Thursday, 29 December 2011

A guy's answer to "Got Game?"

I really love when people comment on posts I write, and I had 2 pretty good comments from men on the one "Got Game?". The second one made me laugh a little, and I thought it would be great material for a new blog post...Dudes, read this. 

So here it is, let's call him Dude With Game.

Let me first describe myself. I am a man in my early 30's. I am a bigger man complete with no six pack and a belly. I dont have big muscles and I may have remenence of a double chin depending of the angle you look at me. That being said, I am not bad looking. I have a full haid of hair, great eyes, good style and a wicked smile. I have never had problems talking to women ergo never had problems being with them. My friends are shocked at my level of "game" but for me I am not playing a game. I am just being.

I am in a line of work where I am able to first hand watch interactions between men and women live in a bar setting. I love being an outside observer. Its the best type of entertainment. I beleive fully in something called the KEVORKA. The lure of the animal as Kramer describes it in the Seinfeld episode where a nun can't resist him. A man either has it or not. There is an unsaid something that a man has when talking to a woman that perks her interest. You speak of confidence. That is important. However over confidence is a killer. I beleive its all about flow, humour and comfort. I never approach a woman at a bar with her friend without somekind of interaction before hand. I see it all the time. Men walk up to the bar and say a line when the woman is immersed in conversation breaking the natural flow of just being. If I were to walk up to the bar and talk to a woman, which almost NEVER happens. I make sure that there was eye contact or a smile before hand, something in her body language has to tell me that she might be ok with me invading her world. I find the men that have "no game" are the ones that do not pay attention to other factors. They are not looking for signals or reading body language which is the most important thing. If you cant understand the unspoken language before contact you're dead in the water. If the unspoken factors are favorable then I make an approach. Smile. Laugh. I tell a joke to bartender making him or her smile while ordering a drink before saying a word to the woman. Make sure she hears me. I then decide judging by her body language if I should talk to her. Flow, Comfort, Humour. 

This type of picking up tactic, people do not realize is the HARDEST type of pick up which I beleive that 90% of men fail at. The men that are good at it have broken it down to a science and have great percentages and are usually players and are the types of guys that break hearts. Women go home with them only to realize that they didn't enjoy having really fast robot sex. The men that are good at that type of pick up are the men that end mid 40's with no family. I see it all the time. The only one's that are capable of continuing their hedonistic lifestyle at such an old age are the ones with a wallet to support it. Then they can continue objectifying women half their age with daddy issues. Sorry. Went off on a little rant there.

In conclusion. Picking up at bars is hard. I try to spark conversations outside while people are smoking, in the line for the bathroom. If I see a woman sitting at the bar that seems interested, I wait for looks in my direction. I'll wait till she gets up and walk past me and then I'll say something. Just be. Go with it. Be ok with rejection. I think getting rejected at bars is funny and fun. If you look at it as fun and take away the pressure all of a sudden you are confident, your able to laugh at situations. You are not the emo kid sitting in the corner wanting to die because nobody loves you. Ladies, if a man has the balls to approach you at the bar and doesn't look like a full on douche. If you feel like there might be something interesting about him but tanks with his opener. You maybe might wanna give him a chance, go for a smoke with him or something. He might not be charming and have the KEVORKA but give him an A for effort. Or not...

To Dude With Game, you are awesome! Thank you for your insight!!! 


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Got Game?

I was out a couple weeks ago or so with some friends, we were chilling at the bar, in a good mood, ordering shots, drinks, dancing like it was going outta style. I'm standing by the bar with a friend of mine, and she spots these 2 guys who spot us and tells me: N. Look at this, these 2 guys are going to come up to us. I turned to them, they were good looking, had some style so, I was like, ok this can be interesting! Finally, low and behold, the dudes walk up to us...One of the guys comes up to me, let's call him Bob, and Bob says to me Hey how are you? I answer, good thanks, how are you? good he answers me and then stares blankly at me...I look back and I try to make small talk... those really stupid questions that I dislike so much : "Come here often?", "What do you do in life?", and he answers me without really asking in return. Bob then moves on to my friend, which relieves me immensely because boy this guy was clueless when it came to picking up women, he had nothing to say. Next off, his friend Karl then started talking to me...same issue. CLUELESS. As I tried to make some conversation, I gave up, and went back to see my friends. He even came back to see me, put his arm around my waist, and asked, hey are you having fun? HEY ARE YOU HAVING FUN??? Come on. COME ON. He was cute, but so boring. And this got me thinking... the older you get, the more game you need. No game, no girl.

When we were young and clubbing or at bars, your good looks could probably get you a few drinks, a few stupid question answering, a good night kiss, and maybe more. Our standards were much lower, and we would go out a bunch of girls together to pick up, to have a good time, and the outcome of these evenings would usually be unknown. Now, as we get older, we strive more on personality (I'm talking about women want...) than looks. We want a guy that has wit, that is funny and doesn't ask us about what we do in life, but asks us about our hobbies, music, travel, or that can start up a conversation based on an ugly sweater, weird tasting drink or super drunk guy in the corner. Basically, we are looking for men with game. If you don't have game, how do you develop it? Damn. That I really don't know how to answer you, find one of your friends that does have game and ask him to give you tricks. I don't know how to suddenly become more witty, or more interesting. I wonder if it's either something you have or don't. Maybe picking up in bars just isn't right for you and that you need a different type of setting, whether it's house parties, friends of friends or something like eHarmony. 

I looked at myself too to wonder if I was maybe too picky, and that I was the one actually looking for that type of person, but the girls I was with seemed to agree with me. When in bars, one must be a little more than just there. This charm is a man's saving grace, because he can probably get the most good looking girl in the club or bar if he has game, if he can use his wit to win her over, even if he isn't that good looking, he's in business. Of course, in order to be witty and funny, one must be confident. And as we all know, that's the solution to all. I do congratulate those guys for coming up to us and trying to make conversation, it's never easy to approach women, but you need to do it in style.

I know it's shitty this whole game thing, if only we were more simple. But if a man reads this, and he does have game, and he wants to share his tricks. I love to hear it. It can probably help some other men out there... (you can be anonymous!)

Until then, hope you had a great Christmas or Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!! 


Monday, 12 December 2011

Am I too old to party in my own city?

I want to rant. Here is my rant.

This city is not made for anyone in their late twenties who are still up to party, have a good time, meet fun people, etc. And it's bugging me. I'm hoping that through this post, some great person will decide to open a bar with great music for an older crowd!!

First of all, I take a look at the Montreal nightlife. Where in this city can you go have a good time, dance, party, in a non-pretentious, non-I want to show off the $400 I made this week, non-450 (sorry I just can't deal with too much 450) setting? Nowhere. The place I go back over and over again is Confessionnal. I like the music, the people are OK but if you go with friends, it's usually a good time if it's not overpacked. But come on, like anyone, you need diversity. You want to have options. When I was in University, my place of choice was the Diable Vert, or the Radio Lounge, or Rouge, or Gogos, or Edgars, or, or or. Options were endless because I was younger and there seemed to be so many different places to go out and have a good time. Now. Try to walk in to a bar when everyone isn't 16 years old. Dressed up in skirts as dresses and wearing the worst pornstar heels you have ever seen. No little girl I don't want to see your booty. No little boy, your stripped shirt doesn't impress me. I want some MEN. I want some good music. I want to feel like I fit in, not like I should be home on my rocking chair.

Furthermore, you want to walk into a place and not know everyone. Sadly, that's the deal with living in Montreal. It's not a 4-5-6 degree of separation between everyone, it's a 1 degree separation. I can probably know everyone (or almost) through 1 other person I know. It's crazy. I know you, he knows someone, we all know everyone. I guess that isn't something we can do much about. But still more options would mean that more people would go to different places. 

What is wrong with this city? In my 27 years of existence, it has never disappointed me.. but lately, I dunno where to go, what to do. My birthday is coming up, and I want to dance. I love to dance. I love to shake my booty and throw my hands in the air like I just don't care. But where will I go? 

Us late twenty year olds need to start a revolution. Come on. Someone. Anyone? Open a new place, not too french, not too english - a perfect blend of happiness, that will make anyone comfortable to come have a drink, shake their bums, rub shoulders with some good looking people and than go back home, or back home with some beautiful stranger you rubbed shoulders with. Either way, it's time to fill the gap, fill the gap for us that don't belong in front of our TVs on Saturday nights, but on the dance floor, making MJ moves, and the funky chicken. 

To us! The Generation that aint old yet!! In the words of The Mask... P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotttaaaaaaa!

Hmm am I complaining too much? Are there places I dunno of? If so.. please do share!!! 


Friday, 2 December 2011

Dishcrawling. Love it.

The Dishcrawl
I missed this blog, and boy do I miss writing. I guess when life gets busy you forget about stuff you loved to do, and it seems like something is always occupying your time. I even started a new blog, and wanted to dedicate it to food, but I kinda prefer this template. So... I am back for a few more posts, not sure if this will last...

So, without further a due, I want to talk to you about a real fun experience I lived this past Tuesday called the Montreal Dishcrawl. This foodie experience started by 2 Montrealers, Jason and Kristel. You can find them on Twitter here: @ShupupandeatMTL and @KristelsKitchen. So I guess you can figure out what this is all about.. A dishcrawl is like a pubcrawl but replace the beer with food! 

Me, eating a Kono pizza
Every dishcrawl has a theme or area that they discover. I discovered the Shaughnessy village with 30 other people, and went from resto to resto discovering new food! ! We started off our experience at KONO, a restaurant on Ste-Catherine that serves pizzas but rolled into the shape of a cone. I wish I would have taken the photo sooner, but MJ had already pretty much finished her cone. They gave us 3 delicious cones, with melting cheese, delicious tomato sauce and some special ingredients. I would say that this is a high-end fast food type joint, with 2 floors, cute tables, yummy pizza cones that come in all sorts of flavors. You need to try this. (Addresses are at the bottom)
Finishing off a KONO - MJ
The next stop on our tour was cafe thEATre, a really cute restaurant on Ste-Catherine that serves dinners and brunches and also has live music nights! They served us a miniature dinner, with a small salad, small pita appetizer, small macaroni and cheese and a small brownie. The food was just OK, nothing to go crazy about, but the place was really cute and I would def come back to check out their live music over a glass of wine!

The next stop on our dishcrawl was quite the walk away. We walked in like an army! Just imagine 30 people walking in to a restaurant at the same time! People were curious, staring us down. We were proud! It was called IMADAKE, a Japanese pub on Ste-Catherine. I really fell in love with this place. The decor was minimalistic, but the food was outstanding. They serve japanese tapas and their speciality is their sake bombs (sake shot in a glass of beer). The way they do it at IMADAKE is by putting the shot glass on 2 chopsticks, hitting the table with all your might and downing it! See picture below! The food was outstanding, the sake bombs were tons of fun. Def a place to go back and enjoy with a bunch of friends!

Imadake - Picture taken by MJ
Sake Bombs - Picture taken by me
I couldn't even believe it when we were told that we had a last stop. I was so full by this time, but I was curious to know what next stop awaited us. So far I had eated some rolled up pizza, a full mini meal, some Japanese tapas, sake bombs... and next on the menu... CHOCOLATE! Our last stop of the evening was CACAO 70 (also on Ste-Catherine). At this point I had trouble looking at food, but I had to find some room for some delicious chocolate (Note. that night, it took me 3 hours to fall asleep because I was so wired on chocolate!!!). But the nice people at CACAO 70 served us a delicious marshmallow choco pizza, with waffles with a special chocolate soup (with fruit), the chef's specialty. All was OUTSTANDING.

Cacao 70 - Picture taken by MJ
So first of all, I all suggest you try the dishcrawl, for $45 I ate delicious food for 4 hours. I suggest you go in a group or with a friend. It's also fun to meet all sorts of people. But most of the people doing this are women, just saying! Also, while you try the dishcrawl you can also get your bum to any of these restaurants! My coup de coeur of the night, IMADAKE for sure! A great place to bring some friends! 

Here are the useful links you need!
- cafe thEATre -
- Imadake Izakaya- (they don't really have a website, but their address is there)

If you do go out and try these places, please leave your comments below!! 

Talk sooon!