Friday, 10 June 2011

La Bêtise, just mouth-watering..

Im always on the quest to discover new foods in and around the city. I love trying new places, or going back to old places, but trying new dishes, it's like a little passion of mine. Some of my favorites nights have been at restaurants, trying new food, with some great wine and of course great company. Well let me tell you, I discovered quite the gem in this city, called La Betise. 

La Bêtise - Photo courtesy of
La Betise is located on St-Hubert corner Bellechasse. You walk in, and they have a beautiful wooden bar with approx 40 seated places. The theme is a little western with the cow like fabric covering each chair. It looks really nice and really cozy. We sit at the bar for a while and talk to the owners. My buddy is a regular and knows the staff really well. As they are chitchatting, I take a look at the menu. WOW. From oysters, to lychee bombs, to General Tao poutine, to Tempura Salmon Tartare. I'm drooling. I guess you can say that the menu is kinda asian tex-mex fusion with comfort food. I just wanted to try everything! They had a selection of 15 tapas, and then 5 main dishes which were actually 5 of the tapas but with fries and salad. 

The salmon tartare with tempura and avocado
I decided to go really all out and ordered 2 tapas - the general tao poutine along the salmon tartare. The 3 others I was with also ordered the salmon tartare, but we also got a delicious entree of guacamole, which was DIVINE. What was special with this guacamole, is that it came with an asian twist - it was topped with fish eggs! Yes those little red ones you see on your sushi! Really creative. My entire dining experience was really enjoyable and I do suggest you give it a try. I even believe that they show the game during hockey season (they had a big Habs flag in the entrance!) 

After spending my entire night, drinking and eating with my friends and owners, we decided that we wanted to make this location the first venue for our 6à10 DRAGON BOAT fundraisers. For those that don't know, I'm also captain of my own I'M ON A BOAT Dragon Boat team that raises funds for the Cedars Cancer Institute. We are 20 on the team. To paddle on race day, we need to raise $10,000 for the cause and to help us, we are organizing these events! So for $20, you get a free drink, free food, discounts on alcohol, a $15 tax receipt AND OF COURSE, a great JULY 6th evening with friends! So come on, encourage us! Bring a friend or 2 or 3. It will be one fun event for a good cause! 

Here is the Facebook event: 

If you want to learn more about the cause we're supporting, check out the official Dragon Boat website:

Here is the address of La Betise, if you want to give their food a try!

6015 St-Hubert, coin Bellechasse (the music on the website is really good too!)

Happy Eating and come see us on JULY 6th to support our Dragon Boat team!


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