Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A little bit of Texas in Montreal..

For the past few weeks I have been collecting. Collecting restaurants that I have been dying to talk to you about. I know have a great little list that I will share with you and of course, even though I don't like em, I always encourage you to go try them yourself and make your own conclusions. My motto. The only way you will create a real opinion is by doing it yourself! So this time, let's talk about some yummy ribs, BBQ sauce.. which is just like a little taste of Texas in our own little city!

So... in the past few weeks I have been to 2 places that serve some amazing ribs. First. Le Boucan on Notre-Dame and Icehouse on Roy and Ste-Dominique. I tried the ribs at both places and thoroughly enjoyed both! At the Boucan, southern and soul food in the South-West, I also ordered a pulled pork poutine, roast chicken and of course, a bacon brownie for dessert. Let's just say my tummy was quite satisfied at the end of this meal. Prices are reasonable, the setting is really cute and since I sat at the bar chitchatting all night with one of the owners, the service was impeccable. 
Ribs + Chicken. Plus potato salad, cheese corn and coleslaw

Most amazing bacon brownie at Le Boucan
I must mention that all these 3 meals were shared and I would have never been able to finish the poutine, ribs, chicken and brownie by myself. But the food is delish, the crowd is young and of course, if it's hockey season, they show the game as well!

Le Boucan
1886 Notre-Dame Est
Montreal, QC

As for Icehouse, I was there this past weekend with my girlfriends, we wanted to try something new, and with all the hype about it in every single newspaper in the city, I needed to get my bum there ASAP. They don't take reservations and they only sit you when your whole party is there, but it's a cute corner place with a terrace outside, not more than 40 seats. The menu is on the blackboard, and let me say, the guy that takes your order is quite a hotty!!! I ordered the ribs and shared them with a friend, came to $32, I hear they use a Dr Pepper marinade for the ribs, + I had their hard lemonade which is the specialty of the house ($40 for a pitcher), so refreshing, and well, then we went to Juliette et Chocolate for dessert, but I hear they have this cookie that is insane, but they were sold out! Great experience and they have some other awesome items on the menu like lobster rolls, tacos, fried chicken, lobster burritos, etc. The service was OK and it took them forever to bring us cutlery, but for me, the overall experience was great!

Yes they actually throw the ribs on the table with potato salad, coleslaw and biscuit.
The lobster roll was a bit small for $20, and someone else ordered the beef burrito which she didn't really like. I really lucked out with the ribs and the sharing...

51 Roy St (corner Ste-Dominique)
Plateau Mont-Royal

If you went to either of these places and have your own review to add, please add your comments below. For my next Food post, I will be talking about 2 amazing pizza places in the city! The new JANE that opened right next to the Boucan and Trattoria Pizza Mia in the Atwater Market.

Doesn't this make you hungry? Damn. I sure am.


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