Saturday, 19 February 2011

Off to the Market!

Typing with newly painted nails is quite the challenge. You can't really go crazy and type like a machine. So I'm sure this post will take me twice the time than a usual one. Ok. How interesting to fill you in on the details of my nails. I'm sure you are very interested.

So, last week, I decided to head to the Atwater Market for some shopping. Now that I'm a newly Old Montreal working girl, it is rather tempting to go to Olive et Gourmando for a sandwich, POUF $20 a day and the next thing I know, I realize my salary was spent on bread, meat and lettuce, very good bread, meat and lettuce, but nevertheless, I would much rather spend my hard work money on bills....ha. no. maybe a beautiful new pair of spring boots - brown - to the knee. I saw them and tried them on at Browns. I'm a little bit in love. I told myself that when I surpass my sales objective for the month, those boots are MINE, MINE MINE MINE! (see the reference to the Bugs Bunny cartoon...! no? See below, my favorite cartoon ever)

I love Bugs and Daffy - Guilty Pleasure. Don't even get me started with cartoons. PS. The Faberge on Fairmont and St-Laurent plays the Looney Tunes all morning on Saturday and Sunday!

Ok all this to tell you that I went to the market to get food because I couldn't afford to go to Olive anymore. I decided to open the Jamie Oliver book - MINISTRY OF FOOD. I found an amazing Chili con Carne recipe and decided to raid the market (and the yucky Super C(rap)) next door to pick up my ingredients. I used to buy bread, some cold cuts, tomato, lettuce and mayo - bring that all to work, use the toaster and make myself some fresh sandwiches every day, but now with no toaster, I decided to make a big batch of chili, and have some for lunch every day. Do I get fed up? Naw, not really, it's quite delicious, I could probably eat it for every meal. I do this with chili, and I did the same with lentil soup. 2 great winter meals that keep you warm and that are healthy!

For those of you that don't know the Atwater Market, it's actually awesome. In the summer, it's even better because it's completely open and there are like 20 fresh fruits and vegetable stands! I was there on the Sunday, hence why it's so dead. I didn't get up to the meat section. But the meat section is just as great. The butchers are the kindest and always give you great pointers on how to cook your meat.

Empty market on the Sunday..

Fruits and veg galore!

Ze fish market!

Lovely Douceurs du Marche - my favorite place

Sauces galore at Douceurs du Marche

The Market
So if you haven't discovered the Atwater Market yet, I do suggest you try it. The Fromagerie Atwater always has a bunch of cheeses you can try. On busy Saturdays, tons of food stands are out, new beers to try, different vineries stop by. I love it. And I really love the fact that it's a hop scotch away from my residence!

P.S. The chili turned out AMAZING.

I replaced the red meat with ground turkey - a healthier choice!
Did you find anything amazing at the market? A great shop? A great product? Please do share!

Have a great weekend!!


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