Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Geek In Me...

Case Logic Cable Knit Sleeve
 As promised, I want to give you an overview of some of the coolest gadgets I saw at the CES show (Consumer Electronics Show). I need to admit, I do have quite the tekky side to me. I love gadgets. I have owned over 5 digital cameras, 3 Ipods, 1 IPhone, countless discmans and walkmans and I love to learn more. And, lucky me, I was invited to the Wired Pop-Up Store Opening in NYC a couple months ago to play a little with the great gadgets on hand. So let's just say, I'm quite the fan.

The purpose for my trip to Vegas was to get a glimpse of all the computer/lifestyle bags, see what our competitors were doing. I was quite impressed with Built, Case Logic and Golla which have oriented themselves more towards the young urban professionnal/student. Case Logic seems to have a much larger target market, but with great products.
My favorite product was the Case Logic Cable Knit sleeve. It came in many colors with a great color lining. I even looked online and found it at Wal Mart for $23.99.

PKG Wool Sleeves
Another great sleeve company I came accross was from Toronto, called PKG. So awesome. Very "Indie Rock" type company, trying to develop fun, different computer sleeves. See their wool sleeves! These sleeves are available at Future Shop, Best Buy and are trying to get in to the US market.

So many sleeves, but that didn't even compare to the quantity of tablets out there! I think I might have seen at least 30. Ranging from Sony Tablets, to Samsung Tablets, to Polaroid Tablets to companies I have never even heard of! The IPad still remains my favorite, but I believe the Blackberry Playbook seemed to be one of the most interesting (along with the Olympus Motorola running on Android)

The most popular gadgets at this show, a part from the tablets, were the dual-core phones, the 3D "Anything" and of course Smart TVs. LG's booth was booming with people, to be honest, I wish I knew how much money was spent on these booths. Here is a video I took in the LG booth to show my roomy who works for LG (Michael says Hi to you!). Smart TVs are so cool - they have their own apps, so interactive, and for sure, the technology of the future. haha I love my "Wow!" at the end. But to be honest, I was really really impressed.

As silly as this might sound, another great gadget I came upon was a LARGE Bejeweled game. Yes I'm obsessed with this game. So you can imagine...I had to be pulled away.
EXTRA LARGE Bejeweled Game

Another gadget I really enjoyed is called the Bloggie from Sony. It takes videos and still pictures that you can upload directly to your Facebook, Twitter or even send by e-mail to a friend. The quality of the pictures and video on this little gadget are fantastic! I love it!!! (P.S. my birthday is coming up!)

I saw a tons more, like new Polaroid cameras that will be coming out in the next couple years, hand-held projectors, so many 3D cameras, virtual workouts where you can use your treadmill to walk a city with the city's actual surface levels and see exactly where in the city you are running (using Google Maps). Basically our entire world is becoming more interactive and digital. 3D will soon be a thing of the past, and we will be looking at 4D, 5D, who knows!

If you are still interested in learning more about the electronics that were at the show, you can check out the following links:

- CES Top Stories from Wired

What a great show it was!!! And lucky me, I met some really hot chicks...


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