Sunday, 15 May 2011


RSVP Magazine

For the past 3 months I have been working on a new magazine that launched in Montreal this Friday. RSVP Magazine is a high-end publication that caters to the Montreal elite. It is for those that enjoy the great events our city has to offer, the decadent restaurants, our great sense of style. The emphasis for this magazine is really the events in the city. We cover galas, balls, shopping events, launches and fashion shows. Our first issue was dedicated to the hospitality and restaurant industry, on the cover, you will find 6 individuals who are part of that Montreal scene! I clearly was eagerly waiting for this magazine to finally launch! I am now officially a published author - 3 articles in the magazine, but the best one and my favorite is the Chuck Hughes interview.
The Loft Hotel

This past Friday, at the Loft Hotel in Montreal on Sherbrooke, the magazine was finally revealed to some of the most influential people in the city. Everyone from event goers, bloggers, CEOs, event planners, advertisers were at our launch party. I must admit that the second I walked in to the room, my eyes filled with tears. 3 months of hard work, and finally a product I can be proud of. The room was absolutely beautiful, all white. People kept pouring in and I made sure I was close to the door to see how many people would come out to see this new mag. As I walked through the room, most guests were seated on the lounge chairs reading the magazine. So what did they think I kept asking myself? I got all sorts of reviews. Excellent, good, need improvement. All interesting comments. But the most touching moment was to actually see my family walk in. My biggest fan club. I couldn't be more happy to see them all, looking amazing and happy for me. I need to also thank all my friends that all came to support me, it really meant a lot to me to see you all there. What a day that had been too! I ran around from 10:30 to 6pm, beautifying myself and building gift bags for the event. It had all come down to that 1 moment. 

The Caroline Theoret make-up company ( was there doing all the woman's make-up, Bijouterie Italienne ( was showing off their new collection, Simplechic and Queue de Cheval offering some good food and a big thanks to Corby Wines and Spirits for providing the alcohol. But how can I forget Audi and Porsche Lauzon who graciously donated 2 of their most luxury cars to showcase at the entrance of the event! It was beautiful. The crowd was beautiful, the music was wow (hmm love 80s classics!) and I just couldn't be happier. 
The RSVP Mag team - Carolina, Maya, me and Karolina (picture taken by Ian Woo)
If you want to pick up a copy of our magazine, I will keep you updated in the next week with our distribution locations, for now, it can be found at most of the great events going on in the city. Look through your gift bag - you will find it!

Were you at the launch event? What did you think? How about the magazine? The great thing about this blog is that you can give anonymous reviews.. and please do share. We always want to improve what we're doing.

Have a great rainy Sunday!



Anonymous said...

I think the look and feel is ok, but since it is a magazine that mostly talks about events, picture quality should be a LOT better. Also, quality of the articles is not GREAT, especially the interview with Mr. Morentzos. He makes big statements in the interview - it should have gone deeper. And you can't really highlight a quote that is not also in the text. There are also a lot of people missing, if we're talking hospitality!

Anonymous said...
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N. said...

To Anonymous 1. I agree with your comments. Thanks for your insight! To Anonymous 2. Why thank you! Wish I knew who you were though...