Monday, 2 May 2011

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift : A Smartbox

So Mother's Day is around the corner and you have no idea what to get her? She has everything. You got her perfume last year, a spa day the year before, bath products for Christmas. So now you just can't figure out what to do. Well... I think I may be able to help you out. I was lucky enough to discover THE Smartbox. Actually the Smartbox is quite popular in Europe and is starting to become more and more popular in the USA and in Canada.

Smartbox packages!
So you may be asking... N? What is a Smartbox? So, you can buy these boxes at a few retail stores like Zellers, Jean-Coutu, Carlton Cards or online. They actually come in a box and you can chose the category of activity you want. They have a choice of Restaurants, Spa, Adventures, Getaways or Discoveries. You basically chose the category you want (also depending on the price you are willing to pay) and then the gift receiver has choices to what they can do with the Smartbox. I tried out the Restaurant one!
The Montreal Restaurant Smartbox, which is actually called Table for Two, is only $99.00 (which is pretty decent!). Inside, it came with a little catalogue of different restaurants in Montreal, from les Enfants Terribles, to LeMeac, to Cafe Melies, Ginger, Decca 77 and more. You have 25 restaurants to chose from with different types of offerings - usually, you get an appetizer, a main course and a dessert for each individual.

Restaurant Plein-Sud
I chose to go to Plein Sud on Mont-Royal. I had never been! I went for lunch because at the time, my week was sooo busy, I couldn't find place in my schedule to go for dinner. But it took me FOREVER to pick which place I wanted. 25 choices! (Note that when you give the gift, the receiver doesn't know how much you paid unless they go online to check!). So finally got to the restaurant, we were greeted by the OH SO NICE owner of the restaurant, and we were given a kir and a little tapas dish to start off! How nice! We gave the owner the Smartbox card that comes in the box and off we were, we got to chose from a wide range of amazing dishes!

I then took the goat cheese salad and my friend took the scallops. Both delicious. We were then allowed to chose a dish from the main courses and I decided to go all out and get the jarret d'agneau! It was sensational, I wasn't even able to finish it. It came with a delicious sweet potato puree. Just divine! I had to quickly leave to go back to work. But it was a great experience. I was also given some dessert to go.
Le Jarret D'Agneau at Plein-Sud

It's actually a perfect gift because you are giving them the choice to do what they want really. It's like going through a Sears catalogue and you can have one item.. for free!!!

Make sure to check them out online for more info - SMARTBOX - They are even giving out the Serenity Smartbox (Spas and stuff) for $99.00 instead of $119! Great deal and great different gift to give to your Mommy to show her how much you love herrrr!! But don't forget, CARDS ARE REAL IMPORTANT! Make sure you give her a beautiful card and let her know how much you LOVE HER and appreciate all that she does for you!

Have a great Mothers Day!!!!


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