Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gotta Knock That Egg!

EASTER IS COMING! Yes, it's this Sunday as most of you know! Do you celebrate Easter? Some do, some don't. In my family, we do. I am from Lebanese descent, and I'm actually Christian Orthodox, our Easter is therefore usually different from the Catholics Easter. But this year, it falls right at the same time, happens every 2 or 4 years depending on the calendar. I always enjoyed the fact that my Easter was always a little later, the Easter chocolate was always on sale and you can get some really good quality chocolate - I'm talking Godiva or Laura Secord for like 75% off. Clearly these merchants aren't aware of Orthodox Easter, and well, hopefully they don't read my blog...

In my opinion, family get-togethers are always more interesting if there is some kind of entertainment. Whether it be Taboo, Trivial Pursuit (which I played last year with my brother-in-law's family), Karaoke, or whatever game to keep everyone entertained. I know that every one's family is different, but with a game everyone kinda becomes a little normal and on the same level and spends some good quality time together. Think of it as a warmer Christmas! So being Orthodox, our traditions are also a little different, but what I want to share with you is a great game you can introduce to your family. It's not so much of a board game, but to my knowledge, it's a Lebanese tradition I have been doing since I can remember. I don't even know if it has a real name, but I'm calling it EGG WARS!

So what exactly is EGG WARS? Well, it's as easy as the name says it is, it's a battle with eggs. Now don't think now that you're gonna get yolk all over yourself, it's actually much cleaner than you think! So here are the rules and instructions!

First, you need eggs. (no duh!) You need the same amount of eggs as the number of people that will be at the gathering. You also need egg colorant, at this time of the year, if you get to Adonis, they have some at each check-out counter, or you can probably find some at your local Dollar store. You just need some kinda food coloring.
-So, once you have these 2 things, you are ready to go. Now you got to boil your eggs (don't crack them!), boil them until well, they are cooked.
-While they are boiling take out your different colors of food coloring and add a couple drops to a bowl of water.
-You can have as many colors as you want but each need to be in separate bowls, unless you decide you want to make some kinda combos!
-Once the eggs are cooked, have them cool off for 7-10 minutes.
-Once they are cool, take your eggs, and put them in the food coloring. You can really play around with this, by doing different colors on each side of the egg, or mixing colors, this is up to you.
-If you have young nieces or nephews or cousins, this is a fun activity to do with them, or to do with the whole family. My advice is to give the eggs a few coats of coloring, I think it makes them stronger.
- Once they are dry, have each person chose an egg - it will be their special egg. AND LET THE WAR BEGIN!
- Take one side of your egg, and hit someone else's end. See which end breaks! Is it you? Oh aint that too bad. Now someone needs to hit you. It needs to be someone else than the person you hit. If both your sides are broken. You lose. 
- You can't hold your egg to close to the end, that's cheating! And no smashing either, only 1 end on each of the eggs should break, not both!
- The winner needs to get through the 2 rounds, and then there is a 3rd round until one person is left with either both ends not broken or just 1 end unbroken. THEY ARE THE GRAND EGG WAR WINNER!!!

So I just tried to youtube this, and I found this video, seems like it's known in Louisiana!! THERE IS A WHOLE CITY CONTEST!!! Fast forward to 4:50 min!
This video is AMAZING! It's probably at least 25-30 years old! But shows you exactly what EGG WARS is all about!!

I hope you guys try this and bring it into your family and then, if you don't know what to do with all these eggs, you make some delish egg salad sandwich mix, or make devilish eggs, or HEY, if you guys have any ideas on what to do with hard boiled eggs, please write your comments below!!

Hope you all spend a great Easter, no matter what you do!

Happy Egg Wars! :)


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