Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Who slept with who?

Wow. neighbors are so weird. I don't actually enjoy looking into my neighbors windows and it's not something I really do. OK OK. For the people who have known me all my life, they know of the particular neighbor, with the bathroom window, and the many laughs. Sorry R. I just had to.  But in all cases, neighbors are.. special. As I sit down, and decide to write you a new little piece, I have a yucky neighbor who just pored his milk in the cereal box and is eating the cereal out of the box. He's still eating. It's been 10 minutes.  GET A BOWL DAMNIT. I also have this other neighbor that I see from my room who is obsessed with his TV. Rarely do I not see him in front of the TV, he's always watching the most up to date news, sports or entertainment show. Then I have others that I don't really see well, but they seem to have cool rooms!

Man, what is it about knowing about other people that we love so much? Just take In Touch, People Magazine, ET. Who wore what dress to what award show? Who slept with who's boyfriend? Who cheated on whose wife with whose cousin's brother sister's aunt? News we love to know. Gossip actually. Talking about others is just something we do so well. Why is knowing about someone's else's stuff such great news and everyone is always curious to know what's going on? I dunno. As mentioned in many previous posts... I'm not psychologist. I just tell it as it is. Are our lives not interesting enough that we need to talk about someone else's? Maybe. I guess we can all claim that our lives aren't SUPER interesting 24/7. Sometimes they just are. And the thing is, not only women gossip, but boy oh boy, men are BAD too at gossiping. This what soap operas are all about, who did what with who? Why are they a sucess, because we strive for juicy news, the more controversial it is, the better.

And you know something I learned, well I didn't really learn it, but it became REALLY obvious, but no matter how old you are, gossip is always present. ALWAYS. You would think that once you become an older adult, people just live and let live. NO. They don't. Once you are part of a group of friends, a tight group-ish, gossip is so present. Being surrounded by the same people over and over again, can only create more talking and more yucky behavior (I apologize for my childish vocabulary this evening, my brain is on off).

How to fight gossip? Be perfect. No. That's not answer. There is no way to fight it, but what you can do is learn to keep other people's secrets. This is something that I have been trying to do for some time now. And by keeping secrets and keeping other people's business to yourself, gossip disappears. Another great way, is to change the subject when someone is gossiping to you. If you make it sound unimportant, than that other person doesn't really have a reason to talk about someone else. But it's just such an easy subject of conversation. Talking about someone else doesn't require much brain power and is really to do.

I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes, because I was once known as the mega gossiper, but really, gossiping is just mean. Let's fight it and become let others do their own thing...You wouldn't someone gossiping about you, so, mind as well keep your mouth shut about others. Live and let live baby.


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