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Dishcrawling. Love it.

The Dishcrawl
I missed this blog, and boy do I miss writing. I guess when life gets busy you forget about stuff you loved to do, and it seems like something is always occupying your time. I even started a new blog, and wanted to dedicate it to food, but I kinda prefer this template. So... I am back for a few more posts, not sure if this will last...

So, without further a due, I want to talk to you about a real fun experience I lived this past Tuesday called the Montreal Dishcrawl. This foodie experience started by 2 Montrealers, Jason and Kristel. You can find them on Twitter here: @ShupupandeatMTL and @KristelsKitchen. So I guess you can figure out what this is all about.. A dishcrawl is like a pubcrawl but replace the beer with food! 

Me, eating a Kono pizza
Every dishcrawl has a theme or area that they discover. I discovered the Shaughnessy village with 30 other people, and went from resto to resto discovering new food! ! We started off our experience at KONO, a restaurant on Ste-Catherine that serves pizzas but rolled into the shape of a cone. I wish I would have taken the photo sooner, but MJ had already pretty much finished her cone. They gave us 3 delicious cones, with melting cheese, delicious tomato sauce and some special ingredients. I would say that this is a high-end fast food type joint, with 2 floors, cute tables, yummy pizza cones that come in all sorts of flavors. You need to try this. (Addresses are at the bottom)
Finishing off a KONO - MJ
The next stop on our tour was cafe thEATre, a really cute restaurant on Ste-Catherine that serves dinners and brunches and also has live music nights! They served us a miniature dinner, with a small salad, small pita appetizer, small macaroni and cheese and a small brownie. The food was just OK, nothing to go crazy about, but the place was really cute and I would def come back to check out their live music over a glass of wine!

The next stop on our dishcrawl was quite the walk away. We walked in like an army! Just imagine 30 people walking in to a restaurant at the same time! People were curious, staring us down. We were proud! It was called IMADAKE, a Japanese pub on Ste-Catherine. I really fell in love with this place. The decor was minimalistic, but the food was outstanding. They serve japanese tapas and their speciality is their sake bombs (sake shot in a glass of beer). The way they do it at IMADAKE is by putting the shot glass on 2 chopsticks, hitting the table with all your might and downing it! See picture below! The food was outstanding, the sake bombs were tons of fun. Def a place to go back and enjoy with a bunch of friends!

Imadake - Picture taken by MJ
Sake Bombs - Picture taken by me
I couldn't even believe it when we were told that we had a last stop. I was so full by this time, but I was curious to know what next stop awaited us. So far I had eated some rolled up pizza, a full mini meal, some Japanese tapas, sake bombs... and next on the menu... CHOCOLATE! Our last stop of the evening was CACAO 70 (also on Ste-Catherine). At this point I had trouble looking at food, but I had to find some room for some delicious chocolate (Note. that night, it took me 3 hours to fall asleep because I was so wired on chocolate!!!). But the nice people at CACAO 70 served us a delicious marshmallow choco pizza, with waffles with a special chocolate soup (with fruit), the chef's specialty. All was OUTSTANDING.

Cacao 70 - Picture taken by MJ
So first of all, I all suggest you try the dishcrawl, for $45 I ate delicious food for 4 hours. I suggest you go in a group or with a friend. It's also fun to meet all sorts of people. But most of the people doing this are women, just saying! Also, while you try the dishcrawl you can also get your bum to any of these restaurants! My coup de coeur of the night, IMADAKE for sure! A great place to bring some friends! 

Here are the useful links you need!
- cafe thEATre -
- Imadake Izakaya- (they don't really have a website, but their address is there)

If you do go out and try these places, please leave your comments below!! 

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