Sunday, 26 June 2011

The One.

The One. Your soul mate. Your second half. The one that completes you. Whatever word you use to describe it, some believe in this "One". The one you are meant to spend the rest of your life with, the one that is supposed to think your thoughts, complete your sentences and know exactly how you want your coffee in the morning. Do you believe in it? Maybe.

I'm quite the optimist and I have always tried to be even though people around me or situations that surround me tend to not be so optimist. I believe in true love. I believe that there is someone out there who will fit perfectly with my personality, my person and that we will love each other for ever. Is it wishful thinking? Today, in the 21st century, is the idea of a true love old school? Some tend to say differently. I do believe one can have many true loves, and each love teaches you something different that will then make you ready for the next true love and so one, until you find that perfect "One".

When life expectancy was 35, one could imagine spending their entire lives with someone because well, they didn't have that much of a long life to begin with. Now, we live till we're 100, and obey to the "death do us part" rule. But is that realistic? People change, and develop and sometimes they just aren't compatible as they were 10-20 years ago. 

Remember, I'm playing the devil's advocate, because I do believe in have that one great person and that it just takes patience. I added a post to my Tumblr account today (and you should check it out, it's daily thoughts that I post.. http//, it said: "Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet" - JJ Rousseau, and that's what I believe is the key, is to be patient for the right one to come by and not settling with Mister or Miss Right Now. 

Anyways, as I was saying, should divorce be more accepted? Should we be able to change life partners as we please. This way you can really get a taste of a little bit of everything and enjoy what anyone can offer you. Maybe the possibility of being polygamous sexually could be accepted, for both men and women. I guess I'm saying all this, but don't believe a word of it. I cringe at the thought of people starting to accept open marriages and that the idea of "The One" seems to be a fable that your grandmother read to you when you were a child, that those "Happily Ever After" was just not real and that after the princess rode off with her prince, well the prince found a younger, prettier Snow White and ditched the first Snow White, for her to be back with the 7 dwarfs, taking care of them on her own....

Well damn you "new society". While we're young, we should have all the "fun" we want, enjoy other people and learn what we like and not like. I really do hope that the whole stereotypical married life is shit idea goes away, and that instead of drifting a part or getting on each other's nerves, we learn to grow together and to always keep things interesting, no matter what life throws at us, whether it be babies, work or younger prettier babysitters. I don't believe anything is ever perfect, and of course there are ups and downs, but I do wish that more people can become optimistic. No, I don't see fairies and angels, but I see hope, and love, and I believe in these virtues and ideas. Don't we all want that great "One", the "One" that we can be by our side and that we can conquer the world together....

Ah. it might be wishful thinking. but seriously. even for me in my single situation. I know I will be happily married one day and with that person whom I hope I can call mine forever.

And you... do you believe in the One or is it just a load of BS? Please share. You know. I love your comments!



Bo Bally said...

Your post is quite timely as I was just having this discussion with some girlfriends today! We agreed that often times, people aren't willing to work hard at relationships. They simply give up and move on to something else they think will satisfy them, until they tire, and the cycle continues.

Like you, I am also an optimist and I like to think there is that "One" person who is meant to not only fit, but also be willing to work hard at the relationship in order for both parties to be happy.

Great post! Love the quote about patience. :)

N. said...

Thanks miss :)

Dad said...

Right On...