Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Got Goose?

I really dread the winter time, I tell you. I feel it right in October when the sun starts to set earlier and you need to really bundle up at night. I feel it while walking out of my car just to run into the office, that cold wind. I feel it when I need a hot chocolate to keep me warm in the evening, as I sit on my couch curled up with warm socks and my fuschia blanket. I feel it when I can no longer walk around bare foot and need slippers or socks to keep my little toesies warm. But most of all, I feel it on my nose. My nose is the first part of my body that gets cold and then d├ęclenche a whole "cold" front. After my nose, it's my fingers, my toes, and I can even feel it on my face sometimes when those little face hairs (whatever they are called) stick up like when you have a little frisson.

For all Montrealers, we are pretty much the same, we dread this cold weather, except of course for those who love to ski or snowboard or enjoy any snow type activity. Listen, I love a great snowshoeing activity and yes I love to get on the slopes, but if I were to chose between living in a warm climate or here, I would live in a warm climate. How perfect would Montreal be if we were just a little south, I'm thinking a bit more south than Washington, that way, yes we have our 4 seasons, but no silly -29s like we had yesterday. (I thank the inventors of heated seats every day...I also thank my wonderful garage on days like those.)

Anyways, too bad for us, we're stuck here, so what do we do? We stock up on winter gear. Have you noticed the "Winter Uniform"? I can't even tell you how many people I know who wear the same winter uniform... You know what I'm talking about - Oh yes. That CANADA GOOSE! and.... let's not forget.. the SORELS! One can argue that these are the warmest items to get and that no one can think of living without either one of them. I agree. They are quite warm and Im even considering the idea of getting myself one once I have enough moula moula to invest into a great coat. The one I chose is the Mystique - see image below. Canada Goose wearers have become their own community. Got Goose? should be their slogan (unless milk has some kind of trademark on it). But seriously, Goosers (as I like to call them) set themselves a part from the rest of the winter dreading community. You either are part of the gang or you are part of the others. No other winter coat has been able to get to this degree. Great marketing on their behalf. It has become cool to look oversize. Go figure.
The Mystique - Canada Goose - my potential new sleeping bag
As for Sorels, I do not own a pair either, but actually was considering to get a pair, but I'm also looking at other boots on the market like La Canadienne, Amfibio, Aquaitalia, but most of these are quite expensive and it seems that the Sorel boot is decently priced and keeps you damn warm. A part from the fact that your foot may feel a little stiff inside, it keeps your foot dry and warm. BUT. You look like every second person that walks by you. If you don't care much about being different and just care about the wellness of your body, well then, by all means, why think outside the box, convert, be part of the gang and get this uniform. (I might even be one soon myself) I hate to conform and be like everyone else, but there comes a time when my sleeping bag MK coat just doesn't cut it anymore, and my Pajar fur (3 year old) boots that get wet when I spend 2-3 minutes in the snow just don't do their job and just need to be upgraded. Can I probably find something else? Yes maybe! But then again, both companies are Canadian and we are supporting our own economy - Buy Locally is what we are told! So should we just be part of the group? Should be invest the big bucks in a great coat? Maybe. Before it used to be Pajar, now it's Sorel next it will be Blabla, who knows. Trends change but in this climate we need to keep warm and who better to keep us warm than Canadians themselves who know exactly how we feel.

The "COOL" Sorel boots (the ones I want!)

UPDATE! (Jan 19) : I bought the boots! Went into Sports Experts at the Place Vertu (who goes there anyways!) and to my surprise, they had my size left and even gave me a discount, so instead of paying the Browns Shoes price ($180), I paid $140! Woot Woot, Go me!
And you guys think that there is a Canada Goose + Sorel overload? Do you own any? What's your review on the product? Are they actually as warm as they say they are? And if you own something else, what is it and does that keep you warm enough? Let us know. We're cold. We need answers!!!

Hope you're enjoying your winter!!



A said...

Oh this dilemma! Had this exact conversation in my head many, many times... and finally bit the bullet and got the Goose... the Mystique actually... and let me tell you... damn, its warm... worth every penny...

Now on to the boots, still procrastinating and getting wet feet and frost bite in the mean time... want something WARM, waterproof and with grip... Sorels better than Pajar? What are the best winter boots?

N. said...

I have had both... Sorels are more waterproof for sure! With my pajars, I once had to wear plastic bags on my feet to prevent them from getting wet because the inside of my boots was completely wet. Then again, it really depends on the style you choose. Sorels are a bit more bulky, Pajars are a bit more classy.. so choose something you feel comfortable in!

Anonymous said...

I think they are both great brands of boots but personally I have a pair of Sorel Tofino's in black and I aboslutely love them. They keep my feet dry 100% and they are really warm. I bought mine at Tony Shoes in Westmount and got excellent service with my boots, they actually fit your feet to your personal size! I never see that anymore so I thought that was great. I too was deciding on Pajar or Sorel but in the end i think i made the best choice with the Sorels since ive been through all the snow and ice in montreal without a complaint. I must say i highly recomend tony shoes as I decided to order from them online and got my boots in 1 day, I was amazed! hope this post help and enjoy your boots