Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What is sexy?

How do we define SEXY? Is it how the person acts, what they wear, how they look, what they do? I guess for everyone, defining sexy is like defining love, everyone has their own version of it, and what it means to them. Basically, someone who is sexy, is someone you are attracted to and that you would probably want to bring back to your little love nest. It's funny, because I look at some of my friends "sexy" men, and I would not want to bring them back to my little love nest at all. How we created our likes and dislikes? I'm guessing that we were conditioned. I think it's our surroundings that conditioned us to like a certain type of person. If we were brought up in a hippie type lifestyle, I think we would be more interested in a hippie type mate and that hippie is sexy!

This got me thinking to the types of professions people do, and that the profession can also play a significant role in dictating if a person is really sexy or not. I'm sure that we have met some extremely good looking people and that once they claimed they were garbage men or some kind of unsexy job, it might have been a turn off. I'm not saying that unsexy jobs make the person unsexy. I do know sexy men, with unsexy jobs and they still remain sexy despite their 9 to 5 occupation. BUT. I'm sure there are some occupations out there that just make your heart beat a little faster or make the butterflies fly a little harder, or  kinda make you twitch a little, a little weak in the knees. Don't hide it. I know you feel it!

Women, think about it for a second. If a man tells you.. Woman, I am a ********. What would that ******** be to give you that little weak in the knees?

Lets see what stats say - This research was conducted by Italian sociologists in 2008. They polled 1000 women between the ages of 22 and 55.

- Policemen -34% of women like a men in uniform. Hmm I am not sure if I'm a big fan of men in uniform, but I guess for others...They can probably smell it on me, hence why I get so many tickets
- Carabineers - A soldier? Really? I guess man, rough, tough, gun is sexy for some people.
- Aircraft pilots - hmm pilots. I like pilots. I agree. There is something about a man behind the wings of a big electronic bird that gives me the bumps...
- Lifeguards - Baywatch? I guess this must have been the 22 year olds...
- Barmen - Hmm, I guess barmen can be some kind of kinky dream. Girl at the bar, guy with the vodka, the rest is details...
- Sailors - Sex and the City ... HELLO! The sailors are in town!! Would I pull a Charlotte and show my breast to one? Naw, not my type.
- Physicians - McDreamy, McSteamy. Hello Hotness. I think you need to feel my pulse, because my heart is racing fasssst.
- Cooks - Hmm Chuck Hughes. Enough said.
- Bricklayers - Bob the Builder? Hells no.
- Lawyers - hmm nothing says HOT like a criminal lawyer. The bad boy strikes again.

OK, so the list is interesting, but seems to me that it is missing a couple of pretty sexy professions. I know for quite a few Montrealers, HOCKEY PLAYERS rank quite high on the Richter Scale of Sexy. Architects, FIREMEN (hmm Calendars!), Australian Rugby Players (hmmm AMAZING calendars!), or any athlete really.  And a personal choice of mine are entrepreneurs! There is something about that ambitious, independent, go-getter man that just turns me on. You want me? Start a business! hahaha! I'm joking!! kind of...

But seriously, sexy men need to carry the package, their profession is key, but also their personality, their look, their person. Funny enough, but women aren't really attracted to the hot model types, or not as much, but more to the beautiful men inside and out. And that, my friends, is quite sexy.

And you, what makes you weak in the knees?


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