Thursday, 21 July 2011

Is Sex Taboo?

In light of the removal of my last post, which yes, was a little saucy. I decided to develop on that. You see, I understand both schools of thought, one being how someone's sex life should be kept personal and secret because that's what keeps things interesting, and then there is the other where sex is appreciated by all and why not talk about it and help each other out.

I'm not a sex therapist and no expert in the matter at all. I do want to keep my own stuff private and it should be that way.  But I do think that it is an important subject and not all of us talk about it because we are shy, we are worried what others may think or we just like to keep our things to ourselves, whatever your reason may be, that's fine. This is why I'm trying to convince my sexologist friend to write for my blog. In this case, as an expert, she can really go into more details..and even answer your questions about certain things you may be experiencing. I must say, she told me : Wow N. you were so ladylike in your approach. Well ... of course. I do believe in privacy, and in keeping the more direct terms for the experts. So instead of a post coming from me who just wants to give ideas and open your minds to these ideas, I will try to have her go into more detail, it might be a little more graphic because she was surprised how non-graphic I was... So for those who are insulted, embarrassed or don't feel like reading about this.. I will warn you in advance.

My goal in all of this is to talk about all things that women deal with (and sometimes men can also relate, which is great too!) and honestly, sex is a pretty big part of our lives. I do believe in keeping our own experiences private, but I do also beleive in communication, progression and wanting to know more. We shouldn't be embarrassed to talk about it, but open to change, possibilities, etc.

So, hoping for a brand new collaboration soon. Stay tuned. The Art of Sex maybe? Who knows, titles haven't been decided yet... because she hasn't even accepted yet. She was just my silent contributor on my last post...So Im hoping for something a little more permanent!

Until then, hope you enjoy what you read. Remember, it's all a mish mash of things that go through my brain, sometimes based on real experiences I lived, or on other people's experiences, or on things I read about. My goal is not to put my own life out there (except for the rare times I do), but to create discussion, to get you thinking. I like to be challenged, and I like when people disagree. I encourage comments. Remember, there is an anonymous feature which can allow you to comment on anything I write without me knowing who is writing... so if you are my best friend and hate what I say, well chances are I won't even know.. (well unless I recognize your style of writing!) So, be honest and participate!

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