be those people that get under your skin. Those people that you love to hate, or hate to love, either way, those people that drive your brain cuckoo, those people that make you sit down and look at yourself and you tell yourself SHEESH, What the hell is wrong with me? I like to call them "evil". I know, it's not a very nice word to use, because really deep down they aren't EVIL, but the way they make you feel is EVIL. In the case with my friend, he was in quite the sticky situation, interested in a girl that only seemed interested when drunk. That my friends = BAD NEWS. Red Flags. Sound the alarm for goodness sakes!

This is a clear case of the "he's not that into you". You see, this concept goes both ways... for men and women. You want something, but bof, not THAT much.. if they are in the same place as you, or close to you, that's great, if not, well too bad.  The problem is, when you show too much interest, the other knows that they can play yo-yo with you. In these cases, when you have fallen for someone, and the other one shows more or less interest - live by this saying! DO IT.
This is the oldest trick in the book! But why do we have so much trouble putting it into practice? Why do we have hot fingers when it comes to texting, chatting or calling and suddenly out of the blue, we are writing or calling that person we shouldn't! We know it's wrong, we know we should let them come to us, BUT WE DO IT ANYWAYS! It's like some magical gnome put a spell on us and before we know it, we're pressing SEND and regretting every second after doing it, but still manage to do it again at some other time.

The best advice I was able to give him was to let destiny take it's course. Yeah, I believe in that stuff. I believe in things that are meant to be, that everyone you meet if for a reason, whether it's to teach you something, to help them become something, whatever. He put his cards on the table, now, her move. He showed his interest, she knew. Ball is in her court. The last thing anyone wants is to be pressured. Because let me tell you, in a society where 80% of the time, you need to take the long scenic freaking route through the valley and the mountains and by Uncle Bob's house and take ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD before actually deciding to commit to anything, clearly, giving the other one space is crucial.

So how can learn by my friend's experience? Simple. You got the guts, you show your cards and then you wait for their turn. If they don't play - well that's your cue to move on. Lot's of annoying heartaches and game playing prevented! (Of course, I know how we all work, you're gonna get in to that game and learn the hard way! Never say I didn't tell you so!)


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Temptation Temptation Temptation...

When in a relationship, there is temptation all around us, whether it's at a bar, a club, a friend's party or a random meet-up in the places you least expect it, it's there and it's goal is to make you suffer. Unlike people who live in the countryside, or in suburbia (I'm talking REAL suburbia!), temptation in the city is present everywhere you go and it becomes a game to make sure it doesn't get the best of us. 

What is crossing that line of temptation? Is it a kiss? Is it sex? Is it flirtation conversations? Is it thinking of that person when you shouldn't be? All those answers are right. In my opinion, you cross the line when you tell yourself - if we switch roles, I wouldn't want her or him doing what I'm doing. OK. It might not be considering CHEATING per se, but maybe some kind of it. 

I have always been a fan of the saying: do to others as you would like them to do to you. Of course,  I can't really say that I have always lived by this and have done things that I wouldn't want others to do to me. Karma will one day bite me in the bum. Until then, I'm trying to shape up my act. 

But enough about me, let's talk about US! I was asking myself, WHY? Why do people fall in to temptation? What can they possibly be missing in their own relationship to seek it elsewhere? And it dawned on me... It's NEW. 

Let's take a car for example, when we first get our car, we are so excited, we ride it around like crazy, with a big smile on our faces, without a care in the world, we show it off, polish it and almost call it Baby. Or maybe you do call it baby. Either way. But then, you see another cool car on the road or you go to the dealership with your friends to see their car (think - going to a bar to pick up!), and there is this car there, it's new, shiny, new skirt (see how I did that!) and it's begging for a ride (see, I'm so smart like that I can make picking up girls and driving cars similar!), it's not that the older car isn't good anymore, it's just that the new car looks so good and we tend to forget about the old car, and want the new one, to then realize, we were actually really happy with the old car! 

Why do we have trouble turning down the new car to take around for a little test drive? Why do we fall in the trap? Is it that new car smell, those new mags, or bright shiny color. It's all of the above, it's adventure in to the excitement of something that is far from what we are used to. We love the innocent flirting, we are mammals damnit - the chase is built in our bodies. It's like I mentioned in a previous post - having chocolate when you have been having vanilla every day. Both are good, but sometimes it's nice to switch it up from time to time.

But because of our hate for CHANGE - I'm talking about real change, we are tempted, act and then go back to the old stuff, the old stuff is comfortable, nice, easy and well, we love it. It's safe. And don't we all love safe. So how to prevent this temptation? Well, the answer is quite simple! Don't put yourself in a position to fall in to the trap! When out a bar, stay with buddies! Your friends are your saviors! Of course, then again, if you keep falling in to the traps, you might not be with the right person. I have heard people say : When I'm in love - I don't see anyone else! Looking never hurt anyone, but don't let those eyes wander too much.. Don't go burn yourself with your eyes

All this to say - Should we actually be monogamous? Are we programmed to be with one person and stay with them and temptation is just natural? OH I'm stirring shit up! See, I wouldn't be able to handle polygamy, BUT I understand the interest in it. Of course, if it goes for men, it should go for women. But then, what do we become? A society in ruins where anything is permitted. ANARCHY. We will all be wearing white squares on our clothes - "I surrender". Surrender to society's old ways. Oh this is a bunch of BS. I don't have the answer for all - but I doubt universal polygamy is one. Hello STD explosion and babies EVERYWHERE. Aren't we enough already? Let's learn control and respect- hells - we should all take bootcamp! We learn to appreciate what we have when we need to work at it!

In my last words of wisdom - faithful is the way to go - look but don't think. And if you must think, you must also question what you are in. Is it worth losing? If not - well then - think with your head - not your libido.


Monday, 11 June 2012

Top 5 Skinny Summer Cocktails

Well, unless you're a hermit or if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, I think it's safe to say that Summer is really here. Whether you are staying at home, vacationing, or heading out for a night on the town with your friends, I can put my money on it that you will be enjoying a few little cocktails! Summer is horrible that way, you want to drink more, eat more but still look fab. If only eating and drinking made you lose weight and not gain. Well, in order to enjoy this summer and enjoy life's great pleasures like Hendrick's and Moet. I have put together a list of the TOP 5 Summer cocktails you can enjoy without worrying too much about your waist line!

1. The Skinny Sangria

It calls for either red wine or white wine, either is good, but instead of using regular 7-UP, well... GO DIET! We always underestimate the power of diet soda, but they make great mixers that are low in calories and great on your waistline! Instead of regular fruit juice, opt for the low-cal ones, but add some fruit! You can find an excellent selection of frozen fruit in the frozen section of your grocery store and you can just buy some fresh fruit - oranges, grapefruit, apples, blueberries, strawberries. I am fond of all of them. At only 100 calories a glass, this makes a PERFECT cocktail for your summer nights with your gals, and I'm sure your boy will love it too! 

2. The Skinny Margarita

I have this spot in my city called El Sombrero, they serve some of the best margaritas ever, but did you know at 325 calories a glass, they were probably more fattening than my meal! Instead, there is this great little creation I found at my liquor store called The Skinny Girl Margarita. Actually, Skinny Girl is a full line of low calorie drinks perfect for the woman that wants to enjoy a great cocktail without thinking of those evil calories! Go check em out!

3. Light Beer

Yup. Not all women dislike beer. And for those of you that like it, but aren't fans of the beer belly, well Light Beer is for you! Corona Light with a lime, or Bud Select 55 with only 55 calories. You can check out Women's Health for more options - Best Light Beers. This is perfect for those BBQ nights with the boys. How to be like a boy, but smarter! Wait. Aren't we already smarter? ;)

4. Hard Liquor + Soda

So you are out at a bar, you can't really make a Skinny Martini or Skinny Sangria, and you don't like beer, WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO? Vodka Soda and Gin soda are 2 great choices. Vodka (grey goose) soda comes to about 69 calories a glass (with 1 oz of vodka) and gin soda is about 96 calories a drink for a generic gin. I have a preference for Hendrick's gin. It has a hint of cucumber and a little sweeter than the other gins. 1 oz of Hendricks has 69 calories, not bad at all. To my surprise, Jack Daniels only has 56 calories per oz, so go ahead, ask for Jack + Diet Coke - only 64 calories (if your bartender is friendly!). But stay away from the fruit juices, those are extra calories for no good reason!


POP THAT CHAMPAGNE! At only 78 calories per 4 oz, champagne is a less fattening drink than vino (120 calories for 5 oz)! So take some time to celebrate your new knowledge, your great friends, music, life, your dog, your mom and dad and pop champagne!! Add a berry for that extra somethin somethin!

Enjoy your summer and of course, as my last words of wisdom, don't drink and drive. Don't one of your friends owe for not telling on you for some reason or for something, yeah yeah, ask them to drive you home instead! :)


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

10 Things I Should Have Known About Men At 20

After reading Julien Smith's 20 Things I Should Have Known At 20, I felt compelled to write a similar article - 10 Things I Should Have Known About Men At 20. (note that not all points are valid for all men!)

1. Men's brains are simple. They don't over think much, their needs are quite basic. They can't do 2 things at once. They are just simple like that.

2. Men can't read your brain. They don't know what you're thinking, they don't know what you want exactly. They will do what they think is best, but they will never really understand what you want unless you tell them. Things for them are usually very simple.

3. Men like the chase. As much as we might hate to play the game (or some of you really enjoy it), it's really all about the game. Don't give up your goods too easily, make them run a bit. This is even valid in a relationship, it's always fun to miss someone - so calling NON-STOP, not fun. Keep it exciting, they like that (and really, so do we!)

4. The definition of a hot woman can differ. What a man may find hot, you may not. In some cases, that's because her looks aren't everything. Men see an "aura". That she is a confident woman, with leadership or sass, of course a short skirt helps, but women look at other women physically, so what may not be physically appealing to us, is for a dude.

5. Not all men like skinny girls. Most men actually like a woman with some curves, with some "cushion for the pushin". Nothing is more feminine that an hourglass shape. No need to starve yourself! Of course, being in shape is your best option!

6. Men need "guy time". Whether it's poker night, Monday night football, hockey games, baseball games, rugby games. They NEED it. So let them be. And even, go see them play (well not poker nor Sunday football), but they like the encouragement.

7. Pick your battles. Some fights are worth fighting for, others aren't. Stick to your guns on some stuff, but for others just let it slide. We think differently and it's OK.

8. Never underestimate a nice guy. We like the bad guy, the "project", the guy we can change (see my post Nice Guys Finish Last), but really in the end, isn't a good guy what we really want, someone who will treat us with respect, love, care and from time to time, be super romantic. Well I know that's what I want. But I should have given them more of a chance.

9. An independent woman isn't always what they want. No matter how much we have evolved as a society, men still wish to always save the woman, be the protector, be the provider. This defines their masculinity and makes them feel comfortable as men. So, show your weaknesses, being the fragile woman from time to time is a good thing.

10. Most men need to be mothered. Men search for women with leadership, with strong qualities to take care of them. It's our duty to lead, but still make them feel manly. Just like a mother, they need someone who is still dependent of them but that needs to take charge and care for them. Talk about confusing.

Oh how I wish I knew some of this stuff before now.

If you have any to add, please do!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Visiting Montreal in the Summer

OK. So summer is almost here, well a part from the floods we have been seeing today in Montreal, it's still extremely warm and I'm only hoping it's going to get better every day. What better time to visit this beautiful city? Or even if you're a local, it's fun to be a tourist from time to time and visit the beauty that this city has to offer. N.B To everything you might be hearing on the new, yes students and other individuals are protesting the hike in tuition fees and the way the government is taking care of it BUT this in no way would ruin your trip. You might hear a few people banging on casseroles but it's almost charming to be part of this type of revolution! So don't let this stop you from coming, by all means, come on down, bring your casseroles if you must!

So I put together a little non-fail plan (with PLAN B options!) on some things you can see while you are here in the summer. OK, here is a perfect weekend plan... of course, I always suggest you look up some stuff on your own depending on your taste and try it, you never know what you might discover!!


So you might be working Friday or you might be arriving Friday evening, and only have time to go for dinner, well why not try one of my favorite places - IMADAKE on Ste-Catherine. This place serves up some of the best Japanese tapas. You must try their black cod, white fish carpaccio and the goat cheese balls. But their most famous specialty are their SAKE BOMBS! They get you screaming, banging tables and get the whole restaurant going. Make sure you don't wear anything too fancy because chances are, you will get dirty! (PS this is my own personal video of the whole Sake Bomb experience!)

After dinner, which can end around elevenish if you have taken a bit too much sake, you can either go clubbing on St-Laurent,  Gogo's or Koko's are perfect destinations for some dancing, which is about a 15 min cab ride from IMADAKE, or you can head into Little Burgundy, a 5 min drive to Burgundy Lion, the neighborhood English pub for some beer on tap. If it's nice outside, you can sit on their terrasse both one in front or in their courtyard. People are friendly, it's a nice place to go for a drink and partay!


As you might know Montreal is a Festival City, as of June 28th, the festival season begins with the Montreal Jazz Festival, followed by the Francofolies (a french themed festival), the Just for Laughs, a comedy festival, and other smaller ones like the Festival des Films du Monde, African and many more. Festivals are perfect to enjoy during the day if you're a young one like me who likes to party a little in the evening! So take the day to enjoy whichever festival is in Montreal when you are visiting, or decide which one you want to attend. You can also go in the evening before going out. Be good to the environment, you can get around on your BIXI and discover Montreal by bicycle.
Credit : © Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Jean-François Leblanc
For Saturday night, I'm a big fan of Old Montreal. New restaurants just opened like Bevo Pizzeria and Baxo, but some other great places are Barocco for a more romantic evening, or Bocata for some italian. Montreal is full of delicious old Montreal restaurants. You can finish off the night at Velvet for some underground electronic music, Santos for some more mainstream R&B and House music or Confessionnal for some mainstream music. All places are fun!


If you wake up early on Sunday, well, you're awesome. If you are like anyone else, you will wake up around 11ish, crawl out of bed and want food. Montreal is GLORIOUS for brunch places. Check out this website for some great brunch places - Montreal Brunch. Once brunch is over, you can head over to the Mount-Royal for the Tam-Tams, people playing drums, having fun, dancing like Africans and just chilling on the mountain.

Tam-Tams at the Mount-Royal
Once you are done eating and the Tam-Tams, get your bum to Parc Jean-Drapeau for the Piknic Electronik for some daytime dancing. The great thing about Piknic is as the word says, it's a picnic, bring your food, bring your booze, head there for 2:30pm to get the best spot. People poor in around 3-4pm and start dancing around 4:30pm-5ish and it is open till 9pm. As you guessed they play electronic music, don't expect any Guetta, this is mostly underground, but still lots of fun! 
Piknic Electronik
You can leave earlier and head to Plateau Mont-Royal area for some good dinner. A favorite of mine is Restaurant Bungalow on the corner of Rachel and St-Hubert. Sit at the bar, talk to the chef, he will make some great suggestions. The food is outstanding!

So now, I have given you my best suggestions, go out and have fun! Meet fun people, try different things and walk in to places you might love! I hope you enjoy your fun summer weekend in Montreal, or your tourist weekend! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, or if you loved something you did in Montreal, add it here for others to try!!


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Selling Your Clothes Online 101

BIG NEWS! I'm moving out on my own shortly. Yes. I'm finally becoming a big girl, and soon will be settling down in my own pad. I gotta say, I'm pretty excited to come home to my own home! The only down part to this is actually the funds to live alone. No more splitting bills, thankfully, I have found several ways to save some  money and.. to make some on the side too! I have decided to liquidate my wardrobe! Yes you heard right. I'm getting rid of some old pieces of clothing and accessories that I had lying around, that were still in good condition, and that could be great for someone else...I use 2 websites to liquidate my stuff - (for Quebec based and french speaking shoppers) and Kijiji.
First item I sold! A Betsey Johnson handbag for $25

To be perfectly honest, a couple weeks ago, I had no idea you can do this. And since then, I have become somewhat of an accessories seller guru. I really suggest you all go out and do the same, honestly, it's a great way to make a few extra dollars. It pays for my outings, and lets me put some money aside for my new home! So how do you do this? Well now that summer is around the corner, I suggest you go through all your stuff. I know it's a pain, especially when it's sunny and beautiful outside. But it's a job that MUST be done. According to the Coin Dressing website, they suggest you make 3 piles: SELL - GIVE - KEEP. In the SELL pile, put all the clothes and accessories you don't wear anymore, but that are still in good shape, it can be anything. Note that clothes don't sell as fast as accessories. My purses disappeared in 2 DAYS. People love brands, especially in purses... Matt & Nat, Michael Kors, Miss Sixty, Coach, whatever you have with brands will sell well. Clothes are a little harder. Don't think that because you paid $300 for it, that you can sell it for half price, you might need to go lower. Sometimes it's the cheap Zara or H&M stuff that go fast!

Items on a white background always look great!
Once you have your SELL pile, it's time to photograph it. (This isn't the spring cleaning blog so I'm sure you can figure out what to do with the other piles!!). Photographing your stuff is the hardest part, basically, your picture is the selling feature. For handbags, make sure they are stuffed, and also make sure to take a picture with the bag on your shoulder or arm. I have learned that people like to see what it looks like on the person. Also, when taking ANY pictures, if you have a white wall, USE IT. Any piece of clothing looks great on a white background. You also need to make sure your lighting is good. If you don't have good lighting in your home, daylight is the best. Coin Dressing recommends you even take your shots outside. But, daylight is still ideal. I take my pictures on my towel and bathrobe hook behind my white door, it's perfect! Some people even like to pose with the clothes, that's also great, because you see the fit. But I have seen people sell things without showing the piece on a body. For things you can't hang, like shoes or small purses that would look ridiculous on a hook, place them on the floor by a white background. If you have a wood floor that's fine, if you don't, you can take some white sheets of paper and put them on the floor to get that effect you are looking for. 
Branded items like Matt and Nat disappear quickly

Now it's time to set prices and post your items. Post the younger looking items on Coin Dressing (this will cost you a little money for credits - 2 credits per item - I bought 100 credits for $20), and the ones that would suit an older crowd on Kijiji. The good thing with Kijiji is that it's free, so you can even put stuff on both of them. If you want to sell expensive branded stuff, Kijiji is a good source. The buyers tend to have more money and you can sell things for more. The issue is the time it takes to put all this together. Then you need to set the prices. You can check the sites for similar items, or check ebay too for some guidance, and finally, it's time for the negotiating and meeting up with the people who want your stuff. People like to meet at metro stations most of the time, but make sure you don't always go out of your way to meet them and that you find a good meeting point for both of you. 

So go on, get rid of some of your old stuff, and make a few bucks, it's really great! And who knows, you might even find some things you like on their site as well!

Here are the sites again! 
-  Kijiji.

Knock yourself out! Happy Selling! :)


Monday, 6 February 2012

I hate it when you do this....

In hopes on finding a different subject to write about, I was sitting in my car trying to get to an appointment on time and I was confronted with a driver in front of me that kept on slamming on the breaks, EVEN WHEN HE DIDN'T NEED TO STOP. I do not have road rage... usually...but sometimes incompetent drivers seem to get the best of me.

This got me thinking to all of our pet peeves, things that other people do that we just can't stand! So I sent out an e-mail to my friends, some I spoke to face to face and asked them, what's your pet peeve? The answers were fantastic! But, not only were the answers interesting, the way the answers were delivered were even more fantastic! It was truly interesting to see how worked up all my friends got when talking about things that pissed them off! THE CAPITAL LETTERS (like I did above...!), the exclamation points !!!!!!!!!!!! (i.e. I hate when people walk slow!!!!!!!!!) and when I asked a friend of mine at my home, we were sitting on the couch and she took the time to get up from the couch and mimic what the person did to piss her off. Come to think of it now, I can't even remember what her pet peeve was, but I remember the standing up and getting all intense about it! It's crazy how some people can do things that just make us so upset! I even thought to myself, man I need to chill out a little...Stupid people will be stupid people and there aint much I can do about it!

Through all the answers I received, 2 main themes came up... First, people hate it when other people are not aware of their surroundings whether

  • it's driving slow
  • walking slow
  • trying to get in the metro when people are still trying to come out or being in the way when people are trying to get out
  • people that don't cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze
  • people that are late
  • people that try to squeeze through the closing door without keeping it open for you
The other theme, is just simply things that piss us off...
  • people who have bad habits like chew with their mouth open, make weird noises with their mouths, bad breath, bad BO
  • waiting in line-ups or waiting for people
  • people who think they know it all
  • dry toothpaste
  • people that don't put any effort to look good if leaving the house
  • people with bad grammar 
  • people that know it all
  • waiters that dont look like they like their job
  • sitting next to John Candy on the plane
  • people that can't pronounce words properly.. (It's ESPRESSO not EXPRESSO)
  • using too many dishes when cooking
  • women with annoying high pitch voices - Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...can I smack you please?
You know something I hate... when I'm at the restaurant and I finished my plate, like completely finished my plate...THERE IS NOTHING LEFT ON MY PLATE and the waiter comes and asks me, are you finished with that? Am I finished with that??!?! What else do you expect me to do???? Lick my plate?? Suddenly turn Greek and throw it to the ground? Instead of asking if Im done, ask me if I enjoyed it...come on peopllleeee! 

I have tons of different pet peeves, and you know, some of them can just disappear if we all started to pay attention to our surroundings, to the people that are walking right next us. I think that if we put ourselves in other people's shoes just a little more often, we would be more conscious of our slow walking, bad driving, talking too much about ourselves and reduce it! Then again, for some other pet peeves, there isnt much we can do about it but VENT! And boy, I really think that experience was theraputic for some of you!!!

So you need some therapy too... add something in this world that bugs you to the comments below!! 

Happy Monday!


Friday, 6 January 2012

Diner 2.0

On a boring Monday night, my roommate and I decided to go see a movie downtown, we got to the theaters to realize the movie was $16 (pick your own seats and stuff) so we said.. SCREW THAT... let's go eat. Since we were already downtown, I thought it could be interesting to try the new restaurant on Stanley, Deville Dinerbar

We walked in to this restaurant, and it looked like a diner, but a really cool one, with booths, and a bar, a second floor, all black white and pink! They sat us at a white booth and gave us these humongous menus. But, where was the jukebox? No diner is complete without a jukebox! Well so long old jukebox machines, hello technology of the future! At the click of a button, you download the Deville app on your phone and then you can choose what music plays in the restaurant! Of course there is a selection of songs you can chose from, but the selection is very good and we had fun playing our preferred playlist for the night!

Now on the the food! When I try a new restaurant, I never like to order without getting the waiter's opinion, whether it be the most popular item on the menu or his/hers personal favorite. Their experience with the menu is greater than mine and I appreciate their input. So this is what we ate...

Fried chicken on Waffles with Maple Syrup Sauce
Every bite of that appetizer was insane! We then ordered some cocktails, I had a delicious pomegranate martini, it even matched with the restaurant!
Oprah's Pomegranate Martini
Then, you can't go to a diner without eating some kind of burger, the one we had was the the Fat Cat Burger, which was good, lots of meat, mushrooms, fries.
Fat Cat Burger - you just try cutting this in 2. Almost impossible!
Since we decided to share everything we ordered, and we also decided to try the Ahi Tuna tacos that looked delicious.. well they were as delicious as they looked (I even had 2!) To be honest, I preferred the tacos to the burger!
Ahi Tuna tacos
We finished off this meal with a delicious Chocolate Chip cookies milkshake (which I didn't photograph, my phone had died!)

I really enjoyed this restaurant! A new kind of diner with delicious food! And even though it cost me more than my movie, it was worth every penny and every calorie!!

Follow them on twitter, they are really nice! @DevilleDinerBar

Here is their address:
Deville Dinerbar on Urbanspoon

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Women Should Be Playing Too

To finish off my little segment on "game", I asked a regular man reader, called S., to write a post. I always enjoy his insight and he always has something interesting to say!
So take a look at his take on why woman should be playing too. Feel free to comment as you wish!

Over the years I've seen it all with approaching women, from being told to literally "fuck-off" to getting a phone number in a few minutes. Don't get me wrong here, most of the time women are respectful and if they're not interested, they'll be "gentle" with you. Of course there's still some "bitches" out there that will accept a drink and won't even say thank you, but hey there's plenty some assholes out there too!

In general, I would say I'm pretty confident about approaching women, but there's still few situations where it's either not the right timing, you're with someone and you don't want to leave him alone, blah blah blah... So what do you do? You just stand there, exchange a few looks with the other person and you go back to your friend. But then, she's in the back of your mind and you just try to find a way to approach her. Next thing you know, you turn around to look at her once again and she's gone!

So this is where I would like to point that women should be playing too. Of course, it's in man's nature to "hunt" and I'm not saying it should be the other way around. But let me tell you this, a woman approaching a man or offering him a drink, will completely destabilise him. Why? Because it shows that you are self-confident, independent and interested in him, we aren't used to that... Same thing applies when you receive the bill at a restaurant, a few women pulled that one on me and I think I fell in love right away!

All I wanted to point out, is that it's alright to switch roles sometimes, it's not because a man isn't approaching you that he isn't interested or has confidence issues. So if you feel like doing so, go ahead you could be surprised of what could come out of it, after all if you don't try you'll never know.

Thanks S.! I agree, with no risk, there is no gain.