Sunday, 13 February 2011

How to celebrate the day of looooove?

With Valentines Day tomorrow, I told myself that I can't just let it go by and not comment on it?! So how are you celebrating? With friends, with a new man, or new woman, with your lover, with a first date, with someone you care a lot about? 

So what should you do? SURPRISE THEM! Surprise your man or woman! Send flowers to their work (try to figure out the address ASAP), write them a handwritten letter or give them a card with more than just "I love you" or "You are great!" inside, be emotional, be gaga-gougou, be sappy! People say, I don't need Valentines Day to tell the one I love that I love her, I love her every day. OK, that's fine, but how many times a year are you sappy? How many times do you actually put your feelings and emotions on paper? Write a beautiful love letter. Think outside the box and do something that she/he doesn't expect. Sometimes we need special days like Valentines to actually make an effort to do something more special than the usual for that other person. Take a look at Christmas for instance, we give gifts, we remember how much we appreciate one another, we give back - these are all things we can do all year long, but if we don't dedicate a special time of the year to do them, we might just pass them by. 

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For relationships, Valentines Day is a great opportunity to get out of the routine, to try something different. To take a weekend getaway to a spa, to go skiing for the weekend, to take a road trip to Boston or NYC, to make a great meal (no I'm not talking fondue, I'm talking lamb chops with foie gras and fried Mars bar for dessert!). Because whether you like it or not, us woman, do expect something great from our man. As my friend E. told me this week, STAY AWAY from any gifts that have a plug! No blenders, vacuums, blowdryers - I don't care if she needs it! My suggestion, if you are also getting a gift, stick to jewelry - bracelet, earrings, necklace are no fail pieces. I wish I could have given this advice a week before Valentines Day, but seriously, if you are last minute, this is what I suggest - Get a beautiful bouquet of flowers - whatever her favorite flower is - you can give roses, but roses are so.. hmm typical. 

Try something different. White roses, daisies, pink roses, but especially A CARD. Cards for me are the most important, spend 2 minutes thinking of something special to write to the other person. How much you appreciate them, how you can't live without them, how much you care and want them to be the happiest. Hallmark is usually pretty good at this stuff. I sadly have cried just reading Hallmark card messages while still in their store. Pathetic? Yes. I'm emotional. Leave me alone. So, send flowers, give card, go to Swarovski, pick up a beautiful pair of earrings (my favorites are ones my brother got me for Christmas a couple years ago) or you can get the Joanie Rochette heart necklace available at Birks. See image below. And, any woman loves it when their man cooks, whether it be that good or not, they love it, they just love the effort.  Make pasta with shrimp, or look up a Jamie Oliver recipe, or go to and look up something delicious, not too difficult, set the table and GET CREATIVE. The effort is usually the most appreciated. Show that you are willing to go out of your way to please your woman or man.

And if this is a first date type (1st, 2nd 3rd date) Valentines Day, start small, flowers are key, a great restaurant. No need to get into being too creative. This person is not your girlfriend yet so no need to overdue it, just have a nice romantic evening and you can even go for drinks after, maybe some dancing, spice up the date a little, but I suggest to stay away from the sappy stuff, you don't want to scare them off!

Now, not all of us have the luck to spend Valentines Day with their second half...but that's OK, no getting down on yourselves for this. For you boys, call up your dudes and go to Burgundy Lion, and girls, call up your girls and go to Burgundy Lion, every Monday is QUIZ NIGHT! Hours of fun, and you never know who you might meet! Sometimes a little attention is really all you need to make your Vday fun. You might be single and yes, it can be a little depressing to spend this day alone because your friends have someone special, but look at the bright side, no expectations, no ruined Valentines Day because you just don't have to worry about anything. You can go out, go for dinner with friends, in a relax restaurant, and then head to a bar, and anyone who is at that bar is probably single too, and just feel like meeting other people, so take advantage! Meet a cute single guy/girl who might or might not come back home with you that night. Who cares if you aren't with Mister/Mrs Right... you are with Mister/Mrs Right Now! 

So, as my last words of wisdom, if you are in a relationship celebrating Valentines Day, don't create too much expectations, but do try to do something outside the box for your lover. If you are single, well this is just a fun opportunity to go out and have some fun. Dress to Impress and flaunt what your mama gave you! Meet some people and capitalize on your singleness! It's the beginning of a brand new year, who knows that this year will bring!!


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