Friday, 6 May 2011

A little bit of comedy...

You know sometimes your week doesn't go as planned, you get stressed at work for upcoming deadlines or you get into a fight with the parental units, or maybe you argue with your boyfriend over ridiculous issues, or maybe you dealt with something that is much harder, like a big fight with a best friend, or a break-up. Either way, sometimes we all need a little comedy to makes us feel better. I know that when I'm feeling down, instead of staying home and living my bad mood on my own, I like to go out, see people, have a drink and spend my time enjoying myself and getting my mind off whatever is bothering me. Of course, we all deal with hard issues differently, some like to curl up in a ball, or others like to drink their way into being happier, and others just want to stay in their own space without having anyone around them, not that any of these ways are not good, but I guess I decided to do things another way.

I have learned that for me comedy is what helps me the most. A really good laugh is probably the best medicine to not feeling well, it gets rid of some of the hard feelings we need to deal with. Of course, it's not the solution, the solution well, it's either discussing the problem or letting time take it's place. We never know how long it will take us to move on, or to get over whatever we may be feeling (if of course it's a harder situation). I have a friend of mine who recently went through a very hard decision. A decision to let someone go. A person she cared a lot about but she knew it was time to move on. He didn't want to commit (ohhh we have seen that before!) and she was and kept holding on wishing that one day he would see her the way she saw him. But it never came. Well let me tell you, I quickly made sure she was OK, because I know situations like that aren't easy. And I spent some quality time with her and introduced her to a great comedian...Whitney Cummings. SHE IS HILARIOUS!

In my mind, sometimes you just need some happiness and smiles to make you feel a little better...not that this will make her feel good forever and that after some comedy she'll be over that guy, but at least for a few minutes, I saw a smile on her face, a laugh, a joy. And I knew that with time, she would feel better. There is still hope. It's all about time.

As my last words of wisdom, if you ever feel a little sad or upset, turn on some comedy. Stand Up is great! It might not fix the problem, but it's much better than getting ridiculously drunk... maybe you can enjoy the comedy with a nice glass of wine.. instead of 8 glasses!

Have a great weekend!!



Anonymous said...

Whitney Cummings is one of the best comedians right now, male or female.
And for great times, Comedy Works on Bishop's St. I'm often there with friends on Saturday night and we've never walked out of there disappointed.

N. said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I have been to Comedy Works too and walked out with every single muscle in my face burning!! What a great place!