Sunday, 27 February 2011

Yummy in my Tummy - Montreal Restos

Seems that I haven't posted any great Montreal restaurants in a while, and I guess today, I feel the need to share with you some excellent ones I have come across in the past few weeks.

Let's start with BRUNCH PLACES!

My latest discovery in brunches was "THE CHIEN FUMANT" on Lanaudiere corner Gilford. Cute place. Really cute place. Small, quaint and quite yummy! They only serve brunch on Sundays from 10am to 2pm, they are usually a supper restaurant. V. and I both had the Big Dej - see deliciousness below. Only issue, the sausages were quite spicy and I'm not a big fan of spicy. Pictures were taken using the Instagram app. I believe I fell in love with that app. Do try it! 
Good things: Decor, location, food partially
Not so good things: Food took too long, a little pricey
Rate: 3.5/5

Big Dej: consisting of eggs, bacon, sausages, pancake, bread, potato and ketchup!

My Asian friend V. - isn't she cute! The funny thing is that V. is so not "asian asian"!
I can't seem to remember if I tried any other brunch places, but in terms of dinner, I tried 2 really great ones.

For a special dinner, I was off to THE HACHOIR on St-Denis corner Rachel I believe. They specialize in burgers and tartars mostly. I quickly checked-in on Fourquare and read the comments other visitors had posted. "Try the Deer Tartare", "Try the Sliders" and then "Try the appetizer Potato dish" one of my Twitter followers had sent me. So I tried the tartar and the sliders. DELICIOUS. Perfect date restaurant, casual, fun, good ambiance, nice waiters. I couldn't complain! 
Good things: food, decor, service (pretty much everything!), decently priced
Not so good things: Parking around St-Denis is hell on evenings, so make sure you get there early enough
Rate: 4/5

Sliders at the Hachoir (photo courtesy of

Another great dinner place I tried was TUCK SHOP on Notre-Dame. You wouldn't think that you would find a gem like this in the Saint-Henri area. In the middle of beaten down buildings nests this gem of a place. Very small, with 2 small bars (you can sit at the bar!), a long banquette, a couple round tables, a hand-written menu, great selection of private import wines and of course, last but not least, a few mouth-watering dishes that could just make you drool for a very long time. I was lucky enough to go with a few people, so we all tried each other's dish. I had the cornouailles paella with seafood, friends of mine had the tartare, the catch of the day, the beef ragout and some meat. The table next to us ordered the "Coupe du Boucher" that looked stunningly yummy. Everything. I mean E-VE-RY-THING was yummy. The service was good (which I had heard wasn't great in the past), the food was perfect and of course the company was without saying, an eclectic group of awesome people. 
Good things: Food, Service, Decor
Not so good things : The area...and the food isn't given either, but we were 5, 2 bottles of wine, 2 desserts, and most of us had a complete meal, and it came out to $50 a person, which is pretty decent!
Rate: 4.5/5

Tuck Shop during the day
Last but not least, I tried the Waverly bar on St-Laurent corner Fairmont a couple weeks ago. I have been twice and I have learned to really like it. Now, there isn't much of a dance floor, but I have danced. The music isn't always great, but they really made the place cool and fun. Perfect for a post-dinner drink with friends. Nested right on the border of Petite-Patrie and Mile-End lays this cute bar that used to be some kind of ghetto bar. They really cleaned up the place nicely. Bubble gum pink bathrooms, wooden ceilings, funky bar chairs, interesting semi-hidden sofa room, this place is a great addition to the area. 
Good things: Decor
Not so good things: Wish you could dance more (I love to dance), and far from my home

Waverly Bar
So those are my little discoveries, hope you try them! If you have discovered anything great, please do tell! I'm always up for trying new things, it's kinda like a passion of mine. Try try try try! If I get enough suggestions, I'll build a post about them! 

Have a great Sunday afternoon! 

P.S. For those of you watching the Oscars tonight, ENJOY!


Thursday, 24 February 2011

How to understand women?

The question! How to understand a woman? This is probably the trickiest question in the book and all men are wondering, why are women so complicated? Listen, us women ask ourselves the same question, why are men so complicated?! It's a tough world. But we need to deal with it. We need to deal with us living on the same planet and well, it just happens that we actually do fall in love and feel for one another more emotion than we thought possible. BUT. Sometimes, we don't seem to understand each other, understand HOW that other person can think like that, move like that, whine, cry, ask, BE the way they are. 

And this all comes down to one thing - WOMEN NEED TO FEEL TREASURED! Don't argue. Don't even think about it! Women need that attention, the care, the love, and to feel listen to and understood. Lesson #2, women are usually emotional and think a lot. Yes, we are over-thinkers, and we know it. "So if he didn't call me on Valentines Day, but called me the day after, maybe he does still like me, but maybe not enough, but then what did he do on Valentines Day" or "We speak every day, the sex is good, but he doesn't want me more than that, maybe it's because he's still seeing Sophia or maybe he just likes the sex, or maybe he loves me so much but doesn't want to tell me yet". "It's our 2.5 year anniversary tomorrow and I don't think he planned anything, he never plans anything, or he is so last minute, why can't he just do something nice, a card, flowers, something, not just a kiss" We are bad at it. Because we are over-thinkers, men, you need to be prepared with the weirdest stuff you will ever hear. We are EMOTIONAL. The trick is to listen. Listen with all your might, and don't comment until she is finished. We need the proof that you really love us or want us or understand us, even when we are being irrational (for you). We think about things more in depth, we multi-task our thoughts, think in advance and we want you men to follow that. We don't want to feel crazy, we want to feel understood. Making us feel crazy is a good way to just keep on pushing us away.

"Does this dress make me look fat?" If it really does, the key answer is: "No babe it doesn't, BUT I much prefer your other little black dress on you." Here's another tricky one, "Oh I really shouldn't have more chocolate, I keep on gaining weight" (and she really is!). DO NOT SAY: Yeah babe, you are gaining some weight, maybe you should lay off the chocolate. In this situation, the truth is not good!! You say: "Why don't we go to the gym together, or go for a jog together, let's get in shape together, take a yoga class together". You need to stay on the positive side of the fence if you want to keep your woman happy. 

For the single woman, the type of man that  best understands a woman, is sadly, a player. The player knows what to say to make a woman happy and they play on that. They know how to compliment, they know how to make the woman feel important, they know how to charm the lady with their humor, jokes, they know exactly how to make a woman fall for them. But that's pretty much it. It's when the couple starts and you are dealing with every day issues that the question of understanding a woman becomes difficult. It's really the little attentions that count. See diagram to the right. These are things women love and that don't take much effort, but just really show the woman how much you care. I know, a lot of you men do some great stuff, but for those that seem to forget, spice up your relationship with some extra care.

If you're a man, I would love your insight, and tricks you have used to better deal with your woman when you think she's a little "crazy". Because I know girls, we can be a little over-dramatic...


Feb 25th UPDATE- I received a comment from a reader and I will also post a response on the blog post, but if you also have comments, please do add them in the box below!

Hello, I am a teen guy. Although I am slightly unusual as far as teen males go.

I find your post interesting although I think it might be a little superficial. It panders to a typical depiction of women that are quite standard. Yes the methods listed above would work for a majority of middle class caucasian women, but they lack a real understanding of the "why".

Any man can show up with a box of chocolates and spout cliched love lines because he read they work. In some cases they do accomplish the desired goal, but that isn't really demonstrating love, that's following a guidebook for getting laid.

I think that women, along with men, just like to feel understood. Some women like to feel like their partner thinks they are important so treasuring them will work because they feel important and therefore understood. It is a little deeper than being treaured and I think that it is, in a way, more important.

You can demonstrate understanding in many more ways than you can adoration. Just listening is a good one (I know you mentionned that). Knowing the person, not just tastes and preferences, but reactions and why they do certain things. In other words, what makes them tick? If you can accurately predict their reaction in a certain scenario or read their mood from the way they act (in a sense deeper than knowing they're angry because they're throwing things). Then you probably have a good understanding of them, and I feel that is more important than any amount of chocolates.

But that's just me.
Hello Teen Guy,

First of all, I appreciate your comment, and for a Teen Guy, you are pretty smart and seem to understand women at a higher level. Secondly, I believe you interpreted my post a little too much with that extra box I added to the bottom of the page naming things men should do for their women. What I wanted to say about that box is that women enjoy the little attentions, and not every man takes the time to go to the flower shop and buy their woman flowers for no good reason, or clean their car, or write them little letters, these actions aren't done for sex, but are done to prove to the woman that the men do care and want to treasure their woman. Little attentions have a big influence in the woman's mind, whether it be a little note in the morning, picking up lunch - whatever. You don't need to spend any money, you just need to put effort, because women like the extra effort. The fact that you are going out of your way for her is important.

You also mentioned understanding why she gets angry so you can predict her moves. Yes I agree. But sometimes anger comes at different times, in different shapes, and could stem from things that happened months ago. Some women tend to keep all their emotion inside, until one day it just bursts. Others, say what's on their mind, give a big screaming match and then they are OK. Women need to feel that their ideas do actually make sense, are no over-thought, are not crazy and that's the only way the woman can move on from being upset. And expecting anything, expecting her to be upset for reasons you don't understand will happen, and I'm saying that when that happens, the women can't be told they are crazy, they need to feel understood. So yes, knowing their taste, knowing their favorite food, favorite art gallery, favorite TV show, what they like to wear on rainy days,  her pet peeves, her childhood issues - all these do help predict her behavior and knowing these all come with one important thing - listening and understanding.

Hope this kind of helped you understand, and probably make my readers understand the message I was trying to give out! If you have anything to add, I really encourage you to do so, I think discussion is important and giving different point of views helps one think.

Have a nice Friday!


Monday, 21 February 2011

Got Balls? No. Got Boobs!

The role of the man has always been to be the strong, protective, decision maker. And the role of the woman has always been to be the caring, loving, nurturing one. The man is supposed to sweep the woman off her feet, chase her until he can get her and then in due time, ask her to be his wife. The woman is supposed to be showered with gifts, flowers, requests that she denies, to be chased, to be adored and wanted. Are these roles the same today?  I'm not quite sure. 

We do not live in 50s-60s romance tales anymore where the man fights to get his woman. Sometimes we see it the other way around. The women are the ones that go after the man they want, sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't. But I believe that throughout the years, with women gaining more importance in society and becoming more equal to the male, they believe they have the power to do as the man does. I have read on the news how women have asked their man to marry them, or that instead of the woman staying home to take care of the kids, the man does. Does this emasculate the man? Do men feel weaker? Maybe. But sometimes, the woman just needs to take things in her own hands and deal with them, make the first steps and build her life as she wants it to.

Some tend to disagree and prefer the traditional way to court, have the man come after the woman. I must agree. As much as the trends are changing, the man's mentality still remains the same. He needs to be the protector, the provider, the strong one and to be honest, that's how I want my man to be. But in some situations, men don't step up to the plate as much as they used to. The reasons for this are numerous, 1 being - they aren't ready for commitment, 2 - they aren't ready for commitment, 3 - they are enjoying being free. As we know, biologically speaking, men are made to seek as much sex as they can get, so they can spread their seed wider, women are made to seek as many admirers as they can get, so they can make a better choice and get the best seed. Shitty huh? 

Men and women are so different, then again, need each other so much. Women realize this and decide that they are the ones that need to go after what they want. But not only when it comes to love, when it comes to anything really. I find a lot of women these days are showing great acts of courage, guts and you know when they : "Wow, that person's got balls!" well they should say: "Wow, that person's got BOOBS!" because really I applaud the women that have the guts to go after what they want. Not just sit and wait for it to happen. Now, as Mae West would say: you don't have to be anti-man to be pro-woman! I'm far from being anti-man, I love men. But I just wish they would step up to the plate sometimes, and do something bold and HAVE THE BALLS TO DO IT! 

What are your thoughts? Do you think women are taking over the man's role? Do you prefer the new way, or traditional way? Maybe all we need is a perfect middle - hmm got round things?


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Off to the Market!

Typing with newly painted nails is quite the challenge. You can't really go crazy and type like a machine. So I'm sure this post will take me twice the time than a usual one. Ok. How interesting to fill you in on the details of my nails. I'm sure you are very interested.

So, last week, I decided to head to the Atwater Market for some shopping. Now that I'm a newly Old Montreal working girl, it is rather tempting to go to Olive et Gourmando for a sandwich, POUF $20 a day and the next thing I know, I realize my salary was spent on bread, meat and lettuce, very good bread, meat and lettuce, but nevertheless, I would much rather spend my hard work money on bills....ha. no. maybe a beautiful new pair of spring boots - brown - to the knee. I saw them and tried them on at Browns. I'm a little bit in love. I told myself that when I surpass my sales objective for the month, those boots are MINE, MINE MINE MINE! (see the reference to the Bugs Bunny cartoon...! no? See below, my favorite cartoon ever)

I love Bugs and Daffy - Guilty Pleasure. Don't even get me started with cartoons. PS. The Faberge on Fairmont and St-Laurent plays the Looney Tunes all morning on Saturday and Sunday!

Ok all this to tell you that I went to the market to get food because I couldn't afford to go to Olive anymore. I decided to open the Jamie Oliver book - MINISTRY OF FOOD. I found an amazing Chili con Carne recipe and decided to raid the market (and the yucky Super C(rap)) next door to pick up my ingredients. I used to buy bread, some cold cuts, tomato, lettuce and mayo - bring that all to work, use the toaster and make myself some fresh sandwiches every day, but now with no toaster, I decided to make a big batch of chili, and have some for lunch every day. Do I get fed up? Naw, not really, it's quite delicious, I could probably eat it for every meal. I do this with chili, and I did the same with lentil soup. 2 great winter meals that keep you warm and that are healthy!

For those of you that don't know the Atwater Market, it's actually awesome. In the summer, it's even better because it's completely open and there are like 20 fresh fruits and vegetable stands! I was there on the Sunday, hence why it's so dead. I didn't get up to the meat section. But the meat section is just as great. The butchers are the kindest and always give you great pointers on how to cook your meat.

Empty market on the Sunday..

Fruits and veg galore!

Ze fish market!

Lovely Douceurs du Marche - my favorite place

Sauces galore at Douceurs du Marche

The Market
So if you haven't discovered the Atwater Market yet, I do suggest you try it. The Fromagerie Atwater always has a bunch of cheeses you can try. On busy Saturdays, tons of food stands are out, new beers to try, different vineries stop by. I love it. And I really love the fact that it's a hop scotch away from my residence!

P.S. The chili turned out AMAZING.

I replaced the red meat with ground turkey - a healthier choice!
Did you find anything amazing at the market? A great shop? A great product? Please do share!

Have a great weekend!!


Sunday, 13 February 2011

How to celebrate the day of looooove?

With Valentines Day tomorrow, I told myself that I can't just let it go by and not comment on it?! So how are you celebrating? With friends, with a new man, or new woman, with your lover, with a first date, with someone you care a lot about? 

So what should you do? SURPRISE THEM! Surprise your man or woman! Send flowers to their work (try to figure out the address ASAP), write them a handwritten letter or give them a card with more than just "I love you" or "You are great!" inside, be emotional, be gaga-gougou, be sappy! People say, I don't need Valentines Day to tell the one I love that I love her, I love her every day. OK, that's fine, but how many times a year are you sappy? How many times do you actually put your feelings and emotions on paper? Write a beautiful love letter. Think outside the box and do something that she/he doesn't expect. Sometimes we need special days like Valentines to actually make an effort to do something more special than the usual for that other person. Take a look at Christmas for instance, we give gifts, we remember how much we appreciate one another, we give back - these are all things we can do all year long, but if we don't dedicate a special time of the year to do them, we might just pass them by. 

Joanie Rochette heart available at BIRKS
For relationships, Valentines Day is a great opportunity to get out of the routine, to try something different. To take a weekend getaway to a spa, to go skiing for the weekend, to take a road trip to Boston or NYC, to make a great meal (no I'm not talking fondue, I'm talking lamb chops with foie gras and fried Mars bar for dessert!). Because whether you like it or not, us woman, do expect something great from our man. As my friend E. told me this week, STAY AWAY from any gifts that have a plug! No blenders, vacuums, blowdryers - I don't care if she needs it! My suggestion, if you are also getting a gift, stick to jewelry - bracelet, earrings, necklace are no fail pieces. I wish I could have given this advice a week before Valentines Day, but seriously, if you are last minute, this is what I suggest - Get a beautiful bouquet of flowers - whatever her favorite flower is - you can give roses, but roses are so.. hmm typical. 

Try something different. White roses, daisies, pink roses, but especially A CARD. Cards for me are the most important, spend 2 minutes thinking of something special to write to the other person. How much you appreciate them, how you can't live without them, how much you care and want them to be the happiest. Hallmark is usually pretty good at this stuff. I sadly have cried just reading Hallmark card messages while still in their store. Pathetic? Yes. I'm emotional. Leave me alone. So, send flowers, give card, go to Swarovski, pick up a beautiful pair of earrings (my favorites are ones my brother got me for Christmas a couple years ago) or you can get the Joanie Rochette heart necklace available at Birks. See image below. And, any woman loves it when their man cooks, whether it be that good or not, they love it, they just love the effort.  Make pasta with shrimp, or look up a Jamie Oliver recipe, or go to and look up something delicious, not too difficult, set the table and GET CREATIVE. The effort is usually the most appreciated. Show that you are willing to go out of your way to please your woman or man.

And if this is a first date type (1st, 2nd 3rd date) Valentines Day, start small, flowers are key, a great restaurant. No need to get into being too creative. This person is not your girlfriend yet so no need to overdue it, just have a nice romantic evening and you can even go for drinks after, maybe some dancing, spice up the date a little, but I suggest to stay away from the sappy stuff, you don't want to scare them off!

Now, not all of us have the luck to spend Valentines Day with their second half...but that's OK, no getting down on yourselves for this. For you boys, call up your dudes and go to Burgundy Lion, and girls, call up your girls and go to Burgundy Lion, every Monday is QUIZ NIGHT! Hours of fun, and you never know who you might meet! Sometimes a little attention is really all you need to make your Vday fun. You might be single and yes, it can be a little depressing to spend this day alone because your friends have someone special, but look at the bright side, no expectations, no ruined Valentines Day because you just don't have to worry about anything. You can go out, go for dinner with friends, in a relax restaurant, and then head to a bar, and anyone who is at that bar is probably single too, and just feel like meeting other people, so take advantage! Meet a cute single guy/girl who might or might not come back home with you that night. Who cares if you aren't with Mister/Mrs Right... you are with Mister/Mrs Right Now! 

So, as my last words of wisdom, if you are in a relationship celebrating Valentines Day, don't create too much expectations, but do try to do something outside the box for your lover. If you are single, well this is just a fun opportunity to go out and have some fun. Dress to Impress and flaunt what your mama gave you! Meet some people and capitalize on your singleness! It's the beginning of a brand new year, who knows that this year will bring!!


Friday, 11 February 2011

How to be DINSTINCT?

First of all, I'm sorry for the long wait in posting... but I hope it will be worth the wait!

I seem to look at some of my friends professions, and wonder, whyyy are you doing that? You don't even like what you do, you don't like the people you work with, this isn't your right fit. I have always believed in shooting for the stars and learning to spend your days actually working in an area that you love and that stimulates you. As my friend Gabrielle Vaugeois (see "Interview with a Best Friend"), you can only be happy if you do what you love. I look at my friend, Jean-Philippe Robert, and this is what he's doing, he figured out what he was passionate about and did it. I got the chance to sit down with JP in the midst of his big launch and asked him about his journey from student to sportswear owner to president of
(note that the interview was conducted in both French and English because, hmm, that's just the way I communicate!)

N. So who is Jean-Philippe Robert?

JP. Entrepreneur montréalais. Je travaille sur ma 2ème compagnie. La première fut une compagnie de t-shirts "Parralèle Sport", le 2ème est J'ai voyagé, j'ai habité longtemps à Paris, j'ai travaillé là-bas, j'ai aussi habité en Argentine. J'ai étudié en génie industriel à Polytechnique  Montréal. J'adore la musique. Je joue de la guitare et je fais beaucoup de jogging.

N. Alors c'est quoi ce nouveau projet?

JP. DINSTINCT.COM est un site de ventes privées en ligne, où on offre des vêtements et accessoires de designer pour hommes et femmes à rabais - de 40-80% de rabais sur le prix régulier.

N. Pourquoi t'es tu lancé en fashion? Il me semble que ton profil ne fit pas vraiment with the fashion type of guy?

JP. C'est surtout le concept de ventes privées que je trouve intéressant. J'ai pris ce concept de Paris. Ma copine dans le temps capotait la-dessus. La mode ça fit bien avec ce concept. Aussi, j'ai travaillé dans le vêtement avec Parallèle Sport, alors je connais l'industrie et je trouve ça fascinant. C'est mon côté artiste!

N. C'était quoi ton plus gros challenge en lançant ce site web?

JP. C'est la première fois que je me frotte au e-commerce alors tout le concept de monter un site transactionnel, de savoir comment ça fonctionne fut quite a challenge. De tout apprendre de A à Z était difficile, mais il ne faut pas lâcher. Heureusement j'ai de bons associés et des amis qui m'ont donné de super coups de main. Mes associés sont Pierre-Luc Soucy qui est VP Technologies, Renaud Granda Directeur artistique et Andrée-Anne Lemieux VP Produits et commercialisation qui travaille avec nous à partir de Paris. Mon ami Vincent Gouin m'a énormément aidé aussi, il s'est occupé de toutes les photos et a fait un super bon travail. 

N. Quel genre de advice donnerais-tu à un jeune entrepreneur?

JP. Ha. I'm still a young entrepreneur! IL y a des hauts et des bas. Il faut que tu sois prêt psychologiquement, émotionnelle ment et financièrement pour rebondir quand t'es en bas, et ça peut t'arriver plusieurs fois par jour! Il faut savoir s'adapter au changement rapidement.

N. Alors comment  t'as commencé ce nouveau site?

JP. J'ai commencé en septembre 2010 et je voulais absolument vendre avant Noël, alors nous avons travaillé très intensément pour arriver a ce but. On a du construire le site,  aller chercher des fournisseurs, certains m'ont dit oui, d'autres non, mais tu continues anyways.  Il a fallu qu'on change le nom du site de Trendvault à Dinstinct à cause de problèmes de copyright  aux EU et on voulait un nom bilingue. Mais là maintenant, on relance le site pendant la Semaine de la Mode, on donne 2000 certificats cadeaux d'une valeur de $10 chaque. On recommence avec de superbes ventes, comme Harricana (N. which I saw and WOW the selection is amazing!)

N. Comment tu te différencies des sites comme Beyond the Rack?

JP. Well BYR est comme un La Baie, tu trouves de tout sur Beyond the Rack. Avec Dinstinct, on veut aller chercher une clientèle qui veut uniquement de la qualité. On commence nos premières ventes avec des designers québécois - vendredi, on aura Barilà, Eve Gravel, Valerie Dumaine et Iris Setlakwe. On veut continuer dans cette optique et  promouvoir le talent québécois et ensuite continuer de promouvoir le talent de d'autres communautés locales.

N. Quelles tactiques utilises-tu pour mieux faire connaître Dinstinct?

JP. Well giving an interview to an amazing blogger is one. On utilise aussi Facebook - voici le lien pour la page : Facebook Dinstinct, Twitter (@DINSTINCT). On va être présent aux défilés de mode des universités et nous avons aussi une entente avec le Club Social de l'Oréal. We also offer a $12 credit to each customer someone brings in and I would say that is our most important marketing strategy, pure viral marketing.

N. So when you're not working on DINSTINCT what do you do?

JP. Now that's pretty much it (N. wow I hear that often!). But I love to play music and spend time with my friends. I play in a little band now, kinda electro-funk-rock, it s a lot of fun. And like most of the men I know, I play hockey with my buddies.

N. No love in this picture?

JP. No, I just got out of amazing relationship and need some time to relax, be alone and work on my business. Who knows what the future will bring...

N. If you did have someone, whats your favorite activity to do with that special someone?

JP. Aller au restaurant. I love great food and a good ambiance. Something casual, fun, genre, ambiance bar.

N. And if you were at this restaurant and admiring the woman sitting in front of you, what is the part of her you would mostly be attracted to?

JP. The eyes. No doubt. Un beau corps, c'est bien, mais ce qui vient vraiment te chercher, qui stimule pas mal d'affaires en même temps and can just throw you off. Comme on dit les yeux c'est le miroir de l'âme. (N. Love that answer!)

N. And if you were to start all over

JP. J'aime l'économie et la politique internationale. Si j'avais à recommencer j'irais surement en Économie, mais finalement je repense à ta question et je crois que je serais entrepreneur peut importe ce que j'aurais étudié. J'aime ce que je fais. Il faut que tu fasses ce que tu aimes. It's not always easy, but en general, you gotta love it.

Aw Merci JP pour cette superbe entrevue! 

Alors pour mes chers VIP lecteurs et lectrices, go to the DINSTINCT website and enter the promotion code FORAGRL to instantly get a $10 gift certificate (no purchasing required!).

Happy Shopping!


Friday, 4 February 2011


I decided that the best way to start the weekend is with some upbeats tunes, some that will wake you, make you want to dance and put you in a good mood!

Here is a selection of some of my favorites - I really have a weakness for house music... If you have any you want to add, do so below!!

Also instead of putting the typical ones that are popular now, I decided to kick it old school! Hope you enjoy!

my guilty pleasure...

my other guilty pleasure...

Hope you guys all have a great weekend!!!