Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dear N., where should we go for a bachelorette?

I have been getting a few questions and requests here and there about things to do in Montreal. If you remember, I got one around New Years Eve asking me what I suggested a young crowd should do for NYE and now I just got another from L. in Nova Scotia. Here's how it went! (I love getting e-mails like this because there is nothing I enjoy more than showing off my city to people who have never been or have barely been!)

Hi N.

I came across your blog while searching for places to go dancing in Montreal :)  I'm from Nova Scotia but myself and 10 girlfriends are heading to Montreal for a girls weekend complete with lots of shopping, eating, laughing and we're going to throw a bachelorette party in there somewhere.  We're all in our mid 30's and I'm trying to find a venue where we can dance and have a great time but a place that plays songs we recognize and somewhere to sit when we get tired and need a break.  We're not as wild as we used to be ;)  Do you have any suggestions?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Dear L.

First of all, I have to be honest, I'm in my late twenties (holy moly... already...) and the "dancing" scene in Montreal is a little younger if you leave the Crescent area. Crescent as you may or may not know is Tourist central in Montreal. Electric Avenue is probably my favorite club on the strip playing all the great oldies and 90s dance songs I love. I can tell you that you can dance the night away to the sounds of Mr Vain, Lady Gaga and the YMCA. The decor is quite old school with neon lights, big couches, small bar tables, but I can guarantee that you will have a good time and dance like it's nobody's business. The crowd is usually older and you will find that same type of crowd at most of the clubs on the Crescent. Thursdays, Winston Churchills, Winnies are great places for drinks on a warm day if ever you are heading here in the summer.

If you don't feel like heading to tourist central, my other idea is probably Koko's on Friday which is on the corner of Sherbrooke and St-Laurent. Im not quite sure when you are heading to Montreal, but if you are there in the summer, they have a great outdoor terrace and the crowd isn't too young. Their NYE party was a hit and they are truly making a killing every Friday in the city. People are dancing everywhere, bottle service and it's a true party. You can probably find a bit more information on their Facebook page. They are located inside the Opus Hotel.

My other suggestion is a place that has been around for a while called Cavalli. Cavalli just launched their new RSVP nights on Saturday. I haven't been because it is launching on Saturday, but it's gaining quite the buzz in the city. Older crowd and I hopefully think it will be the next IN place in the city. Here is their promo video. I think you will like it and it's very "bachelorette-esque". You can probably even reserve, get a great table and celebrate like it's 1999! 

Now, Im asking my wonderful readers, do you have any ideas for L.? Maybe there is something Im missing. I must say, you guys know your city pretty well and I know you will probably know of something that Im not even aware of yet or not thinking about!

Also, I also have great restaurant suggestions if you look up the "FOOD" category of my blog. But I also have a bunch more that I haven't reviewed yet in case you are interested in my opinion!

I hope the bachelorette will be amazing and please let me know how it goes!! Montreal is such a fun city to be in, I can guarantee it that you girls will have a blast!!!



Eve said...

I'm with you N. I had the chance to attend a Bachelorette at Electric Avenue two years agor for a coworker in her thirdies and we had a BLAST! We were there during the Grand Prix so we had to reserve a table beforehand to sit down but I must say it would be my suggestion as well.

Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

Hi again, this is L :) Thanks for posting my question. Yes we have been to Thursdays, Winston Churchills and I think (??) Winnies but never Electric Avenue. I'll definitely look into it! And yes, we love to eat so I will check out your food section. Thanks again!!