Sunday, 27 February 2011

Yummy in my Tummy - Montreal Restos

Seems that I haven't posted any great Montreal restaurants in a while, and I guess today, I feel the need to share with you some excellent ones I have come across in the past few weeks.

Let's start with BRUNCH PLACES!

My latest discovery in brunches was "THE CHIEN FUMANT" on Lanaudiere corner Gilford. Cute place. Really cute place. Small, quaint and quite yummy! They only serve brunch on Sundays from 10am to 2pm, they are usually a supper restaurant. V. and I both had the Big Dej - see deliciousness below. Only issue, the sausages were quite spicy and I'm not a big fan of spicy. Pictures were taken using the Instagram app. I believe I fell in love with that app. Do try it! 
Good things: Decor, location, food partially
Not so good things: Food took too long, a little pricey
Rate: 3.5/5

Big Dej: consisting of eggs, bacon, sausages, pancake, bread, potato and ketchup!

My Asian friend V. - isn't she cute! The funny thing is that V. is so not "asian asian"!
I can't seem to remember if I tried any other brunch places, but in terms of dinner, I tried 2 really great ones.

For a special dinner, I was off to THE HACHOIR on St-Denis corner Rachel I believe. They specialize in burgers and tartars mostly. I quickly checked-in on Fourquare and read the comments other visitors had posted. "Try the Deer Tartare", "Try the Sliders" and then "Try the appetizer Potato dish" one of my Twitter followers had sent me. So I tried the tartar and the sliders. DELICIOUS. Perfect date restaurant, casual, fun, good ambiance, nice waiters. I couldn't complain! 
Good things: food, decor, service (pretty much everything!), decently priced
Not so good things: Parking around St-Denis is hell on evenings, so make sure you get there early enough
Rate: 4/5

Sliders at the Hachoir (photo courtesy of

Another great dinner place I tried was TUCK SHOP on Notre-Dame. You wouldn't think that you would find a gem like this in the Saint-Henri area. In the middle of beaten down buildings nests this gem of a place. Very small, with 2 small bars (you can sit at the bar!), a long banquette, a couple round tables, a hand-written menu, great selection of private import wines and of course, last but not least, a few mouth-watering dishes that could just make you drool for a very long time. I was lucky enough to go with a few people, so we all tried each other's dish. I had the cornouailles paella with seafood, friends of mine had the tartare, the catch of the day, the beef ragout and some meat. The table next to us ordered the "Coupe du Boucher" that looked stunningly yummy. Everything. I mean E-VE-RY-THING was yummy. The service was good (which I had heard wasn't great in the past), the food was perfect and of course the company was without saying, an eclectic group of awesome people. 
Good things: Food, Service, Decor
Not so good things : The area...and the food isn't given either, but we were 5, 2 bottles of wine, 2 desserts, and most of us had a complete meal, and it came out to $50 a person, which is pretty decent!
Rate: 4.5/5

Tuck Shop during the day
Last but not least, I tried the Waverly bar on St-Laurent corner Fairmont a couple weeks ago. I have been twice and I have learned to really like it. Now, there isn't much of a dance floor, but I have danced. The music isn't always great, but they really made the place cool and fun. Perfect for a post-dinner drink with friends. Nested right on the border of Petite-Patrie and Mile-End lays this cute bar that used to be some kind of ghetto bar. They really cleaned up the place nicely. Bubble gum pink bathrooms, wooden ceilings, funky bar chairs, interesting semi-hidden sofa room, this place is a great addition to the area. 
Good things: Decor
Not so good things: Wish you could dance more (I love to dance), and far from my home

Waverly Bar
So those are my little discoveries, hope you try them! If you have discovered anything great, please do tell! I'm always up for trying new things, it's kinda like a passion of mine. Try try try try! If I get enough suggestions, I'll build a post about them! 

Have a great Sunday afternoon! 

P.S. For those of you watching the Oscars tonight, ENJOY!



Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

N. said...

Well I hope you continue to read - always posting some new places to visit and things to do!

Anonymous said...

Tuck shop - "Not so good things: The area..."

Hey! I live 1 min from there.
Actually a great area to live, if we could keep the taggers at bay...