Friday, 20 May 2011

What Turns Men On?

A couple weeks ago I surveyed some men friends of mine. I asked them, what is an unexpected turn on that makes a woman attractive? We all know that men are attracted to a woman both physically and mentally. A natural woman, one with a great personality, confidence, that doesn't complain too much, that is elegant, that enjoys sports, I could go on. Of course, each man is different and the criteria for each is different as well. But I wanted to know, what exactly do they see? What are things we might not notice that men do see... So here is a list of things that these men told me.

  • Well-shaped eyebrows. Yes. This man told me that he really thinks it's sexy when a woman has eyebrows that don't look like no bush. Clearly good eyebrows do bring out a woman's eyes.
  • Manicured nails. This man told me that it shows that a woman takes care of herself. She puts that extra effort to make even her nails look beautiful
  • A loose ponytail with some hair coming out of it. I got a couple of men who agreed with me on this one. I guess it shows that the girl can be laid back, but still show some sexiness.
  • This YouTube video below was sent to me and the man told me: this is the perfect girl. Beautiful, funny, accepting, loves sports.

  • How she walks in high heels. I love this one because I thought only women noticed how some women just don't belong in high heels. He told me that he finds it very unattractive to watch a girl not manage her pumps. Girl. If you can't walk in em. Don't wear em.
    The Smile - This is Miranda Kerr - my girl crush. So beautiful.
  • The smile. Well yes, the smile is priceless and I would say that it's one of the most important things in a woman or in a man for that matter. Having a beautiful smile is like a breath of fresh air, it just feels good. You can read my post on "The Power of a Smile". I have heard this one a lot and I guess it's always important to re-say it. Keep on smiling ladies. It truly does wonders. Not just for men, but for life in general. Seems that nothing can go too wrong when you smile.. of course an honest happy smile.
  • Cute laugh. Well. Not all of us can control how we laugh. But hopefully you have a cute one. Then again, some of the weirdest laughs can be cute, all depending on how your face moves, what you are looking at and who's watching.
  • Teeth. Lips. The whole mouth really. I must agree. If the man will be spending time kissing you, looking at you speak, looking at you smile... you need some nice pearly whites and some extra kissable lips. BUT, in my experience and experience that I have heard, Men dislike Lipgloss! Of course, very nice to look at, but when it comes to kissing, nothing says EW more than a super sticky mouth! or for that matter, a bunch of crooked yellow teeth. So, get some Crest white strips and lipstain is pretty effective ;).
  • Feet. Lots of men talked to me about this. They love a beautiful pair of toes. Even though they might be hidden away in big boots or running shoes or 8" pumps, it's important to take good care of those toes. There are some great creams out there and giving yourself a nice pedicure is really simple. Of course my suggestion is to get a great pedicure done. I get 1 or 2 in the summer, and they usually last me a whole month. Your feet look pretty at all times! You can even get a mani-pedi for $40 in most nail places! A very good investment!
Are you surprised? Some all of them I guess I am, others not so much. But I'm not saying that we should change who we are to please men. NOT AT ALL. These are things we should do for ourselves. And if you like your bush eyebrows, or your non-manicured nails or if you aren't much of a smiler, well so be it. All Im giving you here is what I have heard from the boys, and as I said before, everyone is different. Some won't care if your nails are done or not, or if you didn't get your eyebrows done or if you don't have great feet. 

To me, the most important thing is really confidence. Walking in to a room and being 6 feet tall even though you are only 5'2". With that confidence, the rest is just details. I heard the other day that this women didn't even want to leave her house because she was scared of being judged and being criticized because she didn't like her body! We should never have to go through that. We are all beautiful in our ways. The beauty inside us shines through.

As my last words of wisdom, I do think it's important to take good care of our body. No matter what kind of care it is. Feeling beautiful, feeling great, feeling fit all give us confidence. Confidence to work a room, to get a job, to get a guy or girl, to succeed in anything we do. 

So what do you think? Any things I should add to this list, things we might not know about what you men notice in us! I would love for you to share your opinion!

Have a nice week!


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