Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A breath of fresh Spring!

Seriously, I'm done with this weather. I'm done with winter. This is the second time this year that I need to call a tow truck to get my car out of snow. I'm telling you right now, and now you have proof, my next car is 4 wheel drive to get me out of this ridiculousness. So in the spirit of this weather, I decided to let our minds drift a little and show you something to really look forward to - THE SPRING!

Spring is great! Time to put those sleeping bag coats and those big Sorel boots to rest and out with the cute spring dresses, fun leather boots, and hopefully a better glow. And you for my wonderful men, time to put away those horrible big boots, and big Canada Gooses and in to some sexy leather jackets, great shoes and colorful tops. I rarely do a fashion piece, but I thought this one was just perfect to take our minds off the millions of inches of snow and on to the sunshine, the heat and beautiful clothes that come with it.

For dresses, I recently found these 2 great sites : Ruche and ModCloth, both online sites that I ship to Canada. These sites have other things than dresses, but I fell in love with them!

Lovejoy's Tea Room Dress

Teal with a Twist Dress

Loving Life Dress

citrusy sweet blossoms applique dress

hoping for romance gray ruffle dress

don't let me down belted chambray dress

And for you my fabulous men, here are some great looks I love for the Spring season. I gotta say I'm a BR, Zara, American Eagle Outfitters, Abercrombie fan...haven't found an only-online site, but BR does sell online and so does Abercrombie.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic
Abercrombie and Fitch
Aw so refreshing. Great looks for the upcoming Spring season. I'm seriously counting the days before putting away all my winter clothes and looking forward to spending some of my monies on these beautiful dresses... and for you women buying clothes for your hombre, you have some pretty great pieces to select from! But then again, nothing is more of a turn on than a great V neck sweater, comfy jeans and a pair of flip flops. I'm so excited!

So until then, enjoy your boots because they won't be around much longer!

If you do know of any other great online sites, or great stores you love, please do share. We all need some great ideas to help up stock up on happy clothes!


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Anonymous said...

Check out 'Les Effront├ęs' website. Its a group of personal stylists that are located in Montreal and they have these really cool services (super unexpensive too) to revitalize your wardrobe. You can choose to have then shop for you, have them to analyze your wardrobe or they can organize a shopping spree ralley. Guys, great gift for your girlfriend too!

They also give corporate conferences. I have personnally used that service and they are simply fabulous!!! We will be using them every year.