Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bottoms Up!

If there is something I know Montrealers are good at, is enjoying a good drink with some great company. Luckily, our city isn't short of great drinkeries and actually there are a couple that have just opened that are making a splash in Montreal's nightlife.

Philemon Bar
111 St-Paul Ouest
(look out for the red sign right outside the door)

Philemon Bar is one of them, opened a couple months ago in the heart of Old Montreal. Great decor, eclectic crowd and on Thursdays make sure you try Dan the Oyster Man's tray of oysters, they are sensational. The central bar is a perfect meet-up spot, perfect for drinks on a Thursday evening, or even Friday or Saturday.  A wood and brick blend, with what I remember, lots of blue paint, make this bar quite cozy and enjoyable. They also serve other amuse-gueules until 3am, good wine list, and according to Sebastien Langlois, who is part of the staff at Philemon, actually 14 wines by the glass to be exact ranging from white, red, bubbly and desert wines. Pretty much every type of wine to satisfy the most difficult of pallets. Crowd is not pretentious, no bottle service and none in the plans. It's really a community bar on St-Paul right smack in the middle of Old Montreal.  And for you single ladies out there, the men here are delicious. A mostly good looking young professional breed available here, but laid back unlike those at Vauvert. 

Photo credit- Urbana on

La Drinkerie Ste-Cunegonde
2661 Notre-Dame Ouest
(right next to the uniform store)

Another place that really just opened last Saturday is a new community bar right in my community. Since I moved to St-Henri almost 3 years ago, there has only been 1 bar that caters to the locals and it became so popular that the Burgundy Lion became a destination bar. People from all over the city would come to St-Henri and enjoy Burgundy. But now, there's a new kid in town called La Drinkerie, on Notre-Dame as well. After speaking to the owner, he told us that he was inspired by some bars in Brooklyn to create our new community drinkerie! Brick walls cover the right side wall as you walk in, a mid size bar on the left with tables and chairs all around. When I went, it was 90% male, but it was Thursday and hockey night!  This place also has TVs to watch hockey and some banquettes at the back. But as a friend pointed out, this place lacks a little personality. It doesn't offer anything special. Some bars make their stamp with a theme either by being a dance bar, a trendy bar, whatever, and this place lacks some of that. I think it needs some work, and it needs a theme in order to attract a good clientele. But it's still young, they still have room to grow. Sorry, I didnt take any pictures there. Probably will do next time Im here.

If you haven't tried these places. I suggest you do, and make your own mind about the place! And if you have and you have something to add, please do!

Happy Drinking and have a great weekend!



S. said...

This saturday, I actually went to Philemon for a friend's bday. Though the place looks nice and the music is great, it was overwhelming. It felt like your typical nightclub,everyone was just pushing and shoving each other. I would suppose it's because it just opened a few months ago, but I will definetely try coming another night to enjoy the experience. I just wouldn't suggest saturdays. However, I'm in loooove with Burgundy Lion, especially on a little Sunday afternoon after going to the Atwater Market and look forward to enjoy a drink at this new found treasure by the name of La Drinkerie since I also live around that area :)
Thanks Nathalie!

Fudgie Bakes said...

I live in the area as well, and agree 100% about Drinkerie. Was super excited that it opened so there would be a 2nd option to the Lion, but there is just something lacking at Drinkerie that I couldn't quite put my finger on. They need to work on carving out a more distinct atmosphere, but in the meantime, it's still not a bad place to grab a drink and watch the playoffs.