Tuesday, 31 May 2011

This is what it feels like for a girl : Guest post by S.

I'm accumulating contributors to my blog, and I love it. I truly encourage those who have something to say along the lines of the theme blog to really say it. Whether you're a man or a woman, write something, share it. So here is a blog brought to you by S., a new contributor to my blog, who visited the Caroline Theoret Studio recently.
The Studio

Let’s make it clear: I’m not a girly-girl… I don’t cook, I can’t accessorize and don’t even get me started on the condition of my nails! So when I got a gift certificate to go to Studio Caroline Theoret for a 50$ eyebrow reshaping (thanks Nat and RSVP Magazine for the awesome goodie bag we got from your launch) I figured why not? I usually pay 4-5$ at some dodgy salon for them to thread my eyebrows, so you get the style.

The moment I stepped into Caroline Theoret’s trendy studio at Château Saint-Ambroise I got it… That’s what it feels like for  a girl! No jokes, I’m not just trying to plug the blog’s name here… that’s seriously how I felt. If I had to imagine the perfect boudoir, that’s what it would look like, chandeliers hanging from the super high ceiling, a “Recamier” sofa by the large windows with a view on the Canal and of course, pink everywhere… Did I mention the gorgeous flowers on the table?

Gorgeous flowers on the table
Basically, I spent one hour getting pampered… feeling like a posh celebrity in Hollywood, while Caroline had her 3-D glasses on, tweezing away my eyebrows (and what an amazing job she did… they were kind of on the bushy side). I even got to sip on some wine. Ya, you heard me! She has a selection for you to choose from: white, rosé, red… And the best part, CUPCAKES!! Really? Forget the other lady with a
thread stuck in her mouth, I got the Middleton treatment!

So after 45 minutes she completed the session with a makeup touch up. Considering I only wear eyeliner and mascara I thought this was gonna be pretty quick, I mean it’s only a touch up. Little did I know that she was going to make me look like a hot shot just in time for my Thursday night 5@7! I could seriously get used to that! I had a fabulous afternoon and it made me feel like a girl! I truly recommend her to all
the fifilles and not so fifilles out there


And you, what makes you feel like a girl? Is to get changed into your favorite going-out clothes? Sipping martinis, spending time with your girlfriends? I throw this back to you. What makes you feel as girly as possible? For me. I have to say that my hair is my thing, when my hair is done, there is nothing that makes me feel more feminine. I love getting it blow dried, or doing it myself, making it all purrtyy for whatever purpose! 

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