Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rules for Guys

Before getting into my post I have BIG NEWS!!!I was just hired by RSVP Magazine to be their Advertizing and PR Executive. I will be taking care of all the ad sales, social media and some event planning for the magazine. That is soooo me! I'm so excited, and I will make sure to keep you all up to date with the developments of this magazine which will launch in Spring 2011. Keep your eyes open for another post coming soon where I go a little in depth of what I will do at RSVP and maybe, just maybe some of you might help with this wonderful launch!

So...back to the post. Information is everywhere and sometimes you just get overloaded. Sometimes, it feels good to read ridiculous informaiton. I really do enjoy the casual type, funny type, the one I can just read and not use my brain information sometimes. So I decided to share with you the "let your brain rest" information. I found on Twitter 2 entertaining accounts called : RulesForGuys and RulesForGirls. They actually list a bunch of rules each sex should obey. Let me give you the TOP 10 I saw in both of them! There is more effort put into the Rules for Guys one... I'm guessing that the Rules for Girls one is written by a man...

Rules for Guys ( I tried to not put the sexist ones, but then again, some I thought were a little funny!)

1. NEVER complain about the quality of a free beer
2. Always fart close to an animal that cannot talk. If one is not available, fart anyway, and act like you didn't.
3. Acceptable magazines for men: Playboy, Popular Mechanics, Field and Stream. Unacceptable: Good Housekeeping, Cosmo, etc.
4. Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we
5. Under no circumstances do men ever use "baby-talk" to talk to their pets.
6. Under no circumstances shall a man eat pizza with a knife and fork.
7. Salad is not food.
8. Men can only use the word "breasts" in the company of their mother, grandmother or wife. With everyone else it's boobs, tits or funbags.
9. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. To get to his wallet, you have to start a little lower.
10. Find creative ways to compliment your date on how smart she is.

Rules For Girls

1. Never let him know that u love him more than he does.
2. Never be the last of the party totally wasted. Thats not cool.
3. Don´t speak like a dude all the time
4. Never pretend that you are too smart. It is better to play dumb to know your opponents better.
5. Dont text everyone while you are drunk.
6. Don´t cry while you are drunk in the restroom of the club. There is no Oprah to help you.
7. Never show your cleavage if you are wearing mini skirt. You will look more cheap than sexy.
8. If he cheated why hate the mistress, hate the guy.
9. A girl should never date a guy if he spends more time getting ready than she does.
10. Don't tease them if you can't please them.

Do I agree with these rules? Well some yes, some no. Especially in the men's category, the rules are so "stereotypical". They portray the "tough" man with no feelings who can only think of sports and beer. This is how society portrays men in general. I didn't include rules like "men shouldn't read. they should wait for the movie to come out", because I simply don't agree with it. Real men read. Real men have culture. Real men have emotion and feelings. Real men aren't the ones who sit on their Lazy-Boy and watch football all day. Real men are the ones that can enjoy some quality time with their boys, and then come home and spend some quality time with their woman. Real men should be sensitive, but strong. Instead of frowning upon men who do have emotion, we should applaud them. We should applaud those who write poetry, who write music, who read Voltaire, who have more on their minds than just sex and sports. It's a shame that so many men need to hide their talents because these talents aren't socially acceptable. Men don't want to be judged by other men, or by others, so they conceal the fact that they actually do have beautiful minds. Having these talents don't mean they are gay, or weird, they are just in tune with a different part of their mind, the most attractive part.

As for women, these rules dictate us to be classy, polite, and to watch how we speak, act or be because women should be perfect and pretty Well, sadly girls, I do kind of agree. I do think women should have poise,  but I also think we should let loose sometimes and crack open a beer in our sweats, watch long re-runs of Gossip Girl, Sex and the City or Californication without really caring what is "proper" or "unproper". We should be comfortable in being who we are, without trying to be something we aren't. To think perfect, always dress perfect, be the perfect friend, perfect girlfriend, always classy, always elegant, always slim, big boobs, small thighs, great hair, long legs, don't fart, don't burp, don't cough or sneeze or breath?! All nonsense. Rules should be guidelines, guidelines we should seldomly follow in order to keep some kind of properness. Too much pressure turns us into anorexics or depressed individuals or just simply unhappy. Yes. Women should be elegant and classy, but still know how to have fun and relax.

Sadly, we do all care what other people think, what other people think of us. Those who say they don't, kinda do really, and since our society has built both genders in stereotypical ways, we frown when someone is out of place, or question their sexuality (usually in men's case). We should think beyond these limits and should question these predisposed thoughts, so we can make our own conclusions without anyone else's influence.

Live and let live I say!

Huh, so much for reading information that was supposed to keep my brain on OFF mode...


Anonymous said...

I break all the girly rules!!! Talk like a dude, burp, drink beer! Lol that's what sexy's all about yo!

Anonymous said...

you write in one of your blogs that you are trying to lose weight and sometimes go to bed feeling hungry and now you are saying women don't need to be slim?

N. said...

I wasn't happy with my body, I couldn't wear what I wanted and I just needed to feel pretty. Losing the weight helped me gain confidence and made me feel happy in my body. To me, my way to lose, was to cut down on portions, which does leave you hungry. But I do think it's sad to have to resort to this instead of just being happy with what you have, but I can't deny it, I feel better with this new body.