Monday, 12 December 2011

Am I too old to party in my own city?

I want to rant. Here is my rant.

This city is not made for anyone in their late twenties who are still up to party, have a good time, meet fun people, etc. And it's bugging me. I'm hoping that through this post, some great person will decide to open a bar with great music for an older crowd!!

First of all, I take a look at the Montreal nightlife. Where in this city can you go have a good time, dance, party, in a non-pretentious, non-I want to show off the $400 I made this week, non-450 (sorry I just can't deal with too much 450) setting? Nowhere. The place I go back over and over again is Confessionnal. I like the music, the people are OK but if you go with friends, it's usually a good time if it's not overpacked. But come on, like anyone, you need diversity. You want to have options. When I was in University, my place of choice was the Diable Vert, or the Radio Lounge, or Rouge, or Gogos, or Edgars, or, or or. Options were endless because I was younger and there seemed to be so many different places to go out and have a good time. Now. Try to walk in to a bar when everyone isn't 16 years old. Dressed up in skirts as dresses and wearing the worst pornstar heels you have ever seen. No little girl I don't want to see your booty. No little boy, your stripped shirt doesn't impress me. I want some MEN. I want some good music. I want to feel like I fit in, not like I should be home on my rocking chair.

Furthermore, you want to walk into a place and not know everyone. Sadly, that's the deal with living in Montreal. It's not a 4-5-6 degree of separation between everyone, it's a 1 degree separation. I can probably know everyone (or almost) through 1 other person I know. It's crazy. I know you, he knows someone, we all know everyone. I guess that isn't something we can do much about. But still more options would mean that more people would go to different places. 

What is wrong with this city? In my 27 years of existence, it has never disappointed me.. but lately, I dunno where to go, what to do. My birthday is coming up, and I want to dance. I love to dance. I love to shake my booty and throw my hands in the air like I just don't care. But where will I go? 

Us late twenty year olds need to start a revolution. Come on. Someone. Anyone? Open a new place, not too french, not too english - a perfect blend of happiness, that will make anyone comfortable to come have a drink, shake their bums, rub shoulders with some good looking people and than go back home, or back home with some beautiful stranger you rubbed shoulders with. Either way, it's time to fill the gap, fill the gap for us that don't belong in front of our TVs on Saturday nights, but on the dance floor, making MJ moves, and the funky chicken. 

To us! The Generation that aint old yet!! In the words of The Mask... P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotttaaaaaaa!

Hmm am I complaining too much? Are there places I dunno of? If so.. please do share!!! 


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Khaled Essghaier said...

I am moving to Montreal in 1 month or so ... what scares me the most that nobody wrote you a comment saying : "no you can go there and here etc." !!!