Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cooking with Nicolas

For a while now, I have seen a friend of mine post on Facebook delicious pictures of the recipes he comes up with....I can't get over how delicious it looks and offered to give him a special spot on my blog! Recipes won't be available yet, but you can take a look at the pictures, and if you insist, I'm sure he might be able to help you make these wonderful dishes... take a look at some of the delicious things he has come up with! Titles are in French.

Gaspacho, salsa de mangue et aneth

Mac'n'cheese trois fromages, pancetta bites, persillade aux tomates et bleuets

Theme: Figs - Crème de bleu et amandes grillées.

Theme: Figs - Cheddar fort, basilic et prosciutto

More to come soon... man it makes me hungry! To me, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a delicious home cooked meal with a great wine!

Props to Nick and his wife Jo who come up with these DELICIOUS meals! More images to come soon...


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caroline nadeau said...

I want that mac n cheese recipe!